When to strike: Tense decisions for Obama on Syria

When to strike: Tense decisions for Obama on Syria

AssadWASHINGTON (AP) - Preparations for a highly anticipated strike on Syria could lead to an awkward decision on timing.

Few doubt that President Barack Obama is preparing for a U.S.-led military action to retaliate for what the U.S. and its allies say was a deadly chemical weapons attack perpetrated by the Syrian government. But there are few good options for when to attack. SOURCE

An ‘awkward decision on timing’ they say?

You’re darned right it could be an awkward decision on timing. Think about it; suppose YOU were Barack Hussein Obama and you had all of this weighing on YOUR shoulders.

You know that Russia is threatening retaliation if Syria is attacked. You know that Israel is in mortal danger if Syria is attacked. You know that if YOU attack Syria the disruption of our very delicate balance of trade could easily cause OUR stock market to tumble in a *free fall*, thus destroying the American economy.

And then you have to figure out a way to send Mooch and the Munchkins on another trip while planning your next 2 or 3 day golf outing.

Oh, and then there’s the idea that maybe, just maybe, Bashar al-Assad and the Libyan government didn’t use ANY chemical weapons on the Libyan people. Maybe, and I know it’s a stretch, but MAYBE the so-called rebels, the Muslim Brotherhood, came into possession of these chemical weapons and launched them against the Syrian people for even more nefarious purposes than their intent.

The idea of Islamic radicals killing other Islamic radicals is NOT out of the realm of possibilities if they, the Muslim Brotherhood, think for one minute that *The Great Satan*, that would be us, can be drawn in to the fray and they, the Muslim Brotherhood, will get a chance to strike Americans no matter where they find them.

Syria is NOT our fight, but I tried to convince many others of a similar fact when George W. Bush took us off into Iraq on a *rumor* of WMDs that to this very day has NOT been confirmed.

Yes, I know about the *yellow cake* uranium, and that is the incredibly LAME excuse that Bush and his Bushbots used in their incredibly weak attempt at *justification*, and yes, I DO know about the .155MM Howitzer shells that were loaded with liquid Sarin. It was so old and so depleted that it could be poured directly onto the human body with little or no effect.

Even that bunch of *chowder heads* in the Senate and Congress concluded that there truly had been no WMDs in Iraq that were worth the lives, money and effort spent in the attempt to locate their being!

In other words, we were operating under a *false flag* to satisfy the desire of Bush to attack Saddam Hussein.

Sure, on March 16, 1988, Saddam gassed the Kurds, we all know that, but the gas used in those attacks was the same gas that had since gone through a depletion process and had become a relatively harmless liquid by 1993. That so-called WMD claim was a false flag used to convince a mostly innocent and trusting America to do the will of George W. Bush as he got revenge for the threats Saddam made against G.H.W. Bush.

And in case you forgot, the Democrats and Libbers screamed bloody murder, marched, protested and in general made themselves look very stupid in their claims of *blood for oil* as they tried to convince everyone that we were in Iraq to TAKE their oil. Are YOU seeing cheaper prices over this *WAR OIL*?.

Syria is about to become another *false flag* if Obama is allowed to continue on his present course. The people of the United States have no say in the matter and the U.S. Congress is too gutless to stand and stop Barack Hussein Obama from taking this nation over the cliff of all-out war in the Middle East.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what the first stages of WWIII look like. Prepare yourselves!

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13 Responses to When to strike: Tense decisions for Obama on Syria

  1. Karl von Knoblauch says:

    The simple minded fool decimates our military and now he wants to start a war to assuage his ego.
    Fred, it looks like WWIII is on the table.

  2. Working To Keep Freedom says:

    If we attack Syria, even in a *Limited Engagement* type of action, Russia will surely respond. How and where is anyone’s guess at the moment. Iran will also get into the fray, most likely attacking Israel. Either one of these two countries most likely have small, suitcase type, nuclear weapons which could be smuggled into the U.S. - if they haven’t done so already. Imagine the upheaval if 3, 5, or even 15 American cities were hit with one of these…total chaos!! Hit Wall Street and we are done financially and market-wise !!

    Further, oil shipments would be disrupted through the Suez and the Straits of Hormuz. Talk about a catastrophe!! How high could oil go?? What would people do who need food, water, medical aid, and more?? This great Nation would drop into the abyss of looking like a third world country!

    Enter the Muzlimes and the *Retaliation* of the blacks to the *White Man* as they both fight the rest of us to take as much as possible. Don’t think they would do very well what with 300,000 guns owned by American citizens who would stand up to defend this country!

    This POTUS is NOT a leader nor a Commander-in-Chief. I truly hope that Barack *Insane* Obama will find a way to *pansy* out of attacking Syria!

    WE DON”T NEED TO BE THERE!!! With the horrific consequences of attacking Syria, WW III is not for the faint of heart nor is it a healing balm for the EGO!!!

  3. Petermc3 says:

    Right on bro. This decision on whether or not we are to involve ourselves in this Shite-Sunni civil war, consequences be damned, should be made today or tomorrow to insure an unencumbered weekend of 18 holes.

  4. LD Jackson says:

    My fear is that Obama will authorize a strike that gets us into a quagmire we do not need to be in, all to “prove” how strong he is.

  5. Dick Robie says:

    To little to late. However, the POTUS will keep his “redlie” credibiltiy. We should not attack Syria

  6. abigail says:

    Kerry, obama and all the apparatchiks would have us believe Assad is the guilty party based on what hard evidence? Their say so? Even is it is true, so what??
    When CW were used before, the ‘users’ in the past were proven to be the rebels, not Assad. No one went after them. I can’t fathom why A. would want to get the US, et al., involved but the rebels would love to draw us in.
    obama has painted us into a corner with his redline bluster. What will he do? If he does nothing, no one will ever take him seriously again, if they ever have. Or he can dither under the guise of ‘evaluating and assessing’ and lead from behind until he is forced to do something, anything no matter how wrong, just to show he is a real leader. This is a no win situation for us. And it should not cost us a single American life or a single American dollar. But it will. And I hate him for it.
    Russia, never fearful of the PC police, put it thusly: A Russian deputy prime minister said Tuesday that Western countries were behaving in the Islamic world like a “monkey with a grenade,” according to the al Arabiya news channel.

    Who do you suppose the monkey is?

  7. mrchuck says:

    I believe Obama wants to absolutely destroy all of the USA, and his way would be to attack Syria, thus bringing in Iran, Russia, with nuclear suitcase devices, brought into the USA and detonated. Like a dozen or so.
    Their next step is to destroy Israel with nuclear devices, and with Russia’s backing, I believe it would be successful.

    Remember just what and who Barak Hussein Obama really is and what his mission in life really is.

    We have a future soon to be a 2013/2014 holocaust here, upon our revered soil.

  8. TexasFred says:

    And for those that want to keep on with the idea that these WMDs are the WMDs that we went to war for in Iraq, PISS OFF YOU IGNORANT ASSHOLE!

    Those WMDs are the depleted Sarin mentioned in this story…

    And for what it’s worth; I don’t give a damn if they were the ones supposedly from Iraq, I don’t care who used what on whoever it was used on, as long as it’s Muslims killing Muslims, I’m good with it…

    If that gives you pause with me or this blog, go straight to HELL and don’t come back..

    Got it?

  9. dekare says:

    Our enemies are killing each other and WE ARE SUPPOSED TO STOP THIS?

  10. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Obaka backed HIMSELF into this corner by his sphincter dribble regarding a so-called “RED LINE.”

    As I wrote earlier:

    Perhaps this seems callous, but the Middle East Muslims are once again proving themselves entirely competent at killing each other. I say: let them.

    They prove, continuously:

    “It was me against my brother
    Me and my brother against our father
    My family against my cousins and the clan
    The clan against the tribe
    The tribe against the world
    And all of us against the infidel”

    Keep the lines of oil open; that should be our only concern.

    This proves, once AGAIN, that Obama has NPD — Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    It’s all about HIM and even the rest of the world events can to go hell before he’ll let it NOT be about him.


  11. Bunkerville says:

    Please tell me why congress is not demanding a full vote of approval? Oh, just a couple of words from “the one” satisfies them so they now say. A pox on both their Houses for getting us into who knows what.

  12. BobF says:

    I was thinking the same thing that maybe the Muslim Brotherhood used the chemical weapons. Face it, those people don’t care who they kill. Every bomb they explodes kills their supporters along with their enemies. Dead supporters are looked upon as martyrs for Islam and their cause and something for them to look forward to.

    Both sides in Syria hate us and Israel. Just think all of these Muslims only three years ago were banded together in their attacks on Israel. It was a united Syria launching missiles and mortars into Israel. Both sides in this civil war danced in the streets when the twin towers came down and the Marine Barracks in Beirut was bombed, killing 214 Marines. The Syrians aren’t worth one drop of America blood.

  13. Nemesis says:

    The Brit politicians have voted against any action of their own and humiliating that twerp Cameron in the process. Good!

    Which now leaves the Muslim in the Whitehouse virtually alone in carrying out a strike against Assad. Let us all hope that Congress unites and cans the Muslim’s aspirations!

    All the recent troubles that have erupted within Islamic lands can be traced back to Obama and his cronies in the Whitehouse, and his ‘handlers’ Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn.

    By no means is Assad a nice person, but at least under his father and now his control Syria became a fairly stable country where the tribal and religious differences were kept in check by some very harsh methods used on those who chose to ignore the limitations placed on them by the Assad’s.

    As history will prove to those who bother to learn from it, no Islamic nation will ever become a democratic nation because Islam is a totalitarian supremacist ideology. All Islamic nations have many different tribes and religious cultures that can never live side by side in peace unless those nations are ruled by brutal dictators who exercise their will against those who make trouble.

    That is a simple fact of life and no amount of wishful thinking or political interference by those nations which should know better, will change that fact. Change must come from within a culture if it is to be peaceful change otherwise conflict will inevitably follow.

    This unfolding drama could quite possibly be the undoing of Obama.

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