Obama to seek congressional OK for Syria action

Obama to seek congressional OK for Syria action

Obama PoutingWASHINGTON (AP) - Short on support at home and allies abroad, President Barack Obama unexpectedly stepped back from a missile attack against Syria on Saturday and instead asked Congress to support a strike punishing Bashar Assad’s regime for the alleged use of chemical weapons. SOURCE

Barack Hussein Obama was ready to start WWIII a few days ago, with NO PROOF what so ever that the regime of Bashir al-Assad had *supposedly* used chemical weapons on his own people.


Obama then has *Lurch*, aka John Kerry, go on all news stations to tell America that we DO have proof that Assad used these weapons on his own people. PROOF Kerry claimed but didn’t offer.

The United Nations says it’s going to take a while, 2 weeks possibly, to ascertain that chemical weapons were used in Syria but that they may not be able to say with any certainty exactly who used these terrible weapon on whom.

In the ultimate act of Democratic HYPOCRISY, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi actually endorses the idea of America striking the Syrian leadership over the supposed use of chemical weapons, even though she is not, apparently, in possession of ANY kind of hard core PROOF that such took place.

Nancy Pelosi the hawk tells Barack Obama to act on Syria - POLITICO.com

NO PROOF but in typical Dem/Lib fashion, PROOF is NOT needed, all that’s needed is a *feeling*, well, as long as Obama is the POTUS.

Now if George W. Bush was still the POTUS, or any other Republican for that matter, these very same Democrats would be screaming, crying, pulling their hair out and DEMANDING that the GOP POTUS be impeached and imprisoned.

That is the truth, not some political accusation, so, this bit of common sense from Congress is surely a breath of fresh air.

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) today issued the following joint statement.

“Under the Constitution, the responsibility to declare war lies with Congress. We are glad the president is seeking authorization for any military action in Syria in response to serious, substantive questions being raised. In consultation with the president, we expect the House to consider a measure the week of September 9th. This provides the president time to make his case to Congress and the American people.”

Source: House GOP Leadership Statement on Syria | Speaker.gov

It truly strikes me as *strange* how Democrats and Liberals can be so passionate about an issue when a clown like Barack Hussein Obama or Nancy Pelosi are the ones wanting the action to take place.

It amazes me how they can ignore the over 100,000 deaths that have already occurred in this Syrian conflict and get so terribly upset because someone used a *chemical weapon* that, while against all the laws of humanity killed LESS than 2,000 people.

Where was the moral outrage before the chemical attacks? Oh, wait, the Dems expressed their moral outrage by supplying the Syrian Rebels (Muslim Brotherhood) with weapons which were in turn used to fight the Assad regime and will be used, at some point in time, to fight American forces when the occasion presents the opportunity.

Think Afghanistan, the Taliban and al-Qaeda and the weapons our troops face there today.

I am a highly opinionated Conservative, that is a well-known fact, so, this should not come as a surprise to any of my readers, friends or family; let the Muslims kill each other, and I don’t care HOW they do it either..

There is NOTHING we should do, in ANY Muslim nation, I mean don’t lift so much as a finger to help either side.

I felt that when we went to Afghanistan after 9-11-01 that we were fully justified in every way. Twelve years in and we’re so wrong to still be there. Iraq was nothing more than the Bush idea of *get some for Daddy*.

Today Syria is nothing more than Obama trying to turn the tide of his scandals and incompetence.

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14 Responses to Obama to seek congressional OK for Syria action

  1. Dick Robie says:

    Anyone who can read the english language and the War Powers act knows Obama had to go to Congress. If Congress says no, and Obama orders the strike anyway and the Military obeys an unlawful order-what have you got???? Anarchy????

  2. Texasperated says:

    If Obama REALLY insists on doing something in Syria, I say give him his very own M-4 and let him go. However, make sure he doesn’t have any magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

    Keep your powder dry

  3. abigail says:

    Is this how he’s going to cover his ass? Dump all the responbilitiy on congress saying well, I wanted to attack but they voted no (I hope they vote no) so my hands are tied…. OR If he orders the military to go and attack, do they question this as a lawful order? Or go along with it? If a CW storage is inadvertantly hit and spews gas killing people, who would be responsible? Would it be a war crime? Would our military take the fall for ‘just following orders’? Hitler would be so understanding of this.

    Will this 9 day lag give obama the time he needs to try and turn public opinion?
    Does he hope something bigger comes along to overshadow this mess he’s gotten into?
    How long will it take for any msm to publicize the fact that yes indeed the rebels have got access to sarin and tried to use it in Turkey?

    Is America finally waking up to the fact that this is a civil war, not our fight and the rebels are not our friends or allies but brutal fighters who commit atrocitiesand are perfectly capable of using CW?

    And as we get closer to 11 Sep, are the drum beats going to get louder?

    No matter how I look at this, it is the lowest point I have ever had the misfortune to see my country in and all because of one incompetent, arrogant, narcissistic, moslem loving, america hating excuse of a president.

    • TexasFred says:

      I have been told by personal and private sources within the military that the Syrian REBELS (Muslim Brotherhood) mishandled the nerve gas and accidentally set it off themselves…

      This is from s source that has to remain confidential but supposedly this is the REAL story the U.S. Army has on the matter..

      • The Right Handed Cowboy says:

        That is the ABSOLUTE truth…..the truth of that fact should ba surfacing shortly, I belueve this is why the anonited one decided to go to Congress. It was not because he felt he needed to…that MF is chomping at the bits to do anything get the heat off of his ass..

        This man could not poor piss out of a boot..this has Valerie Jarrett written all over it. She gave him the green light to go and do Bin Laden..

  4. mystere's moonbat slayer club says:

    Fred, looks like 0bama played the image card this time. He must have seen an old Metro PCS ad, where the Indian guy parades like a fruitcake, then gets chased his buddy yelling “HOLY SHISHKABOB, STOP THE EMBARASSMENT!”

    “Mr. E”
    mystere’s moonbat slayer club
    mystere’s moonbat spanker

  5. Steve Dennis says:

    Don’t you love how all these liberals have now turned into hawks to defend and protect Obama’s stupid red line? Bush would have been hung out to dry after taking action in Libya, yet nothing happened to Obama then and now they are supporting this. Wasn’t this called “cowboy diplomacy” when Bush was president?

  6. Hgpsurf says:

    Obama has used this to make all the “phoney scandals” disappear and it is working. Has anyone heard anything about all the scandals plaguing this administration since Obama sent OUR (not his) warships near Syria? He’s very good at changing the subject through diversion.

    • TexasFred says:

      Maybe Syria is just another phony scandal..

      No one has forgotten any of it, not on the Conservative side of things, but this Syria BS is the most important topic on the table at the moment, and speaking for ME only, I can’t fight 10 battles at one any longer, I am tired…

      I am tired to the point of considering a long hiatus from blogging actually, but the well-being of America just won’t let me shut down…

      • Hgpsurf says:

        Well, thank you for helping get the word out on important issues.

        No matter what happens Obama will shift the blame to Congress. If the vote is not to attack Syria he will try to portray the image of a strong leader. If we do send missiles and things go bad he will blame Congress as they gave the go ahead, kind of like he did with the Sequester. The MSM will stand with him, as usual.

      • Nemesis says:

        Fred, we’re all human. We all suffer normal human tendencies to become demoralized when you are on top in knowing of what is happening to your own country and feel powerless to stop it.

        Just take it easy on yourself for the sake of your wife and family.

        • TexasFred says:

          I’m NOT demoralized, I’m SICK… Get it? Sick, as in serious health issues…

          3 heart attacks, 2 open heart surgeries and now this 3rd *closed* procedure, I AM SICK… I am 60 years old and NO ONE has EVER even thought, until now at least, that I was *demoralized*…

          • Petermc3 says:

            Hey Fred, I know how tough you Texans are. My father resided in China, Texas when he died in 1998. He was a gun totting good old boy, a D-Day survivor . I have the stereotypical image of you as a tough SOB who can stand up to these anti-American socialist Muslim loving bastards as they continue in their efforts to enslve us all. Keep up the good fight brother.

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