Colo. immigrants face uncertainty after floods

Colo. immigrants face uncertainty after floods

EVANS, Colo. (AP) - Immigrants living in the U.S. illegally returned to their mobile home parks in flood-ravaged Colorado to find that there was little left to salvage - not the water-damaged cars, not the old family pictures and not the sheds carried away by the rushing waters. SOURCE

Illegal immigrants; so, here we go again.

The United States is over-run with illegal immigrants, that is a FACT, it is not conjecture or Conservative Right Wing rhetoric, it is a FACT!

The destruction, however, was only the beginning of what’s been a nightmarish two weeks. They didn’t have flood insurance. And because they are not citizens or legal residents - and don’t have family members who are - they won’t get the federal government’s help.

For once I can agree with what the federal government and FEMA is doing. These people are NOT here in the USA legally, why then should OUR tax dollars go to help them when there are hundreds, if not thousands of AMERICANS that are desperately in need of help?

We have sick, homeless and hungry Americans, we have sick, homeless and hungry U.S. military veterans and they aren’t getting all the help THEY need; why then should I be concerned with illegal immigrants not getting relief from FEMA and the Feds?

“They say that faith and hope die last,” said Juan Partida, 40, a dairy worker who along with his wife Mari, who is pregnant, do not qualify for federal emergency aid because they are in the country illegally. “We need to have faith and hope that we’ll get help.”

I’ll help you; the U.S./Mexican border is SOUTH of your current location. The weather is a lot cooler, take some extra water and food and make tracks for your HOME LAND because the USA is NOT your home.

You are here ILLEGALLY, that makes you a criminal in the eyes of most *thinking* Americans. Go back to where you came from, make the effort to come to this nation LEGALLY and I will personally welcome you with open arms. Until such time as you are here legally you will remain a criminal and I don’t give a damn what happens to you and yours.

But if you manage to hold out long enough for your wife to have the baby on U.S. soil, well, the rules change drastically; you and your wife can live here legally because of the *anchor baby* benefits that are still used, and abused, by those here ILLEGALLY.

How quickly they can rebuild their lives, relying largely on local government and nonprofit organizations, will have long-term ramifications on the Weld County industries that depend on their labor, from meatpacking plants and farms to construction and hotels.

I am honestly surprised that the AP author didn’t throw in the *doing the jobs Americans won’t do* line.

“They’re out of their homes, and a lot of them have lost their vehicles in this, they’re impacted. So the economy is going to be impacted,” said Lyle Achziger, mayor of Evans, a city on the northern plains whose population of 19,500 is 43 percent Latino.

Achziger said officials responding to the disaster have been learning about the immigrants’ importance to the region’s economy. He said the city hopes to get people help by getting them to register with the city, county and other volunteer aid organizations.

“We have told them that immigration status is not our focus. And I will repeat that again, that is not our focus. Our focus is getting people out of the cold, getting a roof over their head and getting them a warm meal,” he said.

I have an *eye opener* for Mayor Achziger; immigration status is NOT the focus of the U.S. government either, or so it appears.

Look at the massive cutbacks suffered by ICE and the U.S. Border Patrol. Research the stories of Border Patrol Officers that go to work only to sit in the office for a full shift because Border Patrol doesn’t have the money to buy gasoline to fuel the vehicles necessary for them to do their jobs.

Look at the incidents where U.S. Border Patrol Agents have been murdered because they lacked the weapons, the fire power needed to protect themselves from these ILLEGALS.

Look at the wide open areas of the U.S. border with Mexico that are well known as *easy access points* for those that come to this nation ILLEGALLY, and even more importantly, those that use these same border crossings to come here to prepare for jihad against American targets.

And we’re supposed to care about what happens to those here illegally? Go ahead, *bleeding heart* was never a label I wore.

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5 Responses to Colo. immigrants face uncertainty after floods

  1. wayne says:

    This is what happens when the low info voter casts his/her ballot for someone who is an admitted progressive. As citizens we are behind the more important agenda of immigrant(illegal) , islamist, african american democrat(progressive) voting bloc, and anyone who doesen’t beleive in voter fraud is kidding themselves. Progressives live on both sides of the isle, but most are demonrats. They all beleive they can do a better job than Mao or Lennin/Stalin to acheive utopia.

  2. Ron Odum says:

    There was an earthquake in a major California city a number of years back…Bubba Clinton sent in the government with sacks of money for the people in need….Handing out $500 in cash to anyone and everyone who simply claimed they lived there…People came from all over California and 3 other states to get the handout…Now, if the fraud and illegal recipients had been weeded out, then the people who needed it the most could have gotten more help…Libtared liberals at their goodie best.. Sorry, folks. You probably walked here in the first place, so walk back home and stay there.

  3. LD Jackson says:

    I am not glad these illegal immigrants have been so impacted by the flood. I hate to see families hurt like that. Having said that, they are here illegally. At the very least, we should be totally focused on helping the American citizens that are hurting because of the flood. Americans should come first.

  4. BobF says:

    We still have taxpaying citizens in need of help going back to Katrina. Not all victims of Katrina were in New Orleans. Those in the outlying rural areas were forgotten about when it came to giving out aid.

    Watch for Obama to find a way to give these illegals federal aid to shore up his voting base with Hispanics.

  5. Bunkerville says:

    We are bailing out Detroit. How many Illegal Muslims will get are cash? They are pouring in as refugees from the Middle East. It never ends, yet our debt keeps moving on up.

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