Is America Wounded beyond Repair?

Big Eagle 1Is America Wounded beyond Repair?

Have you ever sat back, looked at the world around you and just thought, DAMN, I wish there was some *good news* in the news today? I know I have, on numerous occasions, and it’s all I can do to keep from getting so frazzling depressed and angry that I would become a danger to myself and others. Mostly *others*.

No one wants to take responsibility for anything in the world today, not even our elected leaders and the people that work for them. Website contractors point fingers at Obama administration, there’s a prime example of exactly what I’m talking about.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Contractors who built the web portal for the Obama administration’s health insurance marketplace said Thursday the site’s crippling problems trace back to insufficient testing and changes that government officials made just prior to going live.

I wasn’t there, and as such, I almost hate to make this accusation, but don’t you just KNOW that the Obama White House, in their rush to force the Affordable Care Act off on Americans, don’t you KNOW they were all up in the air, throwing a fit at anyone and everyone connected to this bastardization of a law as they saw it falling apart before their eyes because of a web site that wasn’t properly tested?

No one is going to admit it but the Obama regime put a *rush act* on the website builders and proper testing was not, and likely could not be done on the ACA site in time.

In addition to all of the built-in failures the ACA is suffering, we, the American taxpayer, will have to cough up even MORE money from our already thin wallets to cover the costs of fixing something that may not even be fixable.

Then you have a community organizer that has a world domination fantasy that goes and pisses off the few allies that America has left. Angela Merkel says US spying has shattered allies’ trust.

BRUSSELS (AP) - European leaders united in anger as they attended a summit overshadowed by reports of widespread U.S. spying on its allies - allegations German Chancellor Angela Merkel said had shattered trust in the Obama administration and undermined the crucial trans-Atlantic relationship.

Well, how does she, and the rest of Europe think the American people feel?

Americans already KNOW that Obama is a paranoid little ninny that is afraid of his own shadow and has damned near everything and everyone in this nation under surveillance by the NSA, and *other* agencies because OF his paranoia.

The difference is, if the EU gets its knickers in a twist they will get vocal and Obama will back off, he’ll have Jay Carney go on television and tell some more lies about spying and then Obama will have John Kerry go to Germany and scare hell out of little children. That will teach those nasty ingrates in Europe to challenge King Obama!

We Americans; we sit back, gripe, send an email to some White House petition site asking “Please Mr. Obama, please don’t spy on us Sir, we love you and the Socialism you bring.”

Well, not ALL of us say that, but you get the idea.

I don’t worry about the NSA and what they may garner from reading my insignificant blog, in fact, I have often thought that maybe I’m reaching a few minds that need to see what the truth is, what real Americans feel and think, what want and need, and then I see headline like this: AP sources reveal foreign help to US could be exposed.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Two Western diplomats say U.S. officials have briefed them on documents obtained by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden that might expose the intelligence operations of their respective countries and their level of cooperation with the U.S.

Awesome, so in addition to spying on Americas and EU leaders, now we’re going to give away the sources of our Intel and operations that other nations conduct in concert with us and on our behalf. Marvelous, simply marvelous.

I can’t confirm this as true but I heard through sources many years ago that if there was an *asset* that was about to bring harm to America over a change of allegiance or some such, that the USA had resources available to take that *asset* out of the equation. So I heard. I do know this, if I was Edward Snowden I don’t believe I would ever get a solid night of sleep in ever again.

I’m pretty sure Barack Hussein Obama does a deliberate shuffle back and forth on as many *hot button* issues as he possibly can, simply because if Americans are incensed by one or more of his regimes nefarious deeds it will further deflect from other matters.

As soon as one issue cools off to the point that Americans can almost catch their breath, voila, another issue pops up, or resurfaces to take its place.

The economy, guns, the ACA, Benghazi, God only knows what else, but here you go, the ACA thing is falling apart on the Dems and Obama so Obama instantly launces off on this again: Obama calls for immigration law by end of the year.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama made a plea for Republican cooperation on immigration Thursday, seeking common ground by year’s end in the aftermath of the divisive partial government shutdown. Yet prospects for success this year remain a long shot even as a handful of House GOP lawmakers push for more limited measures.

One crisis or divisive issue right after another. Whatever it takes to keep the United States government and the American people divided and fighting among themselves.

Remember these words from Abraham Lincoln, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

That is exactly what we have today, a house divided, you see, division and confusion, that is all Barack Hussein Obama has brought to this nation and that will be his legacy, a President that took the United States to the bottom of the barrel.

Yes indeed, I am worn out from having nothing good to say, from seeing this once great nation disassembled at the hands of a Socialist, from watching as fully HALF of this nation proves itself to be aligned with the most destructive administration in American history as they reveal the incredible stupidity that is the Democratic Party and Liberalism.

Then I look at the disgusting RINOs of the GOP. We really DO need some GOOD news.

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7 Responses to Is America Wounded beyond Repair?

  1. Nemesis says:

    In effect, Obama is America’s first president to have taken executive orders to an even higher level of abuse than any of his predecessors. He has increased the debt level to an already unsustainable high and with the nod from the cowardly GOP is about to increase it even more which in all probability, will end up being the straw that breaks the American economy.

    He has repeatedly soiled the office of the President of the United States by courting enemies that have no good intentions for America and he has done this knowing the implications to the very nation he has sworn twice as president to protect.

    I don’t know how anyone who truly knows this criminal’s background and his criminality while holding the highest political office in the land can still refer to him as Mr. President.

  2. LD Jackson says:

    You have highlighted one of the reasons why I didn’t even try to write on my blog yesterday. I was, still am, tired of having nothing positive to say. America is in a screwed up mess.

  3. BobF says:

    Gee, wasn’t the election of Obama suppose to make all the other countries love us again? I mean, they gave him the Nobel Prize for doing nothing; surely they loved us? Not long afterwards they bitch slapped him by having the summer Olympics going to Rio instead of Chicago as he campaigned hard for Chicago to get it. Under Bush, other nations may not have liked us but they respected and feared us. Today, under Obama, they not only not like us, they have no respect or fear of us; they laugh at us.

    Yes, we are a nation divided and that’s exactly how Obama wants is. He told Hispanics that Republicans were the enemy. He’s made reference to Republicans as having to ride in the back of the bus if they wanted to get on board with his policies. He’s just not talking about Republicans; he’s talking about all those who don’t agree with him. Have you ever heard of a president referring to half his citizens as “the enemy”?

  4. Bunkerville says:

    No one talks about how he has set the Middle East ablaze. Benghazi is going to be on sixty minutes Sunday night. We shall see.

  5. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    There is so little good to say about politics today. I guess there seldom is though I do remember great days under Reagan. However, as a conservative I can’t recall many good days under the two Bush fiascos. Whether New World Order or “Compassionate” conservatism I just saw us marching to deeper socialism. Bohener, McCain, McConnell are my “spokesmen”? BS. They are more big govt. guys. Right now though, bitching does act as a pressure relief valve. That and an occassional trip to the voting booth are all I have other than just saying “fuck it” and conceeding defeat. And reading blogs and comments that let me know I’m not the only one tilting at windmills.

  6. Wayne says:

    Fred, I share the sentiments. Today, on Breitbart, I read an article about the big money push by Karl Rove Republicans to fight the TEA party patriots. I know how you feel about the TEA party, but I feel that the only way to get away from our one party system is to run more candidates like Cruze and Lee. The article I am referencing was written by Jeffrey Lord on 2-5-13 and appeared in American Spectator. A commentator posted a link to the article, but my computer skills don’t allow me to do the same. It is, in my opinion, worth the read. I now consider myself a conscience conservative. We have to defeat the Progressives to win back our liberty.

    • TexasFred says:

      For the TEA Party to win anything they’re going to have to grow a set of BALLS… Until then they are just some folks waving signs and trying to garner attention… But I agree, we have to take this nation back from the Dems, RINOs, what once was the GOP and now the socialist clutches of Barack Hussein Obama…

      Does the TEA Party have the guts to FIGHT? I don’t think so, but if they can talk em to death it’ll all be OK…

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