Can this marriage be saved? GOP, hard-right groups

Can this marriage be saved? GOP, hard-right groups

WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican leaders and several hard-right groups are displaying the classic signs of a political divorce, including bitter name-calling and reprisals against one another.

The recent eagerness of House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to lash out at groups that have given them fits has unshackled others in the Republican ranks to publicly question the motivation of organizations like the Senate Conservatives Fund, Heritage Action, Madison Project and Club for Growth.

Such organizations disparage Republicans they accuse of following the path of least resistance in Washington and vow to replace them in primaries with conservative purists.

“I think there’s a growing recognition around here that many of the outside groups do what they do solely to raise money, and there are some participants inside Congress who do the same,” said Sen. Bob Corker. He said that some of the newer senators have caught on to “the disinformation, getting people to call offices, send in small donations to a website.” SOURCE

I am done with the GOP and RNC! I mean done, over, filed in the pages of history to be never supported by me, and I try to not say never, but as of now, NEVER again.

Check to RNC

I know this will come as a tremendous shock to *some* members of Congress, but, Congress bottoms out in new honesty and ethics ratings . The latest numbers on Congressional approval I can find show Congress at a dismal 12.4% approval rating.

I am NOT a member of a TEA Party, I don’t know that I ever will be again, you see, when I was all I saw was an internal struggle with beliefs and a tremendous amount of disorganization. I know that if I could find a group that had the beliefs that the TEA Party had in its inception, and maintained that drive and desire to take this nation to a position of true Conservatism as opposed to Party politics, I wouldn’t have any problem with supporting such a group, IF they truly exist.

Increasingly in public, Boehner and McConnell are challenging the outside groups’ credibility - and complaining that they are the ones tarnishing conservatism.

Someone quipped recently, “96% of the elected GOP gives the rest of them a BAD name.” There’s a lot being said in that *quip* if you just read between the lines a bit.

Personally, I am convinced, and become more so every day; the majority of the GOP can’t spell the word Conservative, much less define it. I’m convinced that some *so-called* Conservative groups are just as bad as the GOP; take The American Conservative Party for instance.

I became involved with the ACP a while back, after I walked away from the TEA Party, and for a short while I was very impressed with what I saw. The ACP had the leadership structure that the TEA Party lacked but the ACP wanted to throw *soft balls* and to *play nice* with the GOP and the Dems. They took what I can only describe as a *Rodney King* approach to doing political battle; “Can’t we all just get along?”

The answer to that question is NO, we can’t.

Politics is not a game; it is not an endeavor for the thin-skinned or the weak of heart. Politics is WAR and you don’t win a war by being nice to your opponent, you win by destroying your opponent, by vanquishing him by any means necessary.

Have you ever watched a mixed martial arts fight? Politics should be a lot like that. Your opponent may not be someone that you hate, but he IS your opponent, and you enter the octagon with noting on your mind besides beating that opponent, making him bleed, making him hurt and making him surrender or get knocked out.

You win your fight, you congratulate the vanquished, he’s not a hated enemy after all, but you leave him with no doubt that he just had his ass whipped.

Real Conservatives are tired of *squishy* GOP members in Congress and the Senate, we are tired of the no fighting spirit we see in our elected officials, we’re tired of being handed a line of BS from some egotistical Member of Congress that believes himself to be greatly superior to those that put him in office.

We are TIRED, I mean fed the hell up with RINOs. Republicans In Name Only, what I like to call *Dem Lite*.

There are Members of Congress that serve with dignity and honor, maybe 4% of all Congressmen, that other 96% needs to be aware; they are not going to be tolerated any longer.

Tea partyers and conservative activists helped the GOP claim the House majority in 2010 and seize state legislatures that redrew congressional boundaries to the GOP’s advantage. Those new lines enabled Republicans to withstand strong Democratic turnout in the 2012 presidential year and hold their House edge, a margin the GOP is expected to maintain or even increase in next year’s midterm elections.

Some of us aren’t falling for *the sirens song* again. If you talk down to me you have made an enemy, and I hear U.S. Congressmen talking DOWN to their constituents every single day!

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8 Responses to Can this marriage be saved? GOP, hard-right groups

  1. BobF says:

    Mark Levin had some interesting words for John Boehner and the GOP yesterday.

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Our tea party dissolved into petty issues of proposed candidates and lost their way. It started out fine, but sooner or later it appears these groups forget the basic principles which got them started. A sad story of what might have been IMO.

  3. Alan Caruba says:

    It was the Tea Party movement that marched on Washington in the hundreds of thousands to protest Obamacare. It is a movement-not a political party-that has attracted a lot of people who no longer feel confident that the GOP will field candidates that will uphold and defend the Constitution and traditional American values. The outcome of the 2014 midterm elections will be determined to a large extent by those who regard themselves a Tea Party advocates or just call themselves independents. If the GOP is abandoned, that only leaves the Democratic Party and it is the enemy of the nation at this point.

  4. Wayne says:

    Fred, I agree with Alan. As conservatives we should all pull in the same direction. Progressivism is the true enemy of the Constitution. I see the RINO as a progressive enemy that should be called on for not being attentive to their constituents. The TEA party movement is a state of political thought and I don’t see the idea as belonging exclusively to a particular party. The RINO is not going to change the way he/she thinks because they suffer from progressive mind cancer and for that there is no cure. I shudder at the thought of a Christie or a Clinton gaining the office of POTUS.

  5. Ron Odum says:

    I believe it was Will Rogers who once said, many, many years ago: “There is not 10 cents worth of difference between a Republican or Democrat.” What he said then is just a valid today as it was then. Dump the RINO’s, liberals, dimocraps, and “professional” politicians and elect someone to return our country to the people and the politicians to servants of the people and not our rulers.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I stopped writing checks to the RNC and GOP about four years ago. I changed from a registered Republican to Independent.

    The life of the country is at stake and still we keep printing money, we keep growing the budget, we refuse to actually cut fat.

    This is a Suicide Mission.


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