Warrant: Teen talked about desire to kill previous to fatal 7-Eleven shooting

Warrant: Teen talked about desire to kill previous to fatal 7-Eleven shooting

GARLAND — A 18-year-old male arrested in the shooting death of a 7-Eleven clerk talked about wanting to kill someone with his father’s scope rifle before the fatal incident, read a warrant from Garland police.

Colten Jon Moore was arrested Wednesday and charged in the death of Yosef Tulu, who was killed during a robbery. According to police, a delivery man found Tulu’s body early Tuesday morning.

Authorities said officers watched the masked suspect “enter the store with a scoped rifle” in surveillance video obtained at the scene.

Police said Tulu was shot twice after he placed money from the register inside a plastic bag provided by the suspect. SOURCE

Over the last 30 years I have studied a lot of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Criminal Psychology and I have to admit, I do NOT fully understand what drives a person to commit such an act, especially someone as young as Moore.

This is the face of a cold-blooded MURDERER. Does he look evil to you?

Colten Jon MooreColten Jon Moore

I see something in that picture that I saw in pictures of some of the other young murderers of late; look at the eyes, the eyes are the window to the soul and these eyes are DEAD looking, much the same as those of the Colorado theater shooter, the Littleton shooting, Sandy Hook, Columbine and so many others.

Investigators were able to track down Moore after two informants told officers they suspected the teen. One of the informants said the teen revealed he wanted to kill someone and would disguise the murder as a burglary. According to police, the information also alleged Moore confessed to the crime.

Maybe I’m getting too old, maybe I never bought into that *street creds* thing about *ratting out* some guy that has murder on his mind. If one of his cohorts had credible knowledge that Moore was going to commit this heinous crime he should have to face at least *some* consequences for not saying something to a responsible party PRIOR to the murder/execution.

The informants also told police Moore expressed a desire to “shoot a cop,” spurring police to request a “No Knock” warrant.

Again I say, WHY did these informants wait until AFTER the fact to say something?

Had this person(s) taken it upon himself to report what he was told there could be one less murder in the state of Texas.

I know that some people are anti-Police, anti-authority of any kind, I know that they won’t *rat* on a friend, I know they claim to be on some police *watch list* and wouldn’t help Law Officers under any circumstances. I also KNOW that many of these people call themselves Conservative Patriots and refuse to help the LEGAL authorities.

Well here’s a flash for those people; you’re not Patriots, you’re are a danger to the public.

If you had some credible information that one of your friends was going to carry out a planned execution and that he had expressed a desire to *shoot a cop* and you did nothing about it, YOU are as guilty as the shooter.

It’s called RESPONSIBILITY, some folks need to look up the definition of that word.

Edit to add 17:49:18 on 2014-01-23: Garland clerk murder suspect linked to second shooting

GARLAND — Colten Moore, the 18-year-old suspect in the murder of a Garland 7-Eleven clerk has been linked to a second shooting.

Moore admitted to police he shot another clerk at the Homeboys gas station on Jan. 16, according to Garland Police Spokesman Joe Harn.

Harn said at 11:40 p.m. that night, a clerk at the gas station in the 2500 block of Firewheel Parkway stepped out of the store and walked towards his car. He was shot twice by someone he never saw. He told police he had no idea who shot him or why he was shot.

OK, seems this guy must be a *thrill killer/shooter*, and as I pointed out above regarding personal responsibility, where in the hell were his parents during all of this? Did they not just happen to notice that their Son had become a cold blooded murderer?

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9 Responses to Warrant: Teen talked about desire to kill previous to fatal 7-Eleven shooting

  1. B Mo says:

    Fred, THANKS for not using the names of the previous nut-job shooters. After this initial post lets NEVER mention the nut-jobs by name again! That’s what they want-notoriety! The ONLY names deserved to be written and or spoken is that of the innocents. IMHO

    • TexasFred says:

      Fully agree B Mo… That was NOT my original intent, I have to be honest with you, maybe my posting was being guided…

      Funny how that works huh?? :)

  2. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    This occured two blocks from me. That is the place where I always get fuel. I never go inside so I don’t know the poor victim. However, I wonder if I have ever seen that kid in the adjacent grocery store. He should be put away for life. The charges against him include capital murder so he is looking at life without parole or even the death sentence. The local police dept.(Garland PD) did a good job after getting several tips.

    This crazy kid also shot a convienence store clerk across the street less than a week before. That clerk survived.

    • TexasFred says:

      Yep, my wife stopped there from time to time, it’s on her way to work..

      This kid has some seriously loose wiring, but that’s OK, I doubt he’ll ever breathe FREE air again…

  3. Al says:

    Thursday night before the murder, he shot another clerk at the gas station across the road from 7 Eleven. Police where called that night, did their investigation BUT KEPT IT OFF the news. The suspect was not alarmed nor got scared because it was not out in the media; be in print, radio or TV. After a couple of nights he did it again, and it is at 7 Eleven this time, cold blooded killed the victim.
    Had the first incident been out in the news right away, that would have scared him of committing the same crime again. Thoughts?

    • TexasFred says:

      Well, I do know about the other shooting but I don’t know that any of it was kept off of the news… Personally, I can’t see Garland PD having a suspect or person of interest and not doing some sort of intervention.. I know the local media DID report the 1st shooting, I saw it there before I had any other info, and again, to be honest with you, I can’t see the media letting the PD tell them not to post what they had, and as I understand it, details were truly scarce on the 1st shooting… Had the friends of the shooter not come forward I don’t know that they would have arrested him as soon as they did..

      Speculation is all I really have, my information came from the media, so who knows…

  4. Al says:

    Must be something that I missed then. I passed by the gas stations every single day to and from work and even weekends when I need to get out of the house and run some errands, but I never heard of the first one.

    • TexasFred says:

      It was either WFAA or NBC5 that had footage of the guy walking out of the station office, on security cam, just before he was shot… Others may have had it but those are the only 2 local stations I watch for news…

  5. mrchuck says:

    Put away for life??? BULLSHIT. Death Penalty

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