Some TRUTH about Pete Sessions

Some TRUTH about Pete Sessions

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Ladies and Gentlemen; I know Pete Sessions, we talk on a regular basis, he reads this blog and Pete knows that I support him, but he also knows that if I have an issue with the government, or his work in Congress, I am not at all bashful about voicing my concerns and opinions to HIM directly!

Pete Sessions opponent and her followers have resorted to spreading LIES about Pete because they have NO *dirt* that can be thrown that will *stick*.

I, quite frankly, am very tired of the LIES from Katrina Pierson, her staff and supporters. I am tired of the aspersions cast against Pete Sessions because, OH MY GOD, he took part in a massive STREAKING event when he was in his FRESHMAN year of college, an event that Pete IN NO WAY denies, a matter that is looked upon as a *youthful prank* at worst.

I am tired of the Pierson supporters trying to post LIES about Pete in the comments of my blog, particularly the accusations that Pete doesn’t live in Dallas County, and apparently, I am not the only one that tires of the LIES as is stated in the letter from Kim Locus.

A person running for office will speak of their *good* side and point out anything they consider to be negative regarding their opponent but the tactics used by Katrina Pierson and her ilk are the same as those used by hard-core Liberal Democrats.

If you criticize Ms. Pierson, if you speak out against Ms. Pierson, to ANY degree, on ANY topic, you are called a RACIST and a *race-baiter* by Ms. Pierson and her camp. Those are tactics used by the Obama regime to defend Barack Hussein Obama when they have no cogent response to those that criticize Obama for his ignorance and ineptness.

Katrina Pierson is NOT a Republican; she is, at best, a Libertarian with a lot of Democratic tendencies, one with an arrest record and someone that is openly supported by the party of Ron Paul. Those are FACTS my friends, and the following is even MORE facts, not pre-election rhetoric, not silly or childish accusations, not campaign lies or opinion, just facts and TRUTH!

Dear Friends,

Over the last couple of days I have received several phone calls, emails and texts from some of you regarding phone calls being made into your homes, or people knocking on your door to tell you that Pete does not live in the district. Given the numerous calls of concern, I felt it necessary to address this blatant lie as well.

As with the previous LIES made about our Congressman Pete Sessions, the newest one concerning his residency is no different. First the “Fake Town Halls”, then the “Fake Policy Stance” the “Fake Voting Record” and who can forget the “Fake Obamacare Forum” (where the panel were supporters and donors of Ms. Pierson). As before, these are all designed to confuse and frustrate the voters. There have not been this many lies about Pete since he faced Democrat Martin Frost in 2004!

The Facts are; During his separation and subsequent divorce in 2011, Pete moved into an efficiency apartment in The Village Apartments. True to his conservative values, Pete was trying to live as frugally as possible, even sleeping in his Washington, DC office while working there. Pete chose this apartment because it was close to his son and ex-wife.

In January, after enduring strangers accosting Congressman Sessions in his parking lot, stalking and videotaping him at his home, he decided to relocate for security reasons. Pete now lives in a townhome in Dallas. That did not stop his opponent from again following him. She and her supporters now know where he lives. Last week while Pete was home, 2 of her volunteers knocked on his door and shouted to him inside, then placed a sign in the townhome next to his. I don’t know about you, but I find this behavior not only unacceptable but disturbing.

In addition to this ludicrous accusations, I find it quite offensive and insulting to insinuate that because someone’s home is not a million dollar home that it is not adequate or beneath them. Not everyone that lives in “every zip” code in the 32nd Congressional district of Texas owns their home. With the devastation our country has endured at the hands of the current administration’s economic policies, a lot of people have lost their homes and now rent.

Pete has been a resident of Dallas County since he moved to Dallas in the 1980’s. Throughout his time representing North Texas in Congress he has been a resident of the 32nd District, and still is today. Congressman Pete Sessions does now and will continue to proudly serve “every zip code” and every person in the TX 32nd.

I hope that you will take some time and really begin to take a look at the person running against Pete. No one saw or heard of her before the 2010 election cycle. Now everything that comes out of her past has to be “explained” or retracted, and everything about her current life fabricated. This sounds like another politician who rapidly rose in popularity in 2007 by promising everything to everyone he met. We know how that turned out.

As always I will do my best to keep the truth out there and keep you informed. I hope everyone has a great day and please feel free to call me or email me with questions or concerns.

See you at the polls for Pete! Let’s get it Done!


Kim Locus
Campaign Manager
Sessions for Congress

We already have enough psychos and *slugs* in Washington, Texas doesn’t need to be adding to the total and we sure don’t need to send ANYONE to Congress from the 32nd District that has more Democratic tendencies than they do Conservative beliefs, someone that is supported by stalkers and *political terrorists*.

The *Zip Code* comments are in direct response to a nonsensical remark made by Pierson about *not living in the right zip code* or some such idiocy.

Kim, you have spoken the truth here my friend; I hope the voters of our district know that and don’t fall for the LIES of Pierson. It was her constant remarks about a DEFORMED veteran, THE BLACK TEA PARTY, the Libertarian style comments, and the Ron Paul driven TEA Party loons that fired me off on her to begin with.

The BLACK TEA Party, that one will haunt Pierson for as long as I am a blogger!

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9 Responses to Some TRUTH about Pete Sessions

  1. jay bowling says:


    Thank you! This woman’s only source of income on her
    Federal candidate disclosure is unemployment compensation.
    She is without integrity and attacking Pete Sessions is on his
    Home is a lie. I see Pete every week or so at home or church.

    Pierson also sued an employer for sexual, then changed the
    Complaint to race then admitted under deposition she was fired
    For not completing her work. It is all public record.


    Pete deserves our support and our vote. Thank you for publishing the truth.


    • Michael Gallops says:


      Do you have links or sources for that information because I’d love to share it publicly as I’m sure Fred would too!


  2. Wayne says:

    I wish at times that I had retired to Texas when I read about the economy and the lifestyle in the country part of the state. Fred, I think Texans will see through the bs and do the right thing. My opinion of this woman is what I’ve stated before on your blog and that is that she is one of the usurpers that hijack a good idea and run as if they were part of it’s inception. She lies like a progressive lies and that should be the dead giveaway.

  3. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Katrina Pierson, face the truth your not mature enough to run an ISSUE based campaign. You have to play the race card and then lie to try and make your point.

    It’s over for you, before it’s even begun…

  4. TexasFred says:

    Friends and neighbors, don’t allow yourself to be taken in by GOP *posers*; persons claiming to be Conservative Republicans only to discredit themselves by engaging in tactics right out of the DNC handbook. Pete Sessions has NOT engaged in those types of attacks against his opponent, but his opponent sure has taken up the DNC mantra of lies and accusations of racism.

  5. Paul Douglas says:

    Katrina Pierson makes me think of Obama too. I have been reading this stuff since you started posting about her and she is not a Conservative. She’s a lot closer to Ron Paul and the Libertarians than she is the GOP and real Conservatives. Does Texas need another Ron Paul and the morons that followed him around, in constant ‘defend Dr. Paul’ mode? No, we don’t. Keep Katrina Pierson out of Texas government and the House of Representatives.

  6. Robert Mendelsohn says:

    Ms. Pierson visited our school’s Young Americans for Freedom Club today — Congressman Sessions visited us on Monday, and we are required to give equal time in interest of not showing any bias — and the difference between the two is like night and day. Ms. Pierson went on and on about things she doesn’t like about Mr. Sessions, how he doesn’t live in Dallas, is siding with Nancy Pelosi, etc. We’re holding an extra meeting just to clear up any confusion our members might have; he certainly lives here and led the campaign to fire Pelosi! Very disappointing that someone who thinks herself worthy of such an important office would stoop to such a low level.

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