White House mistakenly reveals CIA official’s name

White House mistakenly reveals CIA official’s name

WASHINGTON (AP) — In an embarrassing flub, the Obama administration accidentally revealed the name of the CIA’s top official in Afghanistan in an email to thousands of journalists during the president’s surprise Memorial Day weekend trip to Bagram Air Field.

The officer’s name — identified as “chief of station” in Kabul — was included by U.S. embassy staff on a list of 15 senior American officials who met with President Obama during the Saturday visit. The list was sent to a Washington Post reporter who was representing the news media, who then sent it out to the White House “press pool” list, which contains as many as 6,000 recipients.

The Associated Press is withholding the officer’s name at the request of the Obama administration, who said its publication could put his life and those of his family members in danger. A Google search appears to reveal the name of the officer’s wife and other personal details.

White House officials realized the error after the Post reporter notified them, and sent out a new list without the station chief’s name. Other major news organizations, including the Post, also agreed not to publish the officer’s name. SOURCE

Obama Afghanistan

I never would have dreamed that there would come a time when I felt that I had to defend Barack Hussein Obama, but the incredible STUPIDITY of some Americans that claim to be *on the RIGHT* is shockingly astounding.

I am seeing social media pages blowing up making accusations of treason against Barack Hussein Obama over this incident, saying that HE personally *outed* a CIA Station Chief and that he most likely did it deliberately.

This may not have been done on purpose by anyone in the Obama regime but instead has been brought about by the utter incompetency and sheer ignorance of the most useless Presidential administration in history.

Yes, they really ARE that stupid!

I have NO doubt that this nation is in great peril, it has been for many years, and I give you this quote from General Douglas MacArthur as reference;

“I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”

Let me be VERY clear in this so as not to be misunderstood; I HATE Obama, I truly detest Obama and everything he says, everything he does and everything he stands for, but HE didn’t leak anything.

The White House staff screwed this up, and in the end, yes, Obama IS responsible, they’re HIS people, but the Kenyan poser didn’t personally write the report, the story, whatever, and he didn’t LEAK the name.

Some folks on the right need to grow the hell up and act like responsible adults once in a while. You’re making the SANE people look bad by association.

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7 Responses to White House mistakenly reveals CIA official’s name

  1. BobF says:

    Some are saying “look at Bush and Valery Plame”. There’s a world of difference between a station chief in a war zone and an rear echelon analyst who bragged to all her friends about who she worked for. Yes, his incompetent staff screwed up badly and put this man and his family in serious danger. Also, I don’t see why they need to release the names of anyone he meets with. Nobody needs to know the names of who the president meets with in a war zone.

  2. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    However take solace in the fact that The White House is expected to issue an official response after President Obama learns about the station chief’s blown cover from news reports a few days from now…..

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Obama is as responsible as the Captain of a ship is responsible for the actions of the pilot who takes his ship in and out of harbor or port.

    Someone, somewhere, has to be accountable.


  4. cary says:

    Did he, personally, do it? Nope.

    He did, however, assemble the finest collection of anti-American bureaucratic bumblers ever seen.

  5. bunkerville says:

    I hear that Obama is Mad as Hell. After he learned about it from the news media.

  6. Abigail says:

    As an isolated incident it would be easy to chalk it up to human error. But doesn’t leadership start at the top? He sets the tone and the example. If the leader does not have the very highest standards for himself and his employees and if they are not held accountable for their actions then is it surprising such a sloppy error could happen? Stupid maybe, careless certainly. Yet this was a mistake which could cost have someone’s life.

  7. TexasFred says:

    If Obama was as tremendously evil as everyone seems to think he is the USA would already be DEAD.. Obama doesn’t PLAN anything, he’s a shill, he’s a front man and a useful idiot for the people that DO the thinking, the people that pull his strings…

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