Texas GOP Backs Cruz And Therapy For Gays

Texas GOP Backs Cruz And Therapy For Gays

GOP Elephant ButtonLocked in an ideological struggle between tea party activists and traditional conservatives, the Texas Republican Convention was hammering out a platform Saturday set to preserve a softer stance on immigration, while also endorsing voluntary counseling to “cure” being gay.

Booing and shouting sometimes interrupted hours of debate among roughly 7,000 delegates, and party chairman Steve Munisteri pleaded for civility. Far less contentious, though, was a 2016 presidential straw poll expected to be dominated by firebrand U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. SOURCE

OK, the 1st thing I am going to do here is anger a few people with this post and opinions expressed, on all three topics. I’m not yet sure just WHO will be angered or offended but the comments should tell the tale.

A softer stance on immigration? Seriously?

The GOP had best pay very close attention here because I am going to spell this out in terms so simple that even a Democrat can understand; a softer stance on immigration is what has placed this nation in such great peril.

The United States doesn’t need to soften ANYTHING regarding immigration; if any type of action is required it would be the closing of our borders to any and all that don’t belong here and have no LEGAL reason to be here.

There needs to be a working system to DEPORT illegals too, and don’t even try to tell me that they can’t be found and rounded up. If they can’t be rounded up, why then are we seeing stories like this coming from Arizona? Buses dropping off scores of immigrants in Arizona, and this, Feds say no end in sight for policy of ‘dumping’ illegal immigrants in Arizona?

If these people can be rounded up and dumped in Arizona why can’t they be rounded up and dumped, under armed guard, at the Mexican border? Why can’t that border then be secured and these illegals kept out?

For a long time now all we have heard is how we, as Americans, need to kind-hearted and accept these people into OUR culture. The main reason given for needing to accept the illegals and to believe that their actions are in OUR best interest? Well, apparently it is IMPOSSIBLE to round up and deport 15 to 20 million illegals.

It would appear that the Obama regime HAS figured out a way to round them up, and to dump, not deport them from the USA, just dump them on Arizona.

If they can be taken to Arizona they can be taken to the border and herded back across to where they came from.

A softer stance on immigration gives the GOP the distinction of looking more and more like what I and so many other Conservative bloggers have described as *Dem Lite*, a herd of RINOs that are a lot closer to the Democrats in thought, deed and principle than they are to a Conservative, America 1st nation.

Do mainstream Republicans really want to keep the *Big Tent* open on immigration and the deportation of illegals?

GOP Homo ElephantSecondly; endorsing voluntary counseling to “cure” being gay?

I am seriously astounded by the GOP of late. They are willing to sacrifice decency and morality in order to acquiesce to the demands of what is, if estimates I have read are correct, a group that comprises less than 3.8% of the entire American population by adopting a seriously flawed platform of sheer stupidity as they seek to appease, and attract homosexuals. You can’t *cure* homosexuality and personally, I don’t believe it can be *prayed away*, if it could homosexuals would be extinct.

That number, the 3.8%, in the grand scheme of things, is a very small number of people, and when taken as a whole I am certain that not all of that 3.8% is GOP.

I am truly saddened that the GOP would even consider alienating the Conservatives and Christians in their ranks merely to be able to claim themselves as tolerant of the life that homosexuals, male and female, embrace.

So, again I say; dear GOP, do you really want to take a RINO stand on this and build the Big Tent into an even bigger tent?

And last, but surely not least is this; Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz 1Firebrand U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has easily won a 2016 presidential straw poll at the state Republican Convention in his native Texas. Cruz took 43 percent of the vote Saturday, at a gathering in Fort Worth featuring roughly 7,000 delegates. Conservative speaker and author Ben Carson was second with 12.2 percent.

The result was announced a day after Cruz promised to lead a national conservative revolution unseen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

I remember the wave of patriotism that swept this nation when Ronald Reagan was on the campaign trail, but I also remember hearing a lot of the same negative rhetoric regarding Reagan’s platform back then that I hear now regarding Ted Cruz.

Is Ted Cruz the savior of the GOP and American Conservatism? Could Ted Cruz possibly be that next *Reagan* that so many of us are desperately seeking?

Honestly; I don’t know, it’s at best, a 50/50 chance I suppose.

I know that back in the days before Reagan was elected POTUS I had some serious doubts about him, but he, through his actions as our leader, changed my mind and convinced me that he, Reagan, was the real deal and looking back, Reagan was, in all probability, the best we ever had.

Can Ted Cruz be that kind of man and a natural born leader too? Time will tell.

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17 Responses to Texas GOP Backs Cruz And Therapy For Gays

  1. LD Jackson says:

    There is also a plan being floated to house 1,200 illegal immigrant children at Fort Sill, OK. Governor Mary Fallin has written to the President and the departments that oversee such matters, suggesting it would be a mistake. It’s doubtful they will listen.

  2. Bunkerville says:

    This is the most under reported story out there on the illegals. They are determined to turn Texas Democratic. A couple more states and once they do, the electoral vote will be almost unbeatable.

  3. Mike Flynn says:

    Will the GOP once again snatch defeat from victory? Soft stance on immigration is a killer! One of the top problems facing our country today and the illegals all over South America are being told ‘go now, they won’t send you back.

    I believe that many of our major problems stem from Congress…both dems/re pubs failing to do their jobs and uphold their oaths. As for the gays the loudest voices heard anywhere right now is gays. Last night there was a commercial for a gayest programs marathon..you can be darned sure I won’t be watching. But, they are organized and the ‘We’ in America are afraid to say anything having been convinced we have persecuted gays long enough…

    The debt, there is no use even going there. But one day it will all stop.

    As I’ve said before, God help us.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    Fred, Texas GOP has some soul searching to do. They need to stick to conservative principles and let the chips fall where they may. Personally am for the resurrection of “Operation Wetback” and closing off the southern border. Illegals of all nationalities have become parasites within this country and are bleeding us dry, not to mention our countries enemies who are crossing on a daily basis. Believe in about 2yrs time we could get rid of these people. Texas GOP was dumber than dumb to bring up the gay issue. Just lay out a conservative platform and if the gays don’t like it they can go elsewhere. Think Ted Cruz or Rick Perry are both worth considering for POTUS in the 2016 election. Both are considerably better than any Marxist the Democrats will run.

  5. Abigail says:

    EXCELLENT post!

    “Obama on Monday described the surge in children crossing the border as an “urgent humanitarian situation…” be damned.
    It is a damned invasion of our country and no amount of sugar coating it can change that fact. I do not understand why Arizona is not getting out their National Guard and blockading the airports and roads being used by the Feds to bring these illegals into their state. I do not understand why Arizonans are not out on the streets protesting this abuse by their federal government or as obama termed it ‘MY government’. What the hell is wrong with people to put up with this outrageous nonsense?
    And this homosexual business? Really? That is of major importance? REALLY??
    HOW is it possible that illegality and immorality have come to have such control over our country that standing against them and advocating for what is legal and moral is seen as racist or ‘phobic’ or wrong?
    Is it something in the water?

    • Mike Flynn says:

      Why aren’t Texans out protesting in the streets? We are being overrun with illegals! Why doesn’t Perry call out the Texas Guard to help the overwhelmed Border Patrol? Why aren’t WE the people doing something?

  6. Wayne says:

    Fred, once again you echo the sentiments of the conservatives in this country. Another great post. Progs, I believe are a minority while those who would claim to be Dems are woefully low info voters , who just vote for the party and not the man/woman who has a plan. Our country is not a two party system anymore as demonstrated by those who preach “go along to get along”. Tolerance is a copout argument. Our state governors should be exercising more of their constitutional powers and J.Brewer should be the one to kick it off. And by the way, why is nobody bringing up Mexico’s role in this HUMANITARIAN CRISIS? Pressure could be brought to bear on them but I think we all know the answer to that question.

  7. Kiril says:

    Great post Fred.

    What part of “illegal” is so hard for people to understand?
    As a cashier at a Big Box store, in Texas, I deal with people all day long who can’t speak a lick of English and often have no idea how to use a credit card machine at check out, and the same goes for the 3 to 6 kids they have in tow. How many are here illegally is anyone’s guess.

    As far as the Homosexuals are concerned, since the 80′s I have known quite a few as customers, co-workers and fellow bloggers and friends who are Homosexual, from the most sissified activist with AIDS to someone who, in the 90′s, was black, middle-aged, closeted and the head of the public library.

    How they got that way and what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms is none of my business, yet by publicly making their sexual activity an issue they insist that it is.

    By raising legitimate concerns about illegal immigration one risks the effects on your life of being called a bigot & racist when you are far from it

    By opposing same sex marriage and asking someone to please explain how the act of one man sticking a body part inside the orifice, not meant for such, of another man, protected, or not, can be seen as cool, normal, safe and healthy, one risks being called a bigot, a homophobe and worse, when you are far from it.

    Is it any wonder people keep their mouth shut and “go along to get along”?

    Oh, and in the name of “diversity and inclusiveness”, it is unwise for me to ask a supervisor if security is at all concerned about all those Muslim women, covered head to toe in black, with only their eyes showing, who shop in our store several times a month.

    All it takes is just one man, or woman, with a bomb strapped to his/her waist, under that outfit, to lay waste to our row of registers on a busy evening.

  8. Miss Beth says:

    Anyone besides me notice the illegals are only being dumped in states with Republican governors? Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico…..

    • Abigail says:

      No, you’re not the only one! First thing I wondered was why Arizona. Better weather? Punishment? Payback? Vengeance? All of the above?
      These are acts of hostility by the fed. gov. toward a sovereign state. Where are the lawmakers for these states? Why aren’t people writing, emailing, faxing their senators, etc and governors about this? Getting on the streets and protesting? Is this another reason for the timing of the Bergdahl swap? Not just the VA is off the front pages but this is too. If it was ever there.
      It is past time for irate letters by a governor to the Fed. It is time for action before it is too late.
      I say, turn about is fair play. Round’em up again, put them in nice airconditioned buses and take them to DC and turn them loose. Show them the way to the Rose Garden and michelle’s kitchen garden where they’ll feel right at home.
      Oh, and I have to wonder about all these ‘children from central America’. Just how did they all happen to get to the border without messico not knowing? Teleportation?

      • Mary Anne Harper says:

        Of course we all know that Obama is telling them all to come for a free ride. Congress and the Supreme Court need to get involved in the children being dumped in South Texas and stop it immediately!

  9. Let’s look at Costa Rica.

    A very beautiful place in the midst of squalor, drug dealing, La Mordida and rampant corruption. People who visit there (including moi) say it’s beautiful, safe, clean, and it wants more tourist dollars.

    Let’s revisit its location. It’s not an island just off South America. It’s wedged in between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south — both bastions of political corruption.

    Further: even now, cops in Costa Rica don’t customarily wear weapons. Me and some friends asked recently: “Why not?”

    They answered: we are very tough on immigration and no one gets through our borders that we don’t like. No gangs, no bangers, no people with disease, no pimps, no prostitutes, no people who commit crimes.

    That sounds pretty much like very strict border enforcement and the will for self-determination to me.

    In contrast, now consider OUR VERY OWN Border Patrol DUMPING OFF illegal Mexicans into Arizona, once again!

    No nation can survive AS a sovereign state with open borders. Never has and never will.


    • Mary Anne Harper says:

      Yes, in Costa Rica police with machine guns are at the Northern border and also on the river in case someone decides to come over from Nicaragua. A local was afraid for her child near the border when she couldn’t find him for a short time.

  10. Miss Beth says:

    Unfortunately, I live in Tucson. McCain and Flake. So, I decided to call the governor’s office–both Phoenix and Tucson numbers. I left a message. I said if you really do eat scorpions for breakfast, why don’t you grow a set, use the state’s rights in our Constitution and keep the buses from entering Arizona to begin with. You have the tools and the means–use them and quit whining and bitching. A letter ain’t gonna do it, you’re going to actually have to do something. Then I left my name and phone number. Let’s see if this skirt wearing RINO has the courage to respond.

  11. Petermc3 says:

    The people of Arizona must be asking themselves, Where is Our Man Flint aka John McCain? He probably has a stake in the bus company dumping these people in his state. And once the Feds determine that an automobile is a right and not a priviledge the illegal immi’s will be herded over to his dealership. Then they can drive over to TJ and Nuevo Laredo and bring in the rest of their peeps unencumbered by INS, ICE, STP, ABC, ATF, DEA, racist pig american citizens, etc, etc, etc.

  12. Abigail says:

    I didn’t realize that in Nov 2013 Texas shut down the border for 3 weeks with much success. This shows it can be done. Perhaps the border states should join together to work to shut the damn thing down using their own resources. Expensive, yes but in the long run cheaper than supporting illegals families and all. Where there is a will, there is a way. And time is running out. If it’s not already too late.

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