ISIS Death Squads Drive-By Murders in Iraq

ISIS Death Squads Drive-By Murders in Iraq

Far too many in Washington are coming to the conclusion that we may have to intervene in Iraq. If you want to see what is REALLY going on in Iraq watch the video and tell me how you intervene in a war like that.

Before you view this video I have to tell ALL of my readers; the following is filled with graphic footage of violence, murder, carnage and sheer evil. There is no sound on this version, consider that a blessing. The original is totally overwhelmed by some guy singing in Arabic.

You have been warned!

What do we have to do to stop our government from wasting more money on these people that hate us and would kill us without blinking?

We must lose the idea that we can be the *world peacemaker* and stay OUT of Iraq, and we need to get out of Afghanistan too. Afghanistan bankrupted the Soviet Union, Iraq and Afghanistan have nearly bankrupted the United States, to return to Iraq could very well finish us off as ANY kind of world power.

Let them sort out their own problems; they don’t want us in their country. There is no financial reason why we should be there either, we’re not engaging in that *war for oil* the Democrats so like to cry about, so WHY do we need to endanger the lives of our troops and spend OUR tax dollars in a place like Iraq or Afghanistan?

I had a conversation with Pete Sessions and some of his staff last night and I was told by one of Pete’s staff that we will have to intervene in Iraq in order to return the region to peace. I have serious ISSUES with that, I guess his aid didn’t know, and I was on speaker when I was talking to the aid and I told him, “BULL SHIT, and here’s another little flash for you, once we pull out of Afghanistan we’re going to see the same thing there. Karzai is a dead man and then it’s all about civil war and which *war lord* is the strongest.”

I don’t think the aid liked what I had to say but frankly I don’t give a damn, it was the truth and some of these people in DC need to hear the truth, they need to know that it’s the truth and by God they need to learn from it.

I don’t have access to all the top level briefings on world matters but I still have a contact or 2 that keeps me *in the know*. I am not an expert on the political makeup of the Mid-East and Asia, but I DO know this; those raghead bastards have been murdering each other since the 7th century and there is NOTHING that we, or anyone else can do to stop it.

Some folks say we should nuke Iraq and be done with it but that isn’t even a remotely possible option. This is NOT 1945, we’re not the only ones with nukes, and if we start firing off, Russia starts firing off, and if that happens it’s all over.

ISIS, and Islam in general, are nothing more than evil incarnate and that is not a good thing. We need to remember that these maniacs not only want to kill their own for some sort of religious supremacy, they have been killing Christians and Jews for thousands of years, and that was just for fun as far as they were concerned.

The Arabs, think Muslims, became empowered after WWII because of the money they gained from oil exploration. If WE were to become energy independent the Arabs, OPEC and the lot of them would have nothing from the American people, and while it wouldn’t render them harmless or put them in *the poor house*, it would surely cut their operating budget substantially.

We CAN become energy independent, it’s a matter of drilling. As Sarah Palin once said, “Drill baby drill.” If we become energy independent we will once again stand as a GIANT of world power, that is, if our leaders truly have our best interest at heart.

Here’s a flash for you; our leaders do NOT have our best interests at heart.

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Edited to add:
So, Iraqi leaders feel ‘abandoned’ by the world community.

Iraqi troops were trained and supplied by the United States and were as prepared for this as any nation can be, but their troops RAN like cowardly dogs, 2 full battalions if I am not mistaken.. They threw down their weapons, stripped off their uniforms and RAN AWAY!

Abandoned? Yes, Iraq has been abandoned; by their own military… Too bad, so sad, but not one more American soldier needs to die FOR Iraq and not one more U.S. tax dollar needs to be spent to save a nation that is too cowardly to save itself..

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15 Responses to ISIS Death Squads Drive-By Murders in Iraq

  1. dekare says:

    Fred, you are right, in that is we pull out Karzai is a dead man. Well, he was the one who told us to get the heck out. So, give him what he wants. We don’t need to nuke anyone. If we left, they would destroy themselves.

    Let our enemies destroy and kill each other until whoever is left, and then we let them know in no uncertain terms, if you screw with, we will kill you. No more wars or boots on the ground or nation building nonsense. They mess with us, we bomb what little pissant infrastructure they have, and fly away. No soldiers in harms way. I mean heck, we have long range bombs…use them.

    If any other country wants to nation build with the mullahs, let them.

    And for the life of me, I can NOT understand why we are not energy independent. Any president that does this will have a legacy worthy of the history books. What is most confusing is those idiots that don’t want us to drill for global warming or climate whatever reasons. Well, if it is the entire globe they are concerned with, then they should be upset that drilling for oil is bad everywhere. What, does drilling in the Middle East not affect mother Gaia? That only drilling in America is bad? And since the oil is coming out of the ground anyway, who better to get it? America, with every safety standard and latest technology to assure that mother earth is as protected as can be? Or some turd world shithole that cares nothing, and does way more damage with one drill than our entire country would have if we did it ourselves. On top of that, having to ship that stuff half way around the world instead of pulling it out of the ground and using it right here where it was drilled from. How many ships spring leaks and dump oil in the ocean? If we drill here, the oil would never see a boat, unless of course, we sold it overseas ourselves.

    Then, there is that small tidbit about our enemies making BILLIONS of dollars from selling something to us, that we have ourselves. If a farmer owns a cow, he doesn’t pay money to his neighbor for milk. Especially if that neighbor hates him, and uses that money to buy a gun to try and kill him. But what do I know.

    Giving money to our enemies is like giving a grenade to a monkey. And if the HNIC doesn’t do something, that monkey will soon have a nuke.

    Why is it, the average person can see very clearly what is going on, and who is our friend in this world, and who is not, but our supposed betters in charge don’t?

    I can only think that those in charge want chaos and disaster. They want America to fail and fall. After all, you can’t rebuild something until it breaks. And those now in charge do not seem to want to follow the original instructions on how our country was founded when it will need to be rebuilt.

    • Wayne says:

      Read about the Trilateral Commission. You will learn about manufactured chaos and it’s final solution. dekare, you almost have it right but you should realize that the Ummah (muslim community) is spreading all over the globe and will eventually start trouble here on US soil.

  2. Alan Caruba says:

    You’re on target again on all the points you make. The Middle East made this problem and must be left to solve it.

  3. Gary says:

    Just found this short video from 2007 of Mitt Romney forecasting the future in Iraq…

    He was dead nuts on

    • TexasFred says:

      Yeah, well if you search the archives of THIS BLOG from back in ’04, ’05, ’06, ’07 and ’08 you’ll find that I was telling everyone exactly what would happen too.. And I was doing it long before Romney was saying it in a weak-assed attempt to get elected…

      • Gary says:

        Have you forgotten our history Fred? I knew you then and remember what you posted, and posted similar stuff myself.

        My point of posting that video, is that in 2007, Romney had a national stage and shared with everybody that would listen… including our current failure in chief, and still, nobody cared.

        • TexasFred says:

          Yeah, but Romney was a *weak sister*, and you’re right, no one listened, and apparently very few listened to me either… I didn’t mean to snap at you my friend, it’s just that I am SO F*CKING PISSED OFF right now I would fight a damned buzz saw…

          • Gary says:

            I hear ya, bro.

            We shouted from the rooftops that this was coming, but no one listened.
            We hollered on the street corners that Obama was inexperienced and dangerous, but people just laughed, and voted twice! for this A$$ hole.

            Now we sit back and in the ever popular ‘I told you so’ mode, we observe and hopefully find a way to engage to save our country from destruction.

            No one said we cain’t be pissed off about it though…

  4. Wayne says:

    Great post. How is it that you can talk to Sessions and staff and have to inform them, to their chagrin, about the very things they should be informing WE THE PEOPLE? Doesn’t that get you right in the throat? Allan West had a great rant on another site (BNI) that sums up what the HNIC and his gang are up to. We are being sold a bill of goods that smells just as bad as the BS Chamberlin tried to sell the Brits. Churchill had it pegged when he said Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog. Too bad the Jap internment camps left a bad taste in the mouths of the bleeding hearts. I can think of a whole group that desperately needs internment. Until the public understands the true meaning of the word “KAFIR”, they will pity the poor maligned moderates that follow the prophet (warlord, pedophile). We the KAFIR are to be killed because Allah hates the KAFIR. It’s in the Koran in many many verses.

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Fred, here is what you do:

    Let the Sunnis and Shia shoot themselves to death, and then let the dust settle. Then deal with what’s left of Iraq and the area. Iran won’t stand for that crap broaching their borders. ISIS wants to grow and it is remarkably organized. The US will not stop ISIS, only those in the ME will stop it if they WANT to stop it. These nomadic death-cult barbarians don’t respect anything but power and control. Let the bodies hit the floor and then sort it out when you know how the power flows. This may be the final impetus to eschew Conflict and Blood Oil and begin to develop what lies beneath our very feet.


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