Police Deaths in the USA Continue Unprecedented Rise

Police Deaths in the USA Continue Unprecedented Rise

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Jennings man charged after officer is shot during a disturbance call

Sgt. Ricky Benoit - JenningsState Police have released the name of the man they saw shot a Jennings officer on Monday. 30-year-old George D. Lowdins of Jennings is facing, among other charges, a charge of attempted first degree murder of a police officer.

Troopers say shortly after 11:00 a.m. Monday, two officers with the Jennings Police Department responded to a disturbance call on the 100 block of East South Street in Jennings. SOURCE

Sgt. Ricky Benoit of the Jennings Police Department was shot and seriously wounded on the morning of June 23rd, 2014. He remains hospitalized in serious condition.

Sgt. Benoit is a close friend of my daughter in law; he was one of her training officers when she was a rookie and my daughter in law has great respect for Sgt. Benoit. He is the one that taught her how to shoot to a level far above what is taught in the academy.

Ricky Benoit was shot while on duty in the process of answering a call. He was doing the job he loves and suffered an event that ALL officers hope they never face but one that is always in the back of their minds and of their family members.

This shooting was a personal family issue because Ricky was a friend of the family as well as a *Brother in Blue*.

Murdered Vermillion Parish Deputy Identified

Deputy Allen Bares JrFamily members have identified the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Deputy shot and killed in Abbeville Monday as Allen Bares Jr. of Erath, LA.

State Police have released the names of the two suspects arrested in connection with the shooting death of a Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Deputy. SOURCE

Officer Allen Bares Jr. was NOT on duty, he was NOT in uniform and he was only guilty of pushing a lawnmower and cutting the grass.

At this time I don’t know if Officer Bares was the victim of a random *drive-by* or if his shooter(s) knew him from his position on the Department. Possibly he was targeted in an act of *pay back* or vengeance for a previous arrest. I won’t make a definitive comment without having the information and knowledge to do so.

I am not aware of any of my immediate family actually knowing Officer Bares but I do know this; Allen Bares IS family, the BLUE Family, and the response from Departments in an around the area of his murder was massive.

All 3 of the subjects involved in these 2 shootings are under arrest. All 3 are Black males.

It appears to anyone that is connected to Law Enforcement, in ANY capacity, that there is a WAR being waged on our Police Officers.

There are people in this nation that HATE Police Officers. Many *so-called* Patriot and Gun groups are leading the way. Many of these groups are avowed anarchists and are members of a group called Sovereign Citizens; a group that does not recognize ANY kind of laws or Law Enforcement and are sworn to SHOOT any officer that tries to ticket them or arrest, in some cases even just talk to them for ANY reason.

Last night after Officer Bares was shot and killed and his killers were on the run in the area, a 9:00PM curfew was ordered in hopes that with the streets cleared and innocent civilians inside their homes, it would expedite the capture of these shooters without any additional degree of danger for the residents.

An Officer was shot and killed, 2 armed men, proven killers, were on the run, and some IDIOT claiming to be one of the III% Patriots couldn’t seem grasp the idea of a curfew as he clamored about how his *rights* were being violated by this ILLEGAL ORDER and issuance of *martial law*.

Yes, they really are THAT stupid, but I couldn’t stop myself, I had to respond to this IDIOT and his rants. The name of this idiot is Kevin and this is MY response to him.

As I said, *some* here are IDIOTS… That would be YOU Kevin.. No one is taking ANYTHING from you, a temporary curfew has been imposed to protect citizens in this time of mass confusion and until some resolution can be brought about by either capturing of killing these animals that gunned down a Deputy Sheriff that was guilty of nothing more than mowing a yard… This has nothing to do with military, martial law or the deprivation of rights that you seem to think you are suffering… Personally, I think you’ve been deprived of oxygen and have suffered brain damage…

You don’t have a right to unfettered freedom if a legal and JUSTIFIED curfew has been declared, and that is exactly what this is, legal, justified and very necessary… If you think otherwise get you a lawyer and sue the city/parish/state claiming that you have been deprived of your rights… I’m sure Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson could recommend a crooked mouthpiece for you…

Sometimes I fear these *so-called Patriots* a lot more than I ever feared the causes they claim to support and defend.

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8 Responses to Police Deaths in the USA Continue Unprecedented Rise

  1. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    My condolences to my brother officers family in this tragic shooting. Hopefully the bastards that did this will be put to death, they deserve nothing less..

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Police deaths are rising but they are not like they were in the 70s when I first started.

    This increase, however, is due to entitlements, an entitlement mentality, a self-centered mentality and a coddling of crime. I see it, obviously, every day and have seen it progressing for 41 years.

    Luckily I am retiring next year.


  3. Wayne says:

    My condolences to the families of these dedicated people. Fred, I have been wondering for some time now, why the focus of the political elites is on the gun and not the criminal. Wouldn’t it be a more logical response to the issue of gun violence to go after the criminal element of society rather than the law abiding? Just sayin.

  4. presbygirl40 says:

    I am so sorry about the friend of your family and pray that he will recover. Also I’m praying for the family of the man who was killed. Won’t surprise me if you do find out he was targeted because he was a policeman. It is beyond disgusting the shape our country is in. These idiots apparently cannot comprehend what it would be like with out law enforcement. With weapons available now it would make the wild West look like a Sunday picnic, we would have to be afraid every time we left our homes.

    • Wayne says:

      I get the impression that you don’t believe in the armed citizen being responsible for the protection of self, family and home. I believe that concealed carry has put the criminal on notice that not everyone is an easy mark and that is why murder rates have fallen. In gun free zones they seem to be on the rise (Chicago).

  5. Bunkerville says:

    We are blessed that there are still men and women willing to keep the thin blue line that separates us from anarchy. The same with our military. We often do not appreciate the sacrifices made.

  6. presbygirl40 says:

    Wayne I do believe in armed citizens protecting self, family and home. But not everyone is armed and even so if their was no law enforcement at all it would be more dangerous than it is now. Who wants shoot outs between decent citizens and criminals happening daily across the country? Because surely the good people wouldn’t come out the winner every time.

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