No one kills Americans without consequences

No one kills Americans without consequences

Allen WestThis morning I awoke to a quiet house. Angela and Aubrey are in San Antonio visiting Angela’s parents. Austen is at Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida for Christ in Youth (CIY) camp. I did my normal morning PT routine: 4 mile run, pushups, crunches, and hit the pool. It seemed to be just another day and I worked on my presentation for the Western Conservative Summit this weekend in Denver. Then all of a sudden at approximately 11am, the day took a turn — for the worse.

I heard the news about the Malaysian Airlines flight 17 crash and immediately the ol’ commander instincts kicked in. I began to piece together all the recent occurrences I’ve been following through foreign policy, national security, and open intelligence sites, plus current reports and updates on news.

Here is my assessment.

Any thoughts about the Ukrainian government being culpable in the shoot down of MH 17 make no sense. The flight had pretty much transited across Ukraine. That means it had checked into Ukrainian airspace, had been cleared, and was being tracked along the route. SOURCE

Rarely have I disagreed with Allen West, in fact, this may be the very 1st time, and I don’t fully disagree with him now, I simply believe that restraint may be the order of the day, as opposed to demands.

Look, I have NO love-loss for Iran, but far too many seem to forget this:

Iran Air Flight 655 was an Iran Air civilian passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai that was shot down by the United States Navy guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes on 3 July 1988. The attack took place in Iranian airspace, over Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, and on the flight’s usual flight path. The aircraft, an Airbus A300 B2-203, was destroyed by SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles fired from the Vincennes. SOURCE

And this:

The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War.[3] The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two Marines, and one civilian), wounded 171 crew members, and severely damaged the ship.[4] At the time, the ship was in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula, about 25.5 nmi (29.3 mi; 47.2 km) northwest from the Egyptian city of Arish. SOURCE

It’s called WAR, and bad things happens. Somehow I doubt that the people shooting this plane down had ANY idea that there were Americans on board.

Our NBC News affiliate here in DFW made an announcement just a few minutes ago saying that they had received information that there were NO Americans on this flight.

I will provide a link to that as soon as one is posted, so far it’s been nothing more than a *blurb* from the *talking head*.

Sometimes it’s best to sit back, take a deep breath or 2 and assess the situation for what it is and gather hard proof before you jump in and pour gasoline of the fire. That was what was said to George W. Bush too when he wanted to immediately invade Iraq. Just sayin’.

This is also the first time I ever agreed with Piers Morgan on anything, I heard as it was said by Barack Hussein Obama too, on ABC News, and I was almost shocked at the casual and careless manner Obama exhibited. I was almost shocked, but not quite, you see, it dawned on me, Obama is a moron.

This was posted on Twitter earlier today:

Piers Morgan: President Obama massively dropped the ball just now. 23 Americans killed and he says ‘it looks like a terrible tragedy’ then back to jokes? (1/2)

Let me help, Mr President – it IS a terrible tragedy, and it’s more probably mass murder of your citizens & many other nations’ citizens.(2/2)

Whether 23 Americans were killed or not, this IS a tragedy and the attitude exhibited by Barack Hussein Obama was appalling.

A very close friend pointed something out to me today, he said that Obama may be the best thing that ever happened to the RIGHT and Conservative.

It seems, according to my friend that every time Obama opens his mouth he angers even more Americans, and now he’s gone so far that the Dems are seeing him for what he is, a fool of the 1st Order.

Barack Hussein Obama is an embarrassment to the United States.

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7 Responses to No one kills Americans without consequences

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    “It’s called WAR, and bad things happens. Somehow I doubt that the people shooting this plane down had ANY idea that there were Americans on board.”

    The plane was no doubt shot down with a Russian-made missile provided by the Russians to the Ukrianian dissidents. So this is now Putin’s problem and he knows it. There are few options available to Obama and he no doubt is very happy the US just imposed some more sanctions on Russia, one of them directed and the company that makes the missiles.

    Which brings me to the question of how stupid does the Malaysian airline have to be to fly one of its planes over a war zone????

  2. PatriotUSA says:

    Well said, Fred.

    What we do know for sure is that we will never know the truth or get all of the facts. With so hot spots around the globe and this being one of them, ready to explode on a moment’s notice, stepping back to allow information to come out, facts to be disclosed, and the dust allowed to settle are paramount.

    Obama is too busy fund raising to worry about a mere 259 innocent people getting killed, shot down out of the sky and if Americans were onboard, he will use this in some sick way for sure. If there were no Americans aboard, does not matter and as you stated, this is a huge tragedy.

    Obama is proof that some minds are OK to waste!!

    • Mary Anne Harper says:

      Remember obama was too busy getting to his campaign spot to do anything or say anything much when Chris S. and his body guards where killed and he went on to campaign instead of being available to help in any manner; Hillary said”‘what difference does it make”. I just saw “America” and it was even better than 2016. Everyone needs to see it. My grandparents came from Lithuania in
      their early 20’s, worked in the coal mine and then walked to his farm to work; he
      owned 2 houses when he died. I will keep fighting the obamas.

  3. Wayne says:

    Fred, the fact that bo and friends act the way they do is evidence, to me , that they all know something we don’t know and it’s not going to be good for us citizens. They are all too cool about everything.

  4. Capt Ron says:

    I agree with you again, Fred. In a war, there are collateral casualties and damage.
    That is one of the reasons war is usually a last resort.

  5. Bunkerville says:

    Well said Fred. I await dear Leader’s message on the matter which should happen at any moment. He needs a distraction from all that is going on here. We will see nothing about the rallies against the illegals that are going on today and tomorrow. That is why this is so dangerous and makes him so dangerous right now.

  6. Joe Meadors says:


    Let me take a minute to thank you for including the attack on our ship in your article. Given the fact that the US government has never conducted an investigation of the attack shows us that clearly it is the exception that proves the rule that “No one kills Americans without consequences”

    If you will permit me to add a bit to the facts contained in your article:

    Among the awards won by the officers and crew of the USS Liberty are the Medal of Honor, two Navy Crosses, eleven Silver Stars, twenty Bronze Stars, nine Navy Commendations, 208 Purple Hearts, 294 Combat Action Ribbons and the Presidential Unit Citation which makes the USS Liberty among the most decorated ships for a single action in US Navy history.

    • We were attacked by unmarked aircraft;
    • Our radios were jammed on both US Navy tactical and international maritime distress frequencies;
    • Life rafts we had dropped over the side in anticipation of abandoning ship were deliberately destroyed by machine gun fire from the attacking torpedo boats;
    • Attacking torpedo boats slowly circled the torpedoed and sinking ship while firing upon USS Liberty crewmen who ventured topside to help our wounded shipmates; and,
    • Two flights of rescue aircraft that had been launched from Sixth Fleet aircraft carriers were ordered recalled while we were still under attack and calling for help.

    Perhaps one day the US government will deem it appropriate to conduct an investigation of the attack on our ship.

    Joe Meadors
    USS Liberty Survivor
    Director of Operations, USS Liberty Veterans Association

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