Perry expected to call up National Guard to Rio Grande Valley

Perry expected to call up National Guard to Rio Grande Valley

Rick Perry 3Gov. Rick Perry is expected to announce Monday that he will activate up to 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Rio Grande Valley, state Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, D-McAllen, confirmed Sunday night.

Perry wants these troops to bolster the work already being done with a surge of Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, said Hinojosa’s spokesperson, Jennifer Saenz, who added that the governor gave the Rio Grande Valley delegation notice prior to the planned 2 p.m. announcement on border security. SOURCE

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but it is my understanding that National Guard troops are at the disposal of the state unless those troops are already working under Federal orders. It is also my understanding that a Governor can call up those troops as he sees fit and as long as the state doing so pays the costs of the call-up provided the troops are not operating under Federal orders.

I am basing this on information from back in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area and the Louisiana Army National Guard was ending their deployment to Iraq and were in Kuwait, phasing out and preparing to come home.

Once the Louisiana Army National Guard was home I presumed that they would almost immediately be called in to relieve the Guard Troops from other states that had been called in to act in their absence.

As it turned out, I was wrong.

It seems that it doesn’t take very long for a State Guard to be placed under Federal orders if a President decides to use them, but once they return home the time to release them back to the state is long and drawn out. To the best of my knowledge there were no Louisiana Guard troops involved in the Katrina response nor the clean-up itself unless it was at the very last part of that clean-up.

Again, as I understand it, if the Governor decides to take it upon himself to use the Guard it is the responsibility of the state to pay the salaries of the troops, feed, clothe and equip those troops and everything else that goes into a call-up of the Guard.

I applaud Gov. Perry if he does undertake this action and I’m pretty sure Texas will have the whereto when it comes to the expense involved, but I honestly do NOT believe that the state of Texas should have to bear this burden alone.

Our nation is being invaded by illegals.

I have posted many articles about this over the last several years and I have also pointed out that securing the border of the United States is the job of the Federal government. I am not just speaking of the Texas border either; this also goes for the states of New Mexico, Arizona and California. The Federal government has an obligation to secure the U.S. border from end to end.

Sadly, the Federal government has been drastically lacking in performing their duty.

For many years now the U.S. Border Patrol has been out there on the front lines of this battle, doing everything in their power to stem the flow of illegals entering the USA. The Border Patrol has been, of late, reduced to playing the role of a *toothless tiger* as they have had their operating funds drastically reduced to the point of Border Patrol Officers actually being forced to pay for fuel for their issued vehicles out of their own pockets.

I personally know of instances where Border Patrol Officers spent their entire shift in the break room of their assigned location; playing cards, watching TV, sleeping, all because they had no fuel to operate their Border Patrol vehicles and had NO desire to pay for fuel from their own pockets.

I know, from 1st hand knowledge, of ICE Agents telling a Sheriff that if his Deputies arrest the illegals that those persons would be his, the Sheriff’s responsibility because they, ICE Agents weren’t going to come pick up suspected illegals nor were they going to accept them into custody.

I know, from 1st hand knowledge, of Border Patrol Agents rounding up large numbers of illegals in El Paso, taking them to what was at that time the new Border Patrol station on Montana Blvd. for processing, doing all the necessary paperwork and documentation on these people, loading them up on 2 or 3 large busses that Border Patrol used to transport the folks for deportation, taking them across the river, back to Juarez Mexico, and in many instances the majority of these illegals were BACK in the USA before the Border Patrol Agents could get their busses back to Texas.

I am in no way exaggerating these statements.

I don’t blame this failure to secure the border solely on Barack Hussein Obama; he is not alone in this. No U.S. President has done much of anything to secure the border for several decades now.

Oh sure, they all talk, they all promise, but nothing gets done.

Let me point this out to those not knowing; the Texas Counties along the Rio Grande, from Brownsville to El Paso are under the control of Hispanic Texas Democrats and the state and U.S. Representatives from all along the border are very sympathetic to the illegals that are flooding Texas, and thus the USA, and will fight tooth and nail to keep the borders open allowing the invasion to continue.

These Democrats claim it’s all about human compassion, about caring for our fellow man, giving everyone in the world an equal opportunity to grab the brass ring and come to the United States to prosper.

Their battle cry is *We’re doing it for the children*.

I have always thought it very strange that for all of these illegals to prosper that we, the American people that have in some cases been living here legally since the United States was founded, suddenly have to change everything about America as we acquiesce to the demands and needs of illegal invaders.

In doing so we are allowing this nation to become a Third World dump.

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22 Responses to Perry expected to call up National Guard to Rio Grande Valley

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    I will link to this from my Facebook page. Too many people are unaware of the realities you report.

  2. Wayne says:

    I love it when you site first hand experience Fred, great article and thanx Alan, for posting a link. It’s been obvious for a long time (decades) that no one in our gov’t. is serious about border security. Our next 9/11 event will surely be because our reps’ don’t want to piss off a certain group or constituency. Who actually benefits from all this is a mystery to me and many of my friends. ALL these invaders should not even be given the opportunity to have a hearing (that they won’t show up for) but, as you mentioned, be put on busses to be ferried back across the border post haste. Let Mexico sort it out. They are part of the problem. My concern at this point in time is why our patriotic representatives don’t push back with all the constitutional remedies that the founders provided for just for this sort of situation?

    • Wayne says:

      Fred, I don’t do e-mail but I receive it and don’t read it for weeks at a time. That said, I just read your first attempt at arabic…….. I’m still laughing.

  3. Petermc3 says:

    This battle was lost on 9/12/2001 when POTUS Bush failed to issue shoot to kill anyone crossing the border illegally orders to the Army and National Guard units that he failed to send to protect our southern border from bleeding terrorists and illegals into this country. At that point in time no one could question such a move and if they did they would have been decried as sleeping with the enemy. Surely Governor Perry’s actions or non actions will be dictated by what is most expedient politically, no? After all he is a politician. Hopefully my cynicism proves to be unfounded this time.

  4. But here is the BIG question that no one seems to address:

    Nice to have them there, but will there be ROUNDS in their MAGAZINES or will they be nothing but uniformed clowns?

    And speaking of Third World Dump, I write of that here, where too many Republicans and S0-called “Conservatives” WANT to make it “all about the children.”

    What tools.

    TF, you are spot on.


    • TexasFred says:

      Rounds in their mags? This is Texas, and Rick Perry… They’ll have automatic weapons, our Texas DPS has gun boats on the river, fully armed… Texas doesn’t put its people out there as a sacrificial lamb…

        • TexasFred says:

          You really need to get the hell out of California for a while and cleanse your aura or fluff your spirit or something.. Come to Texas and see how it’s done, as I said, this is Rick Perry we’re talking about, guns and using them present NO problem for Perry…

          • Capt Ron says:

            He should come here and get some good BBQ and fresh, conservative air. If he comes for First Monday Trades Day we can take him to Canton. I’ll introduce him to the Avilas and at the Marketplace.

            I believe you’re right, Fred, when you speak of Gov. Perry’s mindset. I sorely hope the ROE are concise and in favor of our troops. Hell, I’ll even stand a watch if they would let me. I still have some piss and vinegar to spare.

  5. OregonBuzz says:

    Governor Perry is justified in his actions under the Constitution. Article 1, Sec. 10, Clause 3. Governor Jan Brewer in AZ would also be within the rights granted by the Constitution, as would any border state governor. We are past the point of expecting the flaccid government in DC to act on this manufactured “crisis”. This is nothing more than the first step towards establishing the “North American Union” and possibly martial law.
    I have to go now, my reloading bench is calling . MOLON LABE and ‘Lock and Load’.

  6. BobF says:

    It was always my understand too that the National Guard belonged to the governor of the state they were assigned to. I used to tell young airmen contemplating on joining the guard/reserve upon separation from active duty was that only the president could call up the reserves but your governor could call up the guard for whatever he considered an emergency. In 1968, Governor Rockefeller in NY sent Guardsmen to pick up garbage in NY city when their sanitation workers went on strike. At one time the National Guard was known as the State Militia. The main purpose of the Guard was to defense of the individual states. If Perry can’t call up the Texas Guard, then why have a National Guard at all? Just do away with them and make them reservists as that will save the states a whole lot of money

  7. Bunkerville says:

    Good info Fred. Thanks. I applaud his efforts and no doubt this will propel him forward in a quest to run in 2016. I suppose you folks down there know more than me and a lot more about him, but he made me nervous as hell as a Presidential candidate. But that is for another post.

  8. Abigail says:

    I am glad Perry is calling out the NG.
    BUT I don’t understand where Perry actually stands on the issue of illegal immigration. I have read that in 2006 he gave a speech( in Mexico) wherein he supported open borders and blanket amnesty; that he does not support building a border fence; also he does not support using Everify to prevent hiring illegals and that he approved giving in-state tuition, and in some cases state financial aid, to illegals.
    So who is the real Rick Perry?

    • Wayne says:

      That is a problem we the people have to grapple with. Trust a politician? I think lying is a prerequisite to running for any office.

      • TexasFred says:

        Perry isn’t running for anything, not as yet anyway… Texas, and Texans are fed the hell up with this border bullshit, and if you want something done right… You know how it goes…

    • TexasFred says:

      Some links to all of this *I heard* would be nice, serious links, not another blog and not Alex Jones..

      • Bunkerville says:

        Try this one Fred, just a smidgen from his website:The following post is from his Speech entitled: Gov. Rick Perry’s Remarks to the Border Summit

        Office of the Governor Rick Perry of the State of Texas
        President Fox’s vision for an open border is a vision I embrace, as long as we demonstrate the will to address the obstacles to it. An open border means poverty has given way to opportunity, and Mexico’s citizens do not feel compelled to cross the border to find that opportunity.

        We share a bond as neighbors, and we find our culture north of the Rio Grande to be increasingly defined by the strong traits of people of Hispanic descent.

        Today, as we look to the south, we see a rising sun.
        “Legislation authored by border legislators Pat Haggerty and Eddie Lucio establishes an important study that will look at the feasibility of bi-national health insurance. This study recognizes that the Mexican and U.S. sides of the border compose one region, and we must address health care problems throughout that region. That’s why I am also excited that Texas Secretary of State Henry Cuellar is working on an initiative that could extend the benefits of telemedicine to individuals living on the Mexican side of the border”.
        We must say to every Texas child learning in a Texas classroom, “we don’t care where you come from, but where you are going, and we are going to do everything we can to help you get there.” And that vision must include the children of undocumented workers

        • TexasFred says:

          2001… That’s the Perry stand from nearly 15 years ago…

          Damn, I smoked a joint when I was 30, that’s 30 years ago, I MUST be a doper.. What? No one can change what they believe?

          If ANY of you have issues with Perry and what he’s doing now, I really don’t give a DAMN… If you’re not a Texan I give a damn even less…

          Cuss Perry, but then tell me what your wonderful Governor is doing.. OK?

          A link from 2001? Shit, I never realized we were going into history lessons…

          I am about to shut this blog down for a while, I have some health issues that are making this damned difficult and it’s already a lot more trouble than it’s worth..

  9. Bunkerville says:

    Did my comment get hung up in your spam filter?

  10. myfoxmystere says:

    You can bet I understand where Bloviating Zepplin is coming from, since I’m also a Southern California resident. I think Rick Perry has guts to call out the guards for help. If this were to happen in California in San Diego and Imperial Counties (the counties that border Mexico), Moonbeam and Gaffing Gavin along with Darrell Steinberg and the fat Lesbian Assembly Mooer Toni Atkins would be squealing for amnesty. I’m in Orange County, which is one county over from the border. Illegals would flood the county seat Santa Ana California, which would bring havoc to nicer cities like Anaheim, Buena Park, Orange, Fullerton Placentia, Yorba Linda, La Palma and Cypress.

    • myfoxmystere says:

      By the way, the cities I mentioned in Orange County are North Orange cities. They’re not the cities polluted with the Beverly Hills snotrag transplants, such as Newport Beach, Dana Point and all the other cities on “Real Housewives of OC”.

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