Call it what you like; I Call it WAR

TTBL StupidiyPolice, protesters clash again in Ferguson

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Anger spurred by the death of a black teenager at the hands of a white police officer boiled over again when protesters stormed into a Missouri convenience store — the same one Michael Brown was accused of robbing.

Police and about 200 protesters clashed in Ferguson, Missouri, late Friday after another tense day in the St. Louis suburb that began with authorities identifying officer who fatally shot Brown as 28-year-old Darren Wilson. At the same time, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson released documents alleging Brown had stolen a $48.99 box of cigars from the convenience store and strong-armed a man on his way out.

Just before midnight, some in what had been a large, rowdy but mostly peaceful crowd broke into that same small store, Ferguson Market & Liquor, and began looting it, Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson said. Some protesters yelled at the aggressors to stop what they were doing, and about a dozen people eventually helped protect the convenience store.

Teams of police officers holding rifles and dressed in riot gear used their cars to block a one-mile stretch of West Florissant Avenue, the street at the center of the protests. Occasional firecrackers sounded in the distance. SOURCE

I am going to try and keep my own comments on this as civil as possible because if I don’t I am fairly certain that I will say things that will anger a few people that I truly don’t want to anger. Your comments however, are yours and I don’t have an issue with that.

This situation in Ferguson, MO. is beyond ridiculous.

These people don’t care about Michael Brown; he is no longer a part of the equation, not in reality. All this is now is an excuse to loot and act like crazy animals.

YES I said it; ANIMALS.

They aren’t protesting now, truth be told they weren’t protesting to begin with, all Michael Brown’s death was good for was providing an EXCUSE for the ANIMAL to come out in these people. All we see now is a gang of criminals, street thugs breaking the law; looting their own local stores, the places where they shop.

All of he *race baiters* and *Cop Haters* raise all manners of HELL over the idea that a Police Officer was under attack and defended himself by shooting his attacker, an attacker that was, according to Police sources, attempting to take the Officers sidearm away from him.

I am going to make a bold statement here and it’s not based on supposition, it’s based on the reality of fighting GANGS and assorted *bad guys* on the streets, as our LEOs do, and based on the fact that no matter where you’re fighting crime or standing in defense of this nation, if the *bad guys* are trying to take your sidearm, or any other weapon away from you, it is NOT because they admire a decent weapon, it’s because they intend to shoot and kill you.

Now, as I said yesterday, if you’re going to a function, be it casual, business or social, it’s always a good idea to dress appropriately, have the right accessories and drive a decent vehicle.

For those *Cop haters* that DO read here, when a Fire Fighter goes to work they wear the appropriate gear; bunker gear, and it is designed to protect them as they BATTLE a fire and I never hear any of you gripe about that.

Well, when a Police Officer has to face a rioting mob they too need to have the right gear with which to do their work: pistols, rifles, shotguns, tear gas, tasers, armored vehicles and many other items that I won’t list here.

Yes indeed, a Police Officer in a SWAT Unit wears military style clothing, simply because it is the most well designed and functional gear available to them and offers the most protection possible while allowing the Officers to function in an efficient manner.

It’s called WORK CLOTHES, and once the SWAT call is over they change back into their basic uniform, which is also WORK CLOTHES, but designed for a different function.

Once the call is over the SWAT guys put their armored vehicles away and return to their standard patrol vehicles, they don’t spend the day riding around in an armored vehicle, it’s just not done that way.

So, why do we see this from the Police Haters in the Democratic Party?

U.S. rethinks giving excess military gear to police

TTBL Texas 2WASHINGTON (AP) — After a decade of sending military equipment to civilian police departments across the country, federal officials are reconsidering the idea in light of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri.

The public has absorbed images of heavily armed police, snipers trained on protesters and tear gas plumes. Against that backdrop, Attorney General Eric Holder said that when police and citizens need to restore calm, “I am deeply concerned that the deployment of military equipment and vehicles sends a conflicting message.” SOURCE

Even most Democrats claim they want our military to have the best weapons, uniforms and all around protection to use when they go into combat.

Why then would these duplicitous ass-nuggets not want our Police Officers to be afforded the same degree of protection when they go into a combat situation?

The husbands, wives, children, mothers and fathers and assorted family members of the Law Enforcement FAMILY need to be asking that of their elected officials.

TTBL Angel

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30 Responses to Call it what you like; I Call it WAR

  1. wayne says:

    I witnessed what happened in Newark in the 60’s and it wasn’t pretty. Again the animals destroyed what had been built for them. Whatever happened to water cannons? Would getting these scumbags wet be unconstitutional?

  2. Texasperated says:

    Three quick comments:

    1. I’m willing to wait and see on the circumstances surrounding the shooting itself. We have a presumption of innocence in this country, and that includes the presumption that a LEO is innocent when or if he has to use his weapon.

    2. The trouble in Ferguson is not being caused by locals, though they are being swept along. The trouble is coming from outside agitators like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. It may be that there are a few thugs in uniform and it may well be that nobody in uniform makes the right decision ALL THE TIME. That being said, the Sharptons and Jacksons simply assume that if the officer is white, the shooting must be racially motivated. How stupid is that?

    3. This is something of a corollary to #2. The article says that many of the protestors not only called out the looters but actually went out of their way to help prevent the looting. It is certainly the right of the police to wear riot gear to a protest, but it is also the right of the people to protest. I don’t want to undermine our police; neither do I want to undermine our right to assemble PEACEABLY.

    Keep your powder dry

    • TexasFred says:

      You may very well catch some flak for this one, and I’m pretty convinced that this time it may not be out of line…

      Nowhere in ANY of my postings on this have I excused the Officer, I too am waiting for the final ball to drop, all I have done is used the words of news stories to make a point.

      Yes, some of this IS being furthered along by Al Sharpton, but in all fairness, Sharpton wasn’t there to start it, the AMINALS started it all by themselves.

      This may be the big difference between you and me; when the NI**RS start burning, destroying and so forth, trying to kill LEOs, it is not a protest, it is anarchy and it is a crime… Right to protest is one thing, no one has a right to destroy the property of others and threaten the lives of Police or innocent citizens..

      • Texasperated says:

        I don’t think we’re that far apart, Fred. Like I said in my original comment, I don’t want to see our right of PEACEABLE assembly curtailed because of a bunch of hotheads who have been stirred up by the likes of Sharpton.

        With first O’Bama weighing in and now Holder being called upon to “help,” I can see my rights circling the drain. And if I am called upon because of border security or some other issue to assemble PEACEABLY I don’t want Holder to use this as a precedent against me.

        Keep your powder dry

  3. Alan Caruba says:

    Yet another COMMON SENSE, FACTUAL commentary that separates the liberal media blather from the truth. Bravo!

  4. John Odum says:

    If they know who the looters and business burners are, people should be detailed to go burn their homes down and loot their possessions. I wonder how long the reverse looters would be allowed to roam free.

  5. mrchuck says:

    I’ve served in 2 riots, front line, already,,,,and not looking forward to anymore.
    These rioters should be shot on site in the stores with the loot in their hands.
    I don’t care what color, male or female, young or old, etc
    You don’t want me there, as I would of already “balanced out the herd”, male or female, young or old, black or white or yellow.
    You loot, I shoot, you die, period.

    I hope this is the “charcoal fire starter” that now starts black on white riots.
    I really do.
    I am ready willing and able to take rioters lives.
    Before I die of old age, I would like to have that adrenalin rush that I had in 1965 and 1991.
    But,,I live in Gun Barrel City, Texas, and none of the 6 blacks that live here just know not to act like this.
    I predict that the nig neighborhoods in Dallas are now ready to explode!
    I hope they do.
    IT IS TIME to get this problem rectified.

  6. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    You can count on one thing with 100% certainty, the officer will be convicted even if the evidence shows that the officer acted within the use of deadly force policy. I say this because of the actions of one ERIC HOLDER, an activist that hates the white race, being white and a Police Officer is just an extra incentive for Holder to convict a WHITE POLICE OFFICER. This will be his mission.

    Holder will do his level best to strip police agencies of all equipment that he feels
    Is what he considers to be militarized.

    Eric Holder is a CANCER and uses his authority as he sees fit…case and point when he refused to investigate the BLACK PANTHERS who were swinging clubs intimidating voters. Had the offenders been white, he would have thrown the book at them.

    I don’t know what happened when the kid was killed. The truth will surface at some point. But to not allow the police to use the proper equipment because it was military surplus is bullshit, plain and simple.

    Both Hussein Obama and Eric Holder are haters of the white race and have divided our country. That was the goal from the beginning and they have succeeded.

    I really hope all of you Obamabots are happy as you sit and watch our country or what’s left of it goes down the toilet.

    • TexasFred says:

      As time goes by I see more of the Obama voters that are suffering buyers remorse, but it’s too damned late, the bastard and his minions are there and regret isn’t going to change a thing…

      Vote this November and in 2016, remove as many Libtard ass-nuggets as possible and every damned RINO in BOTH Houses..

  7. Abigail says:

    Now reporters are being threatened and harassed by the looters who don’t want to risk being identified. Someone threatened to pull a knife on a WaPo reporter and it is reported some looters were carrying molotov cocktails. And no police intervention?
    How long before this kid glove approach emboldens ‘protesters’ in other locales to do the same?
    If the police stand by and do nothing to stop the looting they are essentially condoning the activity. Who will compensate these shop owners? Their insurance or the police?
    And I have to ask, all this militarization equipment etc., wasn’t it meant to be used in situations such as this? Control of looting seems a good time and place for any ‘military’ equipment to be used.

  8. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    It can’t be anger when the looters are grinning and jive dancing. It is just the animal sub culture in America gathering and partying. They will be a factor to deal with if the economy collapses and EBT cards no longer buy food or lotto tickets.

    BTW. I believe that any person convicted of two or more felonies or identified as a looter should have a lifetime ban from receiving any federal or state funds from welfare to social security to food stamps to aid for dependent children etc.

  9. Always On Watch says:

    Regardless of the circumstances of the shooting of EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD Michael Brown — and I’m not convinced at all that he was “a gentle giant” — this rioting and looting have been ongoing for a week. A week! Yes, it has become a war zone.

    What will stop this war?

    The answer is obvious to me — and I don’t meet “hugging it out.”

    Those businesses in Ferguson are ruined for the foreseeable future. Does THAT not matter to the bleeding hearts? It sure as hell will a few months from now when the residents of Ferguson will have to live in a blighted area.

  10. Always On Watch says:

    This morning in the newspaper, I read that one kid was shot last night — not by the police, either, according to the early reports. The kid is in critical condition.

    Apparently, the protesters are now armed.

    • TexasFred says:

      They can’t help themselves.. But there won’t be any riots or outcries from the *race baiters* over this one I am guessing..

    • TexasFred says:

      One shot, seven arrested in clashes after curfew in Ferguson, Missouri | Reuters

      AOW, these people have been armed from the start… And people wonder why the Police wear riot gear…

  11. LD Jackson says:

    Simply put, the situation in Ferguson is a total mess. There is no real reason for it, even if it comes out that the officer had no real reason to shoot Michael Brown. That’s what we have laws for. Do we still claim to be a nation of laws? If so, then why is it so difficult for these people to let those laws do the job for which they were intended. Instead, they automatically jump to conclusions and start rioting and looting.

    One question I have is this. How would this situation unfolded before Obama and Holder were in power? I think it would have been different because the people who perpetrate such nonsense have been emboldened because they have “two of their own” in places of authority.

    • Always On Watch says:

      I have already decided the answer to your question.

      One week of this mayhem is completely unacceptable!

      • LD Jackson says:

        I’m thinking I agree with you on that. I also think I need to do a post of my own on what is happening in Ferguson. If I do, it will highlight that very question.

      • Capt Ron says:

        One week of mayhem is far too much. It should have never happened. Too much race card throwing, too much looking for an excuse to be an out right animal. Some animals need to be shot. I agree with those that say someone is stirring them up, an Jackson or Sharpton type is in there somewhere. I don’t dislike blacks, I dislike anyone who thinks they have a right to bully and/or cause mayhem in the name of reciprocity or anything else.

  12. Abigail says:

    Leadership does not mean pandering to mob mentality yet as I tried watching some of Gov. Nixon’s press conference I gave it up when the word mollycoddling kept creeping into my head. And then the New Black Panthers took the stage? … IDK, but seems to me after a week (already!) it’s time for the gloves to come off and the rule of law to start to mean something. Instead, this has become yet another example of just how meaningless that concept is becoming in our country. It looks as if a large enough group with a big enough mouth breaks the law they will be treated with caution and almost deference. And allowed to get away with it.
    Even the ‘peaceful’ protesters don’t want the truth, they have decided what the truth is and they want someone’s head on a platter guilty or not.

    What will it take to stop this? A really bad weather front with rain and tornadoes??

  13. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    The American Media Maggots have now pointed directly to the home of Officer Wilson by mentioning his community, the street, and showing his home, its number, and the relationship of his house to those other homes in the neighborhood.

    The officer is guilty until proven innocent. He will never be able to live there again, no matter the verdict.


  14. Bunkerville says:

    It is only a matter of time, and we have heard rumblings about it, for the rioters moving into the white neighborhoods. I can only hope that the “white” neighborhoods have exercised their 2nd Amendment rights and are prepared for the consequences whatever they may be, to take on the barbarians. For me, I say, come on over.

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