What has happened to the United States?

How has America gotten into this *mess* we now find ourselves in? The picture below and hopefully, my commentary, will shed a bit of light on things for those that fail to see the reason, and the truth behind this conundrum.

Holocaust Pic

It all starts with the poison called Political Correctness, we can’t offend anyone, for any reason, no matter what. Then it’s followed by the removal of prayer in school or at a public function while our children are taught about the cultures of other nations, and not taught in an educational manner, but in a *this is how WE need to be* format.

Then they regulate medicine and medical treatment and dictate what YOU can eat, the food a school must serve your children, you can’t pack an old-fashioned lunch anymore.

They want to dictate where you can live and what car you can drive, IF you’re allowed a car that is.

Then they run a *ROCK STAR* campaign to get a useless POS like Barack Hussein Obama elected into a position of ultimate power over the people, and the people fell for it, twice.

The government LIES to us, they *spin* everything and encourage their minions in the news media to LIE to us as well. They don’t want to embarrass The BOY King, and to top it all off, the government encourages Hollywood to turn out the most mind-numbing and senseless drivel imaginable; all Liberal all the time.

These are words of TRUTH; those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I taught my kids to speak the truth, ALWAYS. My theory was this; if you come to me with TRUTH, no matter what you did, it won’t be nearly as bad if you start out by telling the truth. Ask my kids how many times they heard that growing up, they comment here and they’re on Facebook.

My beliefs regarding Political Correctness? There are things that must be said even if half the nation is offended. There are some things that need to be said and if your intent is to garner the attention of some brain dead Libbers you may have to get in the mud to wrestle that bunch of pigs. Once in a while you just have to get down and dirty to make a point.

Our nation is being destroyed from within and Political Correctness, coupled with the fear of being offensive by speaking truth are the primary issues causing it.

The Democratic mantra today is; evil and lies are GOOD, truth and justice are BAD, and so it cascades down the hill.

But I am willing to help, and I will try, I mean that seriously, I will try to not call Obama and his people the *N* word, not because it’s politically incorrect but because I have no desire to offend decent, Conservative and hard working Blacks. If it will help make peace among the people I will do my part to help. Just don’t get all pissed off if I reference *shaved gorillas* on occasion.

Be careful what you ask for, you may get it. 😛

America is in the worst position we have been in during my almost 61 years around here and I don’t have a lot of *physical* fight left in me, but depending on the outcome of the November elections we Conservative Americans, the American Patriots may be forced to take a stand and fire that shot, the one that WILL be heard around the world.

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16 Responses to What has happened to the United States?

  1. Frost says:

    Great post Fred. Your years and health are showing. Getting down to the common denominators.

    I’m very concerned with the moral decay in our country. Very few are concerned with anything other than self.

    I’m going to make a point to get by and visit with you and Becky soon.

    God bless America.
    Be well my friend!


    • TexasFred says:

      Give me a *heads up* and a fresh pot of coffee will be in the works… Always good to hear from you Frost, we have been friends a long time now, and yes, the age and illness is starting to become a bit bothersome…

  2. Wayne says:

    Age is something we have to deal with and we have no choice in the matter. Politics, however, is something people either get involved in or ignore. I watch Jessie Waters on the Bill O show and I am amazed at some of the answers people give to some simple questions (simple to you and me). I think we are a nation that needs a harsh awakening. I just hope that there are no physical casualties when the SHTF. The amount of illegals and legals are sure to cause some major problems and our current crop of so called representatives are sure to fumble the immigration ball. Good post Fred. Age has me firm in its grip, but, I still have a lot of fire in me and will stand with the patriots to defend our country from the enemies within. (age got me out of bed at 3:15 am to make a visit and I thought I’d check your website) That said, I hope your condition is improving as I may need surgery for a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. I’m in P.T. now and need an MRI but have to wait for that because of provisions in our health ins. It’s good to read from you again and get well quick.

  3. dekare says:

    Fred…I have thought the same damn thing. I am a big WWII history buff, and have read tons on books on the great battles, D-Day, the men and their leaders and on and on. After reading about 3 dozen or so books on these men and their related battles and the war itself, I became greatly interested in what the other side was thinking. I wanted to see these same battles through the eyes of the enemy. Surely they could not all be steely faced murderers intent on killing everyone not German, as is always shown in the movies.

    I wanted to place myself in their boots and see what they thought. I started reading books written by Nazi soldiers and officers such as “Black Edelweiss” by Johann Voss, “Soldat” by Siegfried Knappe ( who an officer in Hitler’s inner circle, and was in Hitler’s bunker shortly before hitler “gave up”. As well as my favorite, “Panzer Commander” by Hans Von Luck, which was greatly recommended by Stephen Ambrose of Band of Brothers Fame. These men were not men who were evil per se, but men who loved their country. Men who only wanted to see Deutschland great again. Men who believe in the lies they were told by their newly elected charismatic leader with great oratory skills. When I read the stories, they gave a great sense that these men we patriotic, and following orders of a great leader who promised a better life and a better future, if only they would do as told. They did not want to kill or go to war, but what choice did they have when their leader made those things happen, and put them out there on the front line?

    To sum them all up, these men were showing faces of confidence, but were really afraid for their beloved country and what they were being told to do in its name. These stories were not of stone killers looking to drink jewish blood. They were men who loved Germany and wanted it to be safr for their families, and hopefully, great once again. They were mislead. They believed and were duped. Just like so many followers of obama.

    I have just read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by William Shirer (Which is a thick but interesting book), and have started on Albert Speer’s books, “Inside the Third Reich” and also his own memoirs. These book dive in to where hitler came from, how his way of thinking about jews, about Germany, about the war, and on and on. It is a look into the mind of the most hated man in the world at the time. They are all telling, and should be read by anyone who wants a look into the mind of a socialist bent on taking over the world. To be honest, it should have been no great mystery what hitler’s plans were. One only had to read his book, Mein Kampf, to know what hitler wanted to do. Why was the world surprised of the death of Europes jews, when a quick read of hitler’s book clearly stated of his intent to rid the world of jews. hitler did not hide his intentions, it was the German people that did not want to see them…did not want to believe that their young passionate and great new leader was evil incarnate. Nothing but a country wide case of willful blindness, and nothing more. Just as they too were told of hitler’s mindset, and what he wanted, we Americans are given the same information by none other than obama himself. A reading of his books will easily tell any American where obama stands when it comes to islam. In his own words… “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”. When a man like this says something like this, and prints it in his book, I tend to believe him.

    In all of these books, you see the power of Hitler and more importantly, the power of his group nazis and the “persuasion” used to “persuade” others to get in line and think like them.

    I too when I first started reading these books simply shook my head and wondered how anyone could convince so many supposedly GOOD people, into helping accomplish the things that Hitler did. And little by little, I began to see a pattern. The same pattern being used by our president today. I am seeign exactly the same tactics used to get good and honest people to do evil they would never have done. Tactics of implied threats, forced persuasion, or simply the cult like convincing that what the nazi’s were doing was a good thing and divined by god himself.

    Hitler too used environmentalism as a weapon, like America does today. Hitler targeted the kids early, and molded their young and impressionable minds so that small children would even spy on their own parents and gladly report them. And so many other tactics used to take a once rational country of people and turn them into a massive horde willing to turn in, tell on, or even kill everyone not like them. This was the tactics used and the power and control gained over what were once rational and loving people.

    And after reading so much of this history, it is easy for me to see that history does indeed repeat itself. That Nothing is really new, except the faces and names, just like the song says.

    So today, the liberal dems, the progressives, the socialists, the environmentalists, the PC crowd, and on and on, all under the guise of protecting me, the planet, or the children (it’s always one of those three), are using almost every single same trick as formerly used by hitler and even stalin, or any other tyrant of histroy, in order to convert good people into a willing army ready to do their bidding. Men and women who were once a part of an intelligent and free thinking society, are now following in lockstep (or is it goosestep), ready to march off a cliff if ordered to do so.

    Years ago, I would have said, Never Again could something like hitler every happen again. Especially when world war two is still quite fresh in terms of history, and there are still many of those wonderful people left that fought already to rid the world of such tyranny. We have learned what the signs are, and swore to never let things like what hitler did, ever happen again. But now, I am amazed at what I am no longer amazed of. That I have no doubt obama, like hitler, can persuade a great portion of our country, of our citizens, our soldiers, and our law enforcement to do what he says, without question, and rule of law be damned. There is no shortage of Americans who are gladly, ready and willing, to pick up a weapon and do as told by those wishing to destroy America. That those once sworn to protect America’s citizens, will easily turn on these same citizens at the request of our supposed CNC.

    So, like you , I too used to wonder how a modern civilization of so many of Germany’s best, could turn to insanity and follow hitler into hell. I no longer wonder how this happend. I see it now before my very eyes, the same thing. That our citizens, some of our best and brightest of soldiers, law enforcement, businessmen, lawyers, judges, and on and on, all that will gladly light the match for which obama would hold over it, Our Constitution. Their motives may all differ, for the soldier, it is the promise of power, for the businessman, the offer of money, the politician, the enticement of another term in office, for the poor and uninformed, free cheese and obama-phones, and for the everyday citizen, the promise to be left alone until last. All hitler did, and obama will do, if find out what a person wants, and give it to them, in exchange for them bending their knees.

    Patriotism does not mean to many what it means to me or what it means to so many of us here reading this. The degradation of our culture and our morals have assured our leaders that there is indeed a price a man will accept in exchange for freedom. Our Founding Fathers must either be crying for us, or, if you ask me, mad as hell as us for allowing their great experiment to fail. They gave us a great land, with a great plan, all spelled out neatly and concisely, and we screwed it up. I can’t help but feel that they do not feel sorry for us, that instead, all agree that we deserve this. We allowed this to happen. We gave up our liberties for a price, and once gone, can never be taken back…not easily at least. We reap what we sow.

    We Americans today have a front row seat into how it was exactly that hitler was able to do what he did. I find this realization I have made to be the most frightening thing I have ever seen. That with all our “protections”, all of our rules of law, and our wonderfully set up society, that it is every bit as fragile and that we too can fall just as easily as France did when hitler knocked on their door with a vengeance for what France did to Germany in World War One.

    As I see it now, the 2nd Amendment is the only thing left keeping obama at bay, and keeping him from getting what he REALLY wants. He has shown that he can crush anyone that speaks out. obama will overshout them, marginalize their remarks, and make false accusations of a person’s reputation, and make is so that very few will listen. And for those that do, they will be able to do nothing about it. Every single one of our Constitutional Rights are merely words…empty words, if they not backed up by law that is enforced with a heavy hand, and actual accountability is suffered by the party trying to steal these rights away from us, from We The People.

    That is why I fear the most, obamas’ renewed push to take our guns. If this ever happens, all the rest fall in line, and we are done for, of that I am certain. After that, our demands to stop would be ignored. And when we continue to yell “Stop”, we will be answered with a very cordial but demanding”…or else what?”. And what will be the American’s response to this? We have learned that strongly worded letters mean little and it is now appearing that the ballot box is a joke. Speaking out only gets you accused of racism or maybe even charged with a hate crime.

    If we try to vote those that want to fundamentally transform this nation, all I can say is that our election process is now tantamount to that of most third world elections involving tyrants. I would not be surprised if obama was re-elected for a third term with him getting 100% of the vote….seriously). It’s not like that has never happened before.

    So, when asked the question, “How could the people of Germany let happen with Hitler and what he did?”, I now know. History is the best predictor for the future. and when I see the same formula being used, and the same steps being taken that Hitler or other tyrants have taken by someone currently in power to do so, I can easily extrapolate the outcome with little effort. I now see how it happened, and can just as easily see, it can happen again.

    • minuteman26 says:

      Great analysis. You hit the nail right on the head. We had enough info day one to see where Obama was going to try to take this nation and none of the fools in the GOP had the balls to call him on it. For now all I can say is vote the Marxists out in November. It’s the only way to stifle Obama’s ambitions for the rest of his term.

      • Wayne says:

        dekare, I have faith in our military. I know that leaders have been forced into retirement and been replaced by politically friendly, ass kissing obamabots, but they can be forcibly removed as well. The ballot box , in my opinion has been hacked. The Navy Seal that was on Fox News the other night said that over 90% of the military do not support the CIC. That made my day. Keep your powder dry.

    • BobF says:

      dekare, would you mind if I posted this on another blog I post on? Of course, I’ll give credit to you and Fred’s blog here.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    Believe many people in this country are just biding their time pending the outcome of the November elections. Should the Islamo/Marxists running and ruining this nation come out on top again, there will be only one recourse left to keep the Republic free. The tree of liberty will have to be refreshed and it will be Katy bar the door. Communists, muslims and ghetto apes beware.

  5. BobF says:

    Well said Fred and as usual, right on the money.

    Your statement “The Democratic mantra today is; evil and lies are GOOD, truth and justice are BAD, and so it cascades down the hill” reminded me of a bible verse.

    Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  6. Always On Watch says:

    Your best post ever!

    You have put into words the scattered things I’ve been saying for about two years now in the privacy of our home.

    I think I’m suffering from sub-acute depression, and no pill will cure this ill.

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  8. Capt Ron says:

    This post, and the commentaries therewith, are excellent. Every one is on the money.
    BobF, that bible verse says a lot. Our fore-fathers had a strong belief in God, and divine providence. Taking God out of schools, and our lives, has contributed greatly to our current state. That, and the ever persistent course of the progressives, or Statists as they are now called. Part of the reason Obama got into office, twice, is the blue dog Democrats, the conservative ones, didn’t vote. That’s my opinion. Too many weird things evolved to get him on office. Now, we have to focus smartly on what to do now that he’s in, and on how to get the wrongs fixed. Minuteman, the founders saw insurrection as an option, but only when faced with total despotism. We aren’t there yet, but I see the path going there if we don’t stop it. Freight trains are more fragile than people think, momentum doesn’t always carry in the direction one wishes.

    Fred, on the health note, take Geritol everyday to be sure. :-)

  9. Bunkerville says:

    Another great one, Fred. Your age is showing!

  10. BobF says:

    The JugEared Jackass is again apologizing for America to the UN and is bringing up Ferguson, MO. I guess he’s already determined the shooting was racial.


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