Early Voting in Texas Starts Today

Early Voting

Well, it’s that time again my friends, the 2014 mid-terms are upon us and early voting starts here in Texas today, Oct. 20, 2014 and runs through Friday, October 31, 2014.

I don’t know about you but I never wait until Election Day, I vote early, but since I’m not a Democrat I can’t take advantage of the *vote often* option.

As always, the Democrats are crying about having to present a photo I.D. in order to vote, they claim it disenfranchises a lot of Democratic voters, they claim it’s too hard to get the I.D, or that it’s too expensive for some. I don’t know how it works out, it seems that the Dems always have a photo I.D. when it’s time to get the food stamps, buy smokes and booze and so forth.

Nations like Mexico and India require a voter I.D., but it costs too much for an American, a Texan to get a photo I.D.?

Here is a list of the acceptable forms of photo ID:

• Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
• Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
• Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
• Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS
• United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph
• United States citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
• United States passport

So, everything on that list costs money and is too expensive for you and your voters Mr. & Mrs. Democrat?

If you do not have any of the following acceptable forms of ID, beginning June 26, 2013, you may apply for an Election Identification Certificate (EIC) at no charge.

• Texas driver license—unexpired or expired no longer than 60 days at the time of voting
• Texas personal identification card—unexpired or expired no longer than 60 days at the time of voting
• Texas concealed handgun license—unexpired or expired no longer than 60 days at the time of voting
• U.S. passport book or card—unexpired or expired no longer than 60 days at the time of voting
• U.S. Military identification with photo—unexpired or expired no longer than 60 days at the time of voting
• U.S. Citizenship Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization with photo

You can get an Election Identification Certificate (EIC) AT NO CHARGE. As in Free, gratis, you don’t pay for it. FREE, well, free for you, some of us are paying for it FOR you, and that’s as cheap as it gets folks.

So, let’s just cut to the chase; there is NO excuse for ANYONE to not vote, all of this crap about disenfranchised over a voter I.D. is just another way for the Democrats to cry and moan as they throw The Race Card in an effort to make you feel some kind of *guilt*.

This is a personal thing for me, we may not like the GOP but at this point in time they are all we have and we have no choice, we must vote for GOP candidates. We must retain the U.S. Congress and retake the Senate if we hope to have ANY chance of taking power away from Barack Hussein Obama and this year voting is going to be an easy effort for me, I’ll be hitting the button to vote a straight GOP ticket.

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5 Responses to Early Voting in Texas Starts Today

  1. Wayne says:

    I’m with ya pilgrim.

  2. Texasperated says:

    I always vote early. In spite of the claim that conservatives want to end or curtail it, I have never seen a long line at the polls during the early voting period. When Ohio recently changed early voting from 35 days prior to election day to only 29 days, the libs shouted “voter suppression” at the top of their collective lungs. Really? 29 days of early voting suppresses votes.

    My new plan involves allowing us to vote anytime we want to. The only exception would be that you would not be allowed to vote on the way to work - that would suppress the Democrat vote since, well you know…

    Keep your powder dry

  3. the unit says:

    Starts in my Florida county today as well. It may vary however county to county, also time allotted. Get out and vote, like your life depended on it. lol

  4. minuteman26 says:

    Voter turnout was brisk in Corpus Christi today. Hope that’s a sign that people are fed up with the Obama regime.

  5. the unit says:

    Locally, on election day the polls will open at 7 am. But for early voting most polling places don’t open ’til 9, it takes from 7 to 9 for Ebenezer Baptist to get the busses loaded. lol

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