Race expected to play key role in Louisiana elections

Race expected to play key role in Louisiana elections

WASHINGTON – Louisiana’s Senate race likely will come down to black and white.

“It always does in Louisiana,’’ said Albert Samuels, a political scientist at Southern University in Baton Rouge. “To some degree, we try to be polite about this. But there’s an underlying racial narrative to this whole race.’’

Heavy turnout among black voters is seen as crucial to Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s hopes for a third term.

Blacks make up 32 percent of the state’s population and 31 percent of registered voters. Historically, black voters tend to support Democrats. In 2008, when Landrieu last ran for re-election and President Barack Obama was on the ballot, 66 percent of registered black voters cast ballots, according to census data. SOURCE

Have you ever wondered WHY Blacks consistently vote for Democratic candidates? I know I have.

Every time an issue comes before the public eye, if it involves Blacks or voting, the Dems and their spokesmen, Al $harpton and Je$$ie Jack$on, show up with a whole stack of brand new RACE CARDS to hand out, you see, everything with the Dems is about RACE.

The Race Card

But according to the Dems it’s the GOP and its members that are the racists. So, figure this one out.

Fact: The Republican Party was founded primarily to oppose slavery, and Republicans eventually abolished slavery. The Democratic Party fought them and tried to maintain and expand slavery.

Fact: During the Civil War era, the “Radical Republicans” were given that name because they wanted to not only end slavery but also to endow the freed slaves with full citizenship, equality, and rights.

Fact: Lincoln’s Vice President, Andrew Johnson, was a strongly pro-Union (but also pro-slavery) Democrat who had been chosen as a compromise running mate to attract Democrats. After Lincoln was assassinated, Johnson thwarted Republican efforts in Congress to recognize the civil rights of the freed slaves, and Southern Democrats continued to thwart any such efforts for nearly a century.

Fact: The Ku Klux Klan was originally and primarily an arm of the Southern Democratic Party, and its mission was to terrorize freed slaves and Republicans who sympathized with them.

Fact: In the 1950s, President Eisenhower, a Republican, integrated the US military and promoted civil rights for minorities. Eisenhower pushed through the Civil Rights Act of 1957. One of Eisenhower’s primary political opponents on civil rights prior to 1957 was none other than Lyndon Johnson, then the Democratic Senate Majority Leader. LBJ had voted the straight segregationist line until he changed his position and supported the 1957 Act.

Fact: The historic Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supported by a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats in both houses of Congress. In the House, 80 percent of the Republicans and 63 percent of the Democrats voted in favor. In the Senate, 82 percent of the Republicans and 69 percent of the Democrats voted for it.

Fact: Contrary to popular misconception, the parties never “switched” on racism. SOURCE

Speaking of Lyndon Johnson:

Lyndon Johnson Quote
From the original story:

“Democrats can’t win in the South without black voters,’’ said Pearson Cross, head of the political science department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. “The black voters are the most faithful and the largest constituency for Democrats in the South.”

I have to shake my head and wonder WHY Blacks are so dedicated to the Democrats, the Party that has done everything in their power to hold Black people down, to keep them as uneducated as possible, to keep them on the government *dole* and to promise them anything and everything that they could desire, and for it to all be provided FREE of charge to the Black community.

Wait, I think I may have stumbled upon something here in this FREE thing, and it is NOT taking place in Louisiana only. Look at politics nation wide, this FREE STUFF and race voting are rampant and will destroy the nation, but perhaps that’s what Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic leadership have in mind.

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8 Responses to Race expected to play key role in Louisiana elections

  1. Bunkerville says:

    Fox reported that over 1 million votes have already been cast. For some reason I don’t think they were GOP voters. Time for the old white men of to step aside and let the youngins use social media, and develop a ground game. Yesterday;s GOP is dead on Arrival.

  2. the unit says:

    Don’t misinneoconinterpret me but. As at another site pointed out, no county in the world is importing crackers.

    • TexasFred says:

      Yeah, I hear you, and we’re importing KNOWN AIDS and Ebola Africans… And a ton of sick/diseased Hispanics…

      Obama has got to be stopped… Vote GOP…

  3. BobF says:

    I watched a special on TV about FDR. During his presidency was when Blacks started leaving the Republican party and voting Democrat. In the documentary, it was pointed out that Roosevelt’s wife did a lot to help Blacks and it seems that Blacks thought that FDR and Democrats did and supported these things. Thing was, FDR didn’t as his party was the one who thwarted all attempts to give Blacks equal rights. Republicans during his administration tried to get Federal Anti Lynching laws passed but Democrats fought it and FDR refused to take a position either way. Because of FDR’s wife, Democrats years later were able to hoodwink Blacks into thinking their party was the one responsible for leading the efforts to equality. Democrats were masters in keeping Blacks in submission and through LBJ, they found that economic submission was better than anything in the past.

    Just hope Blacks in Louisiana get a chance to see this. Funny thing what this man says applies to all of us when it comes to most career politicians.

    • TexasFred says:

      Excellent comment Bob, I had seen the video but it needs to be seen over and over, by everyone, especially Black Democrats…

    • Wayne says:

      Just watched the video Bob. If we had a MSM that cared about the citizen and not the politician, this would be a different country. Our press is no longer what it is supposed to be. thank you for the tip.

  4. Wayne says:

    I wonder if these facts are outlined in common core history books. Would they actually quote LBJ? I guess I’ll have to wait until my grandsons get into school to read their textbooks, that is, if the government still allows students to learn how to read.

  5. Capt Ron says:

    I’ve learned these things by studying history. Professors in college, one a Yankee male, one a southern female, and a black government professor who was truly educated, all talked of and taught us the same thing, each from a different point of view mind you, as was stated at the beginning of class. They all knew and respected each other, and I don’t think I could have had a more fair and unbiased lesson plan to follow. I tell people about these things, those who will listen. I’ve had debates, even a fight once, over this issue, and the Democrats keep it burning. It’s a travesty to say the least that racism continues. Meh.

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