A sign of what’s to come in America?

Radical Islam2 dead in shooting attack at Canada’s Parliament

OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — A Canadian soldier standing guard at a war memorial in the country’s capital was shot to death Wednesday, and heavy gunfire then erupted inside Parliament. One gunman was killed, and police said they were hunting for as many as two others.

The attack immediately raised the specter of terrorism, with Canada already on alert because of a deadly hit-and-run earlier in the week against two Canadian soldiers by a man who police say was fired up with radical Muslim fervor. SOURCE

Canada has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the *free world*, that is, if you can call a nation that all but BANS its citizens from owning or using firearms a FREE nation.

I don’t say this to denigrate the lives lost in the recent attacks but Canada is absolutely silly in their gun law applications.

About 16 years ago my wife and I were in Vancouver, B.C. on business and we were talking to one of the security guards on the site. He knew we were Americans and when he found out that we were also Texans the conversation turned to guns and his obvious envy of OUR freedom to own and use guns.

The young man we were talking to was a guard at a bank in downtown Vancouver and he was not carrying a firearm. He told us they weren’t allowed to carry firearms because of Canadian law and the restrictions involved.

I noticed that he had a *stun gun* on his belt, this was at a time before Tasers were in use, and I remarked that while it might not be much of a weapon at least he was allowed to carry a *stun gun*.

The poor kid was almost in tears as he motioned for me and my wife to step closer and when we did he whispered, “Sir, I’m a pretty good judge of character and I feel I can tell you this without endangering myself or my post; this isn’t even a real *stun gun*, it’s a block of wood that’s been carved and painted to LOOK like one in hopes of frightening off a bad guy that just doesn’t know any better…”

Make NO mistake about it, I feel terrible for the soldiers that have been killed, I doubt the soldiers that were run down with a car were armed and I have no idea if the soldiers standing guard at the Canadian War Memorial were armed, or possibly armed but with NO ammunition. That IS a possibility.

I have been told, by an unnamed source, one that is very familiar with military protocol in this assignment, that the rifles carried by OUR troops at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are for ceremonial purposes and that they are carried without the magazine.

This source also told me that the Sergeant of the Guard IS armed, with a 9mm sidearm that is loaded. It’s probably a good thing too, recent articles have been posted suggesting that ISIS and al-Qaida fighters already in America have plans in place to attack U.S. troops and Police Officers on the street and at their homes.

Most Police Officers are always armed, even off duty and in their own homes; soldiers are NOT, as a rule, under arms while on American soil. That is, in my mind, a travesty; if we can trust our troops to be armed everywhere on the globe why then aren’t they also armed at home too?

A couple of days ago a person that had recently converted to Islam killed one Canadian soldier and injured another with his car before being shot to death by police.

I am not certain that the shooter today was a Muslim but Canadian officials identified the gunman as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, and if his name is any indication, I would have to presume that he too was a Muslim.

When Muslims attack members of the military, at home, on U.S. or Canadian soil, I am of the belief that this is an act of terror just as much as the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. I shudder to think of the despicable excuse we have for a President and his insistence that the attack on OUR soldiers at Ft. Hood was NOT a terrorist attack but was, in HIS Muslim loving mind, an act of workplace violence.

We have suffered TERRORIST attacks right here on U.S. soil, the 1st attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, the 2nd attack on the WTC in 2001, the attack on The Pentagon in 2011, but there have been MANY more attacks on America by Muslims.

This page will give you a good idea of exactly how many attacks we have suffered. A List of Islamic Terror Attacks in America.

Peace and Islam are 2 words that do NOT belong together, there is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim; there are silent Muslims that stand by saying and doing nothing as the more radical members of their CULT commit murder and mayhem in the name of Islam and then there is the killers themselves.

Islam does NOT mix with Christianity and Judaism, Islam does not mix with freedom and liberty, all Islam has for a goal is to kill or convert the world to Islam and to then dominate the world with its radical, evil and murderous way.

The arrogant Muslim in Chief insists that America is NOT at war with Islam; I beg to differ, we are being engaged BY Islam, we are being attacked on a regular basis by Islam, we just haven’t been driven to the point where we make war on them, and sometimes I wonder if we still have the courage to do so.

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9 Responses to A sign of what’s to come in America?

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Should incidents of this kind start happening on our soil, would suggest an open season on muslims here. No bag limit. IMHO the only good muslim is a dead one.

  2. Stephanie Thompson says:

    IMHO, unfortunately, incidents such as these are happening on our soil.

  3. the unit says:

    Somewhere a few years ago in the Mid East, Afghanistan or Iraq, Panetta was speaking and U.S. soldiers were required not attend with arms as either of those other troops were not allowed.
    And I read a comment from a lady in Canada that said the soldier’s weapon was not loaded.

  4. Capt Ron says:

    I feel bad for the dead absolutely, as far as Canadians are concerned I don’t know that they let being disarmed happen or if they had a government in place once that deemed it knew better for the people and did it to them against their will. This movement goes with the general government dominance idea throughout the world. The only reason for gun control of this nature is to bring the people under utter control. We fought a very costly war for that.

  5. Wayne says:

    I expect the nation will see more of these type of attacks. There is no moderate Islsm, only Islam, so sayeth the Turkish PM. Look for a lot of trouble from “moderate Turkey”. Any foreign aid to the countries that promote sharia should be stopped as it is treasonous to aid the enemy.

  6. Bunkerville says:

    You raise an interesting question. If Canadians cannot have weapons, where did this butcher get his weapon and all the ammo? Another Fast and Furious coming down the line?

  7. BobF says:

    It seems the hatchet attack in NY City was done by a Muslim convert.


  8. the unit says:

    I get bombarded by “Prepper” ads now. Fixed income though. Will have to be ready to be John Liver-Eating Johnson.

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