Voter Fraud or Elections Stupidity?

Eagle and Flag Lg EnhancedThis post started out as a comment on Alan Caruba’s blog, Warning Signs: Is America in Decline? and the more I thought about it, the more I typed and the more I typed the angrier I became but, that too is a good thing, you see, I always strive to tell the truth in my blogging but when I get angry and blog at the same time, the truth gets brutal.

The decline of America began many years ago, Obama and the Dems of today are merely a continuation of what America has been falling for since the end of WWII.

Did he say it or not? I have no idea, but the story goes that Joseph Stalin opined on voter fraud and irregularities long before this day and time when he supposedly said, “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”

We are hearing stories about GOP votes being flipped, electronically, to Dem candidates in Illinois and North Carolina. I saw one story from a FAR Left site saying that Dem votes were being flipped to GOP candidates here in Texas. Personally, I find that one very hard to believe; outside of Dallas, Harris, El Paso and Tarrant counties, there’s no need to flip anything, Texas is a GOP state and always will be.

But herein lies the problem; I am fully convinced that no matter how many voters get upset and vow to take the Dems out at the polls, it may not make ANY difference with the voter fraud that already appears to be surfacing.

A word of caution for voters; on Friday, 10-24-14 we went and did our early voting at the Rowlett City Hall Complex. I have been reading a lot of stories about voter fraud in various parts of the nation and this particular incident that I was personally involved in has been bugging me since last Friday.

Most of the Dallas County Elections people that we see here in Rowlett are OLD people, and I don’t say that to be MEAN or CRUEL. I’m almost 61 years old so when I say OLD people, I truly mean OLD.

So, I have my license and voters card, I hand them to the woman that checks people in, she checks one against the other and hands the card to another OLD woman so I can be signed in.

Now I don’t know how much this matters in the grand scheme of things but the woman filling out the short form happened to be an OLD Black woman, and I am sure this was merely a coincidence, I only point this out because it IS a part of the story.

She may have been a Democrat, she may have been stupid or decrepit, I don’t honestly know, but she couldn’t transpose my name from the card to the registration form and I kept coming up as *not in the system* and the system said that I was going to have to do a *provisional* vote.

I have been a Dallas County voter and local political activist for years now and needless to say, I was PISSED OFF … So, I watch her enter my info, and I mean watched closely as she makes 3 attempts in order to show me that it’s MY problem and NOT that of Dallas County Elections or the incompetence of their poll workers.

She enters: Witzel — Incorrect
Witwit — Incorrect
Wit_zel — Incorrect   

And THAT my friends is all entered with her holding the card, which by the way IS spelled correctly, WITZELL. I tried to be patient but it was NOT easy, so, finally, on the 4th try, with ME spelling my last name for her, slowly, in a clear and LOUD voice, she gets the name spelled correctly and everything is as it should be.

Voters beware — I am not saying that this was a deliberate attempt at voter fraud on HER part, but nefarious deeds can come from the most unlikely places, maybe there’s a reason these OLD folks are hired to work elections. Watch closely and, check their information entry and don’t be afraid to speak up, loudly if necessary, and make the elections people do it RIGHT.

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13 Responses to Voter Fraud or Elections Stupidity?

  1. HGPSURF says:

    I voted early and checked every line after I cast a vote and then checked the paper print out to be sure it was correct before doing the final procedure. Since my state is run by Democrats I wanted to be sure they did not cheat and change my vote.

    • Capt Ron says:

      I voted early as well, and checked every line. I think everyone involved in the voting problem in Illinois and North Carolina should be thrown under the jail. They should be keel-hauled fore-and-aft, them hung for the carrion to partake of freely. This is an absolute travesty, and it shows the far darker and nefarious side of the progressive democrat mindset as a whole. The whole country should be thoroughly outraged over this.

  2. the unit says:

    I’ll be voting early probably Thursday. Yeah it’s always some old folks signing me in, an of course I in my 70’s now. I didn’t know they were hired, thought they were volunteers. Dang I’d have applied if I knew that. I lost my job as greeter at the box store first day. Morbidly obese woman came in with two screaming kids about 2 and a half and three or so. I said Welcome, what beautiful twins you have there. She said you SOB their not twins. Why would you think that? I simply said well madam I couldn’t imagine anybody would do you twice.

  3. Wayne says:

    Sorry you had a trying moment Fred but that may be the least of our problems this year. Already the lame stream media have started to come around with their own facts on how the gaps are closing on previously wide margins between certain candidates. I never regarded a poll in my decision to vote for a particular candidate. I can’t imagine anyone who would consider poll numbers to make that decision but then again I don’t consider myself a low info voter. I hope your vote was registered to the right candidate. Electronic voting be damned.

  4. BobF says:

    Here’s my theory on your voting experience. She may not have known you personally but she knew who you were since you are active in local politics and she knew exactly what she was doing. Misspelling your name once can be excused but a second and then a third time tells me something is fishy as older folks tend to be pretty meticulous in how they do things. I think she’s a Democrat that wanted your vote on a provisional ballot

  5. Bunkerville says:

    In our State it is all electronic. No backup whatsoever. What the heck, the servers are over in Spain and owned by a supporter of Obama. SCYTL. Also handles the military electronic voting. What could possibly go wrong?

  6. the unit says:

    Where I live we mark a paper ballot but it is fed into a machine and I don’t see what was recorded. For several elections I’ve wondered if the machine was a paper shredder. Why can’t it work like at grocery and give me a print out. Oh wait, green revolution. Even some toilet paper now comes without a roll. Ah the modern world. When I was a boy I made a shoe sole scraper with bottle caps to be placed at the door. :)

  7. the unit says:

    So I early did it today. Sure lot’s of inadvertent errors happen. After I was given ballot and was walking to table, lady (old white one) called me back. She had forgotten to enter something on her computer, I think number of precinct that was my normal voting place. I suppose had she not caught it my vote would not have counted.
    I don’t know, how would I?

  8. S says:

    Or later when no one was in the room - she made up voter cards for fictional characters named -
    Fred Witzel
    F. Witwit
    Fredrick Wit_zel (He’s German) ha ha

    and cast three more votes for her candidate who are now in the system at your address. Hmmmm? Anything is possible after the nations moral and fiscal alertness and common sense went to sleep and elected Obama. This election will be a most telling day in all our lives as Americans - if we will actually have a moral pendulum swing back for the Senate elections (Voting out the Democrats) and there is a national outcry to turn things around financially and in many other areas. I still believe the USA can become a great force for good in the world again.

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