Nancy Pelosi is a good for nothing lying Democrat

Nancy Pelosi is a good for nothing lying Democratic

Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi claimed Thursday she didn’t know who ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber is, after several tapes surfaced showing him gloating about how the law was written to take advantage of the stupidity of the American voter.

Problem is, Gruber’s analysis of the law was cited extensively by her office back in 2009.

Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, tried to downplay Gruber’s role during a press conference on Thursday.

She claimed she doesn’t know who he is, and that he didn’t help write the law. “Let’s put him aside,” she said. SOURCE

Nancy Pelosi 2
I know this will come as a surprise to *some*, not to my regular readers, but *some* will be shocked and hurt, terribly hurt by my accusations against Pelosi but this is the truth; Nancy Pelosi is a good for nothing Democratic LIAR, quite likely a thief in its most literal definition as she feeds at the trough of the government and is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a disgrace to this nation.

To the people of California that keep re-electing this decrepit relic; you should be ashamed of yourselves, not just because of your actions in her re-election but because of all the damage she has brought to her district, the state of California and the United States itself as a long serving Member of Congress.

Congress can be cleaned out rather easily and it should be. It can be cleaned out often too. The two year terms Congress Critters serve makes them incredibly vulnerable against the power of the vote. their misdeeds and unpopularity.

I don’t understand how Pelosi has held her seat in Congress for this long other than the fact that the people electing her are as dumb as a box of rocks.

“You have to pass the bill if you want to see what’s in the bill.”

One of the most incredibly stupid statements made by Pelosi, but the folks in her district just keep right on voting for her and sending her back.

Words are powerful tools. You doubt that?


If semantics is brought into play that sentence would read; all elected officials have their own opinions of matters, some might lie to you while some won’t lie but they will stretch the truth to the breaking point.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t stretch anything, Pelosi lies like a rug.

I suppose her constituents either LIKE the lies she tells them or they are just too dumb to care. If lying in general were an offense to be prosecuted, Pelosi, and a great many of her cohorts would have been gone away for a long time now.

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5 Responses to Nancy Pelosi is a good for nothing lying Democrat

  1. Wayne says:

    Great post Fred. My dad and I were just talking about this yesterday. (He’s pushing 92). Why was she being elected time after time? My thoughts on this go back to the voter fraud thing that I think is more serious than most people think. The progressives have made serious inroads in the election of our representatives. John Podesta and George Soros are , in my opinion, big players in this process. Watch out for The Center for American Progress. They are a bigger player than most people think.

  2. Alan Caruba says:

    So nice to read the TRUTH about Pelosi in one succinct commentary. She is a LIAR and does so with virtual immunity so far as the press is concerned. As for the voters that keep putting her back in office? They’re from San Francisco. Need anything more be said about them?

  3. HGPSURF says:

    I said pretty much the same to my wife this morning but in different words. Why the Hell are the American people putting up with this anymore? It’s time to throw these liars out NOW and to Hell with them completing their terms!

  4. HGPSURF says:

    Maybe we should give Nancy a break. We all have to admit she has worked just as hard to get the face she has as Barbara Boxer worked to get her title.

  5. Deborah Wilson says:

    That’s a laugh! Nancy knows exactly who Jonathan G**ber is!

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