Dallas to shine light on racial justice with Facing Race event

Dallas to shine light on racial justice with Facing Race event

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A national conference dedicated to racial justice issues is coming to Dallas this week, on the heels of fresh poll results showing Dallas residents are ready to confront discrimination for the sake of their children. SOURCE

Is there a huge racial division within the population of Dallas? Certainly. How about any other big city, major city in America? Well of course there is. The racial divide in this nation is not so much a *divide* as it is a chasm of insurmountable depth and hatred. Blatant racism runs rampant in this nation. That is NOT a supposition; it is a fact.

I believe that the cause of this chasm was once the sole responsibility of the White man, from at least the 1960’s and early 1970’s all the way back through the history of this nation, racism and racial mistreatment were, in many areas, simply a way of life that was tolerated by many and bolstered by a small minority of the narrow-minded people.

You have to think of this; until the 1970’s organizations like the Ku Klux Klan were all over this nation. They had an ebb and flow that was never predictable but they fostered racial segregation, hatred and violence at every turn, and in much smaller numbers than is days past, they still do.

Fast forward past all the time consumed by the Civil Rights movement and take a look at today, late 2014, racial issues and violence are still a very big part of the news.

Now we’re going to have a Facing Race event designed to get to the heart of racism and to possibly discover a way to end racial divisions. That is a marvelous idea, a bold move and a worthy use of time and money. Right?

Maybe not so much. Maybe the Black community, as well as Hispanics, and Asians need to take a look at how they do business, look at their own actions and ask themselves if it’s possible that THEY are the ones that are propagating racism by their membership in some independent professional organizations and the way they name that organization?

I want everyone reading the following to consider one thing; if you replaced the words Black, Negro, Colored, Hispanic and Asian with the word WHITE, wouldn’t those White people involved in such an action, educational endeavor or business venture be called vile racists?  

There are many organizations that are racist simply by the very name they use to identify themselves; Black Police Officers Association, Black Firefighters Association,, Black Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, United Negro College Fund, Hispanic History Month, Martin Luther King Day, Asian History Month, Black Entertainment Television, Black History Month.

Then there’s this next batch; American Association of Blacks in Energy, Association of Black Psychologists, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Association of Black Accountants, National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators & Developers, National Association of Black Journalists, National Black Business Council, National Black MBA Association, National Council of Negro Women, National Society of Black Engineers, Organization of Black Designers, the Congressional Black Caucus, and my personal favorite, the National Black Nurses Association.

My Mother was a nurse, she entered nursing during WWII and I’m pretty sure there was racism within the Service but a wounded troop was just that, a wounded troop, and all the Nurses saw was RED, as in the blood he was losing.

Yes indeed, racism is alive and well in 2014 I’ll be called a racist just because I wrote this piece pointing out the racism of non-Whites, that’s the breaks, but until you remove the BLACK racists from the equation nothing is ever going to change for the good.

Most, and I do say MOST, White folks have put racial issues behind them. Isn’t it time for the Black, Hispanic and Asian communities to do the same?

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10 Responses to Dallas to shine light on racial justice with Facing Race event

  1. BobF says:

    Excellent and spot on target.

  2. Bunkerville says:

    It is about victimhood as an excuse for bad behavior for the most part. When it doubt, blame someone and this government is more than happy to fuel the flames. I for one am sick of it.

  3. minuteman26 says:

    Agree with your accessment Fred. Blacks, Hispanic groups such as LaRaza and Lulac seem to be much more racist than the overall white population now as compared to 50 yrs ago. Racism has become a cottage industry within in those groups. Its about money and perceived power for them. And its being stoked by the likes of Obama, Holder and many others who call themselves Democrats. Race relations today are a shamble because of Democratic policies shoved down our throats starting with LBJ. This country will be the better when its citizens just consider themselves Americans and leave skin color out of it. But that ain’t going to happen under the current Marxist regime in DC. Seems Obama wants a greater divide than what now exists. On this issue he seems to be pushing the country to the breaking point. He may get his race war. Should it come to that his regime will lose big time along with the minorities involved.

  4. Alan Caruba says:

    Racism is like tribalism, a deeply rooted aspect of human existance. Its negativity is without merit, but it’s not going to go away anytime soon. As you say, most whites have long since recognized the sins of the past and taken steps to avoid them in the future. It’s time for blacks to do the same.

    • Wayne says:

      Alan, I can’t find the exact quote but Teddy Rosevelt made a speech about one flag one language or the U.S. would become a polyglot boarding house. Are we there yet?

  5. the unit says:

    Glad I didn’t stop with headline. Facing race event. I thought it was a 5K and Obama was coming in for a fundraiser. I slow now you know, I thought it started out at the Cracker Barrel. lol

  6. Wayne says:

    Fred, I agree with Mr. Caruba about the tribalism thing. Until we get past the identity aspect, the Constitutions’ own words should say it all. “One Nation, Under GOD,Indi visable, with liberty and justice for ALL” as it says in our PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE is too often said without any thought or emotion. The “black” or “latino” groups do nothing to promote patriotism, just division. If people want to emigrate to the U.S. in search of a better life I have no problem. The ones who come here because we have very liberal welfare benefits are the potential troublemakers. Our elected representatives have to demand that the countries these people come from do a better job for their own citizens. Our nation sends billions of our tax dollars to countries that promote emigration. What do they do with this money? I think WE THE PEOPLE are being played for fools by our own government.

    • dekare says:

      I can tell you what happens to all that money sent to other nations. About 40% of it is kicked back to those politicians back here in America, for the big payoff for making it happen. Another 40% get distributed among the leaders and despots of that country to fund their obscene lifestyles and build up their military for eventual war against America, while their citizens wallow in mud huts and eat warm dung for food. The last 10% gets disbursed to the lower and more local officials for their payouts. The rest get spent on people projects that get half completed by those in charge of those projects,while they pocket most of it, then go belly up, making the people of that country benefit nothing, and still hate us.

  7. Mike Flynn says:

    well said! Hits it right on the head…to go a little further; could a person of any race, walk down the street yo live on without fear of harm. On the reverse; could a white person walk down the street of an ethnic area, of any other race w/o fearing harm? You answer that question…

  8. Capt Ron says:

    Don’t forget the Black Yellow Pages. Yes, there is one.
    EVERYONE has to stop racism beginning with themselves, and their affiliations, or it will never be gone.

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