Anarchy in Ferguson Missouri

Anarchy in Ferguson Missouri or; How I saw what went down at the Ferguson Zoo

Support Darren WilsonI was writing this post all afternoon and evening as the developments in Ferguson, MO came to be, this is how I saw it from where I sit.

So far there’s no real chatter locally. I have to wonder what the reaction will be nationally. Ferguson may explode but will other towns do likewise?? I know if it were to happen here in Texas, especially in smaller cities like the one I live in, it would be a bloodbath because the citizenry would be doing the job of protecting their homes and businesses.

I am actually armed, as in on my belt, not on the side table, on my belt with extra mags on my belt and as extra pistol and a shotgun handy. There probably won’t be anything happen here in a town like Rowlett, if it is it’ll be in the downtown area.

So, as I was waiting for the Grand Jury announcement I realized I was hungry and this was the following thought.

How do you prepare for a riot? Here’s what I came up with:

Call Papa John’s pizza… Place order… Redeem Cowboys20 half price pizza program… Redeem points for a free pizza for lunch tomorrow… Eat pizza… Lock and load, put it on your belt and drink a Coke Zero or some other beverage… Ahhh… Now I am prepared to repel attackers if necessary…

Then the announcement came out — NO TRUE BILL. Let’s see what happens now.

Apparently the folks that claimed to have seen a Police Officer *murder* a really nice young man didn’t actually SEE that. What was said, more or less, was this: “We ditunt sees nuffin but my homie tol’ me whut wuz up yo and my homie gots dat from his homie shit main, we doan bees lyin’ yo..”

Then the feces hit the wind machine.

Personally, I don’t give a damn what happens to these animal that riot and burn, I care about the Police Officers charged with keeping the peace.

I’m not much on church but I believe in God and I pray for protection for the Officers on the line in Ferguson right now. Protect ALL Officers but give Ferguson a little extra tonight please.

Then the media announces that Barack Hussein Obama is going to address the nation.

WTF can Obama have to say that would possibly matter??

Well, that didn’t take long. The more Obama talked the worse things got in Ferguson.

Wonderful job Obama, you really did a lot of good with that nonsensical little screed.

Let me say something that many will not say; we are seeing ANIMALS as they react to NOT getting their way… ANIMALS, wild animals…  

They are out of control, they riot, rob and steal, they attempt to hurt Police officers and citizens because their ANIMAL blood makes them feel that way.

They wanted justice; the Grand Jury gave them justice in a unanimous decision to NOT indict, and that sets them off in an AMINAL frenzy.

Patricia BynesThe only *funny moment* of the night came when Patricia Bynes, a committeewoman from Ferguson, and quite possibly the most despicable person I have ever seen was being interviewed by Sean Hannity and she showed her incredible stupidity as she attempted to screw up the courage to indulge in a bit of faux indignity.

Righteous Indignation was what she wanted to present but she gave a performance that was Oscar worthy as she portrayed the most hilarious RACE BAITER I have ever seen.

If she, Bynes, is a true representative of Ferguson, if she is representative of those that elected her to office, it’s really quite easy to understand why the ANIMALS erupted when they heard the Grand Jury finding announced, No True Bill.

Will Ferguson heal? I don’t know and frankly, I don’t care. Will this type of violence spread to other towns? I believe it will, the anger in the Black community is too strong to be soothed by such a thing as a mixed race and gender unanimous Grand Jury finding.

All these people wanted was to see a Police Officer hung by the neck for doing his job, and barring that, these ANIMALS want to riot and burn because they didn’t get their way..

I am NOT a violent person by nature, I don’t go looking for a fight, but if a fight comes to me I am going to engage and end that fight as soon as I possibly can. If it’s a race war they want then by God let us give them a race war that will make South Africans shake their heads and say *Holy shit, we weren’t that violent…”

One thing is a fact; Michael Brown won’t be robbing or beating up on people and he won’t be a danger to humanity ever again. So, all in all, a bit of GOOD did come from all of this.

There once was a young thug named Brown,
Who bum rushed a cop with a frown.
Six bullets later,
He met his creator,
and his Homies burnt down the town! ~Johnson Long~

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14 Responses to Anarchy in Ferguson Missouri

  1. Wayne says:

    This is what happens when the educational system ignores teaching the golden rule. Religion set aside, do unto others, is common sense. I hadn’t thought of the fact that education in these types of situations is irrelevant because most of the animals are probably dropouts to begin with. They see education as some kind of capitulation to the way THE MAN wants you to think and act. These situations separate the black man from yhe nigger.

  2. minuteman26 says:

    Glad for the officer. He now needs to get out of town and get on with his life. As for Obama, Holder and the race baiters; they got the big “chimp out” they were looking for. Now what?

  3. Alan Caruba says:

    Brown was a felony waiting to happen. He got his justice in the street instead of a court. Either way, it was justice.

  4. Bunkerville says:

    And the thin blue line gets thinner. When an officer has to justify responding with force after being slugged and having someone grab for his gun……
    When and where I grew up, we had a natural disaster. The “order” went out that looters would be shot on sight. Times have changed I guess.

    • TexasFred says:

      Twice I have been involved in a situation that was under orders to shoot on sight… Looters are nothing more than the scum of the earth, opportunists that seek to advance their position in life by stealing from others that worked for their homes, cars, property…

      Shoot the bastards, Black or White, shoot them and stack them for all to see, that is a graphic warning for those that come along later…

      • Wayne says:

        Fred, I still can’t get over the fact that these animals have no respect for law enforcement officers of any color. Would it have made a big difference if the officer in this case was black? I don’t think so. The rebellion is against the SYSTEM and they are on the outside looking in.

  5. Abigail says:

    IMO these violent ‘protesters’ should be rounded up, put on a plane, flown to an isolated island and abandoned. The rule of law is eroding ever more quickly and I blame the Occupier in Chief and his minions. I didn’t think I could feel any more disgusted with the occupier in power but I was wrong. If I saw him bleeding in the street I would keep walking. He has done nothing to support law and order, he shreds laws every chance he can and he gets away with it. Small wonder these felons in the making have no fear of consequences. Are we heading toward a two party justice system: one for us one for them? If so, then bring back desegregation. If the productive black Americans don’t like that idea then let them speak out and exercise some control over their ‘brothers and sisters’ and not sharpton and jackson. And then there is the Congressional black caucus saying this lack of indictment means ‘you can kill black men without consequences’. BUT nary a word about the black on black killings in oh, say…chicago, for example.
    It’s all just a game to them, a means of keeping power.
    Years ago I remember a black saying ‘we will burn this country down’. maybe this is the start.
    One thing for sure, illegal alien amnesty is off the front pages. Funny how these things just…happen.

  6. Capt Ron says:

    All said is true. Seems the ‘out of town’ people are the pot stirrers in this matter, maybe not but it’s how this looks to me. Community Organizers doing their jobs.
    This kind of thing keeps racism alive and well. I was hoping, Fred, our generation might see the true end to racism, but now I seriously doubt it. Haters gonna hate, always. It’s sad really.

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  8. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    A DEMOCRAT Governor, Jay Nixon, has said he will apply an extra 2,200 National Guard troops to Ferguson tonight.

    Now THAT is a good decision.


  9. mrchuck says:

    They should of shot looters last night.
    They didn’t.
    So maybe they get a second chance to loot and get shot.
    I’ll watch for awhile.
    The end reslt to me is let it burn like Watts. Any white person that does not move out of this city is stupid.
    Let the nigs turn it into another Detroit.
    here’s a thought for you,,,,,,,I estimate that in 1935, the Chinese will occupy the USA totally after a war we lose.
    These Chinese will “eliminate all blacks” period. And extremely quick.

  10. mystere says:

    Fred, Yesterday in Southern California, as soon as the press conference was over, a reporter named Gina Silva, who works for KTTV Fox 11 spoke to a black protestor organizer about the verdict. This ape flippantly said “who cares about the facts? This officer murdered a child!” And this from the protest rally organizer.

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