With Liberty and Justice for All

Liberty and Justice
What follows is some comments taken from Facebook, comments made by longtime friends and from my family. All were Law Officers in one form or another, these are good people, fair people and I have great respect for their experience, knowledge and all around decency. I have let them all know that their words will be used in the blog today, I won’t blindside anyone.

I have known George Harris for over 10 years now, he is my friend. George has dedicated his life to public service here in our area of Texas, in Law Enforcement and with the Fire Department. George is the retired Chief of the RFD.

George Harris - I’ve tried to refrain from commenting on the “unrest” in Ferguson and now across the nation, over the shooting of Michael Brown by a white police officer. However the news coverage of the unrest across the country has pushed me to respond. In 2010 two police officers executing a search warrant on a known drug house were shot by a black drug dealer. No one, repeat no one, protested or demonstrated because they were outraged by this act of violence. One of those police officers was my son. It’s a shameful reflection on the state of our nation when criminals are portrayed as victims and those working to maintain the fabric of civilization are seen as villains or simply ignored for their service and their sacrifices. But those of us who believe in the rule of law will continue to uphold the oaths we live by.

My daughter in law, April Witzell, was an Officer for 10 years and she has a lot of experience in the field. She now stays home raising 3 of my wonderful grandchildren.

April Witzell - Ok so with the whole Officer Wilson; case I once was a cop and delete me if this is offensive, but after wearing a badge for 10 years or so I stand with officer Wilson (whether he had been white or black).

Had I been put in his shoes I would have reacted the same well almost I would have probably put more lead in him but ya know that’s just me.

Now regarding the violent protest… They are acting like toddlers throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way.

Burning businesses that people have worked their whole entire lives for, flipping cars over, looting.. Yeah, that’s really the answer. These type of demonstrations show nothing but prove to the entire world exactly how divided the America is.

It’s time to enforce martial law and curfews. Enough with the collateral damage already. Now warn everyone and enforce it! If they are dumb enough to continue well they get what they get sorry! There are too many citizens in danger through no fault of their own.

If you want to hold a peaceful protest; yes continue… I mean everyone has an opinion, may not be the same as mine and this is America where they have the right to freedom of speech. But in no way is freedom of speech a pass to act like a donkey! 

I pray God watches over all the innocent people as well as the officers who make pennies but put their life in danger day in and day out. Safety for all of the brothers and Sisters in blue! Ok rant over!

I can’t fault so much as one word of April’s rant, in fact, that *rant* makes me very proud of her and for her service and beliefs.

John Odum and I have known each other since my freshman year in high school, and that is a long time ago. John is a retired Master State Trooper, a damned good gun hand and an all-around good guy. In other words; I like and respect him.

John Odum — As I have said many times before, when you decide to challenge someone to a game of life and death, make sure they don’t play the game better than you.

And from a friend of a friend.

Jim Wilson — THIS JUST IN: So if I could talk to Michael Brown and Treyvon Martin I would ask them, “So how is this jumping on people who have guns working out for you?”

OK, we have heard from *The Good Guys*, let’s take a look at the OTHER side of the coin, shall we?

What follows are a few choice excerpts from the Dallas Morning News and their story; Ferguson protesters in Dallas shut down I-35E for almost 2 hours.

“Tonight I’m somewhat numb, but I’m also saddened,” said Michael Bowie Jr., new senior pastor of St. Luke Community United Methodist Church in Dallas. “First it was Trayvon [Martin], now it’s Michael Brown. And it’s sad that killing of black males is justified and legal.”

The sheer stupidity of *some* in the Black community is astounding!

Nowhere has anyone said or even insinuated that the killing of black males is justified and legal; nowhere in any news story, court paper or blog post save perhaps those of the Klan or Storm Front or some Aryan Nations rag.

Michael Brown was shot because he was attempting to commit bodily harm on a Police Officer; bodily harm so severe that it was deemed to be life threatening, thereby giving Officer Darren Wilson the right to defend HIS life with the use of bodily force.

I don’t care what color the perpetrator or the Officer is, deadly force WILL be met with deadly force in defense of one’s self or others.

Protester Jerry Smith of Dallas said the grand jury’s decision was an injustice.

“A person accused of a crime has to have the opportunity for their day in court, and that opportunity was stolen,” Smith said. “And there’s something wrong with that, and there’s something wrong with people being fine with that.”

Jerry Smith; YOU are the stupidest son of a bitch I have ever read.

You don’t attack an armed person expecting to have a *day in court*, whether that person is an Officer of the Law or an average citizen. We DO carry guns you know, mostly because of people like Michael Brown and the other lawless ghetto rats that roam the streets.

The best you can hope for is some sympathetic race-baiting preacher to try and make you look good in the lies he WILL tell while delivering your eulogy.

In MY opinion, some folks in the Black community seem to want a whole different set of standards applied to them and their actions. It just doesn’t work that way.

It’s *Liberty and Justice for ALL*, and regardless of what you think in these crime ridden ghettos, that is the standard of the land. Try removing yourself from your self-imposed chains and climb out of that ghetto, there’s a whole different world out here.

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8 Responses to With Liberty and Justice for All

  1. Kevin Marks says:

    Once you have a government or society that gives a person everything, they have no idea of the value of anything, even life, until it is taken from them. This causes them to look around in confusion like a child that has their toy taken from them. Then they cry and get angry. Fuel this with race baiters like Obama, Holder and Sharpton and what we have is inevitable. Just wait for your tax dollars to be used to build a new and better Ferguson. It will fuel these reactions across America for years to come. IMHO

    • minuteman26 says:

      Think you need to consider the Communist and muslim involvement within these demonstrations. They are all orchestrated and are not the temper tantrums you may think they are. Well planned simultaneous demonstrations throughout the country don’t happen without considerable planning and effort. Enter Al Sharpton and his numerous visits to the white house since the shooting. He be coordinating. This is all part of the Obama/Soros transformation process. The ghetto blacks are stupid and are being used as a means to an end whether they know it or not. If Obama, Holder and the current regime keep on pressuring “We The People” they may find out that someone has declared open season on Commies, muslims and their minions. Suspect that there will be no bag limit. Then it be Katy bar the door we much.

  2. BobF says:

    Those like Michael Bowie Jr., new senior pastor of St. Luke Community United Methodist Church in Dallas, don’t care what the truth is. If Jesus Christ Himself came to Mr. Bowie and told him exactly what happened, Mr. Bowie would still refuse to believe it. He doesn’t want to believe the truth as presented to him by facts. This man may call himself a Christian Minister but remember, Judas Iscariot was an apostle and look how what he did.

    Now, as far as Jerry Smith and the “accused” not having his day in court. Does Smith and others really want this to go to trial and a public court case? Do they want Michael Browns rap sheet, arrest record, school records all being made public? Do they want to hear witnesses testify as to how Brown terrorized them in the neighborhood or shop keepers show video of Brown stealing and threatening them. You an bet this wasn’t the first time Brown stole cigars and threatened shop keepers. In a trial Officer Wilson would have been found innocent while the irrefutable evidence showing Brown as the gangbanger criminal thug he was would be made public.

    What’s sad is the woman out there in the streets protesting the police is the same woman who sleeps on the floor at night with her baby because she’s scared of the constant gunfire. She wonders why the police don’t stop the crime in her neighborhood and when they try, she is outraged that a criminal gets shot in the process. With the mentality of these people, law enforcement can’t win.

  3. Wayne says:

    To Mr. Harris, I’m sorry to hear about your son and I assume he survived. To Fred, thanks for another great post and I agree with you about the mindset of the ghetto people. They are the product of PROGRESSIVE (Marxist) education. Common Core and whatever Texas replaced it with should eradicated. There is no reason for teaching our kids that the Pilgrims were Americas’ first terrorists. When I heard a Texas LEO (woman) complain about this to Glen Beck the other morning on his radio program, I couldn’t believe my ears. Apparently the womans’ daughter was told not to listen to her parents because they were NOT teachers. We as a people in a free society had better start paying a lot more attention to what our statist leaders have in store for the children of WE THE SHEEPLE. Education, or the lack of it, is the reason for the incidents surrounding Ferguson. I also want to thank all who contributed to your blog Fred. Sounds like April has a good grip on what’s right and wrong. Have a nice Thanksgiving all.

  4. Bunkerville says:

    If this keeps up there will come a time when the police officers will say to hell with upholding the law in these Cesspools. Why risk our lives? Has it ever occurred to these gang and drug ridden communities that they are toast once law enforcement says why bother? These areas will become feral hell holes.

    • TexasFred says:

      Many already are… In some cities the police won’t make calls, and I don’t blame them one bit.. Let the bastards kill each other if this is what LEOs can expect for doing their job, let the animals kill each other and die in the street from hunger, overdose and disease…

      They all claim to be African-American, well, they damned sure have the AFRICAN part figured out..

  5. the unit says:

    It’s been a good Thanksgiving Eve. You saw Schumer.
    I’ll be watching .

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