Congressman Reveals GOP Leaders to Push Amnesty for All But Violent Criminals

Does anyone remember The Godfather III? Do you remember this quote from Michael Corleone, “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

I have to tell you my friends, that’s what I’m feeling like right about now. I am trying very hard to leave the stress behind me but it’s an impossibility, there is too much going wrong with America right now and I have no choice but to stay in the fight and keep punching.

Congressman Reveals GOP Leaders to Push Amnesty for All But Violent Criminals

Pete Sessions Serious PicOne of the top House Republican leaders, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), revealed this week that GOP leaders intend to push an amnesty bill in the next Congress that would subject only the most dangerous illegal immigrant criminals to deportation so that “not one person” who is in the country illegally and has not committed a violent crime is “thrown out.”

During a Wednesday evening House Rules Committee hearing in which pro-amnesty Democrats such as Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) testified, Sessions, the powerful Rules Committee Chairman, said House Republican leaders want to have a “well understood agreement about what the law should be and how we as communities, and farm communities, and tech communities, create circumstances where we can have people be in this country and work, and where not one person is quote ‘thrown out’ or ‘deported’ – where we do keep families together, but what we do is we do so under a rule of law of an understanding.” SOURCE

The reference to Michael Corleone is not as far-fetched as one might think, you see, I am beginning to believe that there are NO, or VERY FEW completely honest people in the Halls of Congress. I am starting to believe that the biggest organized crime ring in America is the United States government itself and the people that we send to Congress to carry out the will of people and I believe I have been hoodwinked by someone I liked, respected and most of all, trusted, thus forcing me to get back in the fight despite my health issues as I am once again fighting for America and what I believe to be right.

Sessions said, “We intend to push a bill that would operate under the activity of trying to do under rule of law… But that, even in our wildest dream, would not be to remove any person that might be here unless they were dangerous to this country and committed a crime… that was never even in a plan that I thought about.”

The Texas Congressman took offense and said it was “inflammatory” that Democrats like Gutierrez are accusing Republicans of wanting to deport 13 million illegal immigrants.

Pete, I really had a lot more respect for you that I should have I guess. Maybe I was naïve, maybe I wanted to believe, maybe you’re that good as a politician and a salesman, I don’t know, but whatever the case may be I am seriously disappointed in you and this stand you’re taking on ILLEGALS and Obama amnesty.

And Pete, I also thought you were a lot smarter too. 

Each and every one of these 13 million ILLEGAL immigrants has committed a crime, maybe they aren’t murderers, maybe they aren’t rapists, robbers and drug dealers, but what if they are? Oh, and just for the record Pete, the second they crossed into this nation ILLEGALLY, they became ILLEGAL invaders and they have indeed broken the law of the land.

“No reasonable person in my party… has suggested this except the outer-extreme of my party,” Sessions said. “And on both parties, people have made extreme remarks. There is no one in responsible Republican leadership elected officials [sic] that has said we should deport 13 or 11 million people. That is not what this effort is about, and I find it extremely distasteful that people would come here and suggest things that we have not suggested.”

Just a little FYI for my readers; Sessions considers Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to be the *reasonable* members of HIS Party, the 2 biggest RINOs the GOP has produced to date.

If you’ll notice; Sessions’ words give him away, he begins to repeat himself while making grammatical errors and it appears to me that Sessions is angry at having HIS authority challenged.

Maybe it was a *hit* on the old ego to not have your supporters fall into lockstep with you, whatever the case may be, I know that Sessions considers Boehner to be a friend and a great Congressman and Sessions doesn’t like to hear ANY criticism of Boehner.

The members of Congress and the Senate that Sessions believes to be unreasonable would be members like Rep. Trey Gowdy, Rep. Louis Gohmert and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Once upon a time I believed that Sessions considered these gentlemen to be less than reasonable because of their affiliation with The TEA Party but now I am seriously thinking that it may be because they believe in the rule of law.

As I have said on numerous occasions; I am the grandson of an immigrant, that makes this a personal issue for me and I believe that ANY type of amnesty is a slap in the face to every LEGAL immigrant in the USA, their children and all generations that follow.

If OUR families became citizens the RIGHT way then every immigrant in this nation that wants to become a citizen should go through the same process and become a LEGAL resident and then a LEGAL citizen.

To do otherwise only cheapens the title American Citizen.

I worked my ass off for Pete Sessions when he was faced with a tough challenge in the Texas primary this year but I guess, if the good Lord is willing and I am still here come this next go-round I can work just as hard AGAINST him too. Anyone that supports amnesty, of any kind and to any degree is NOT a Conservative and not someone I will support.

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17 Responses to Congressman Reveals GOP Leaders to Push Amnesty for All But Violent Criminals

  1. Pat Houseworth says:

    Boehner and the rest of the RINO sons a bitches selling us out? Who Would Have Thunk It? {hint}: Just about anybody with a live brain cell.

    • TexasFred says:

      It’s really pissing me off about Session though, I honestly expected a hell of a lot more from him, but then I have to consider, Boehner is his buddy…

      • TomR, armed in Texas says:

        I stopped voting for Sessions in the primaries years ago. I know you showed great support for him and I never said anything against him here. But he has shown a number of “establishment” tendencies on his voting record and he has shown support for Boehner at times. One of the few I trust is Louie Gohmert.

        • TexasFred says:

          I guess I fell for it, I thought he was going to be a great one, come to find out that he is, in MY opinion, a lot more impressed with his position on the House Rules Committee than he is with being OUR Congress Critter..

          • TomR, armed in Texas says:

            Yeah, sigh. I hoped for but did not get to see Sessions and Cornyn defeated in the primaries. It is very difficult to get rid of establishment types of either party. The Partys take care of their own as long as these guys don’t stray far from the party line. I keep having to say “maybe next election”. Hell, look at McCain and his continuous reelections. That guy is genuinely nuts, but he is Establishment and always wins reelection.

  2. Pat Houseworth says:

    Boehner was my Congressman for 20 years, up until they moved his district about 2 miles from the south edge of Celina, he still represents most of our County…I stopped trusting the bottle tipping, tanning bed using horses ass years ago…..he is a lying snake, and sadly it appears most of the rest of the GOP are no better…only caring about getting re~elected, keeping power, and being Wall Street and Corrupt Corporation Lobbyists. While they may talk a good Social Conservative Game, they are basically useless to any real cause we Conservatives hold dear.

  3. Capt Ron says:

    It’s really disheartening to see someone’s true side after fighting so hard to help them win. I’m really sick of the progressive mindset. I believe in Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert, and the few others sticking to the Constitution.

    • TexasFred says:

      Yes indeed, as do I… Ron, you KNOW me, and for those that don’t know, Ron is my neighbor, right across the street, and he knows how much respect I have/had for Sessions and how I was so convinced that he was the best for the job…

      I had to work hard for Sessions in the primary simply because his challenger was an idiot, not something we need in D.C., there are already more than enough of them…

      Ron, I kind of challenged our Mayor and Council to get involved in this and to speak to Pete as elected officials and not merely as citizens… So far I have heard nothing from any of them other than Robbert van Bloemendaal and I want that to sink in a bit… Robbert is an American citizen but he is a naturalized citizen… I guess too many that are born here take that responsibility for granted…

  4. the unit says:

    You need to stick to your guns and relieve the stress.
    I think the only representative who tells how he really feels and thinks is …Luis Vicente Gutiérrez.
    Not my choice of course.
    I really get what Sessions said per say…” what we do is we do so under a rule of law of an understanding.” So we make the rules, hell with the law, you understand?
    I get it. I had Congressman Hutto, he invented the Hula Hoop, in Florida. Replaced by Morning Joe. So I get it. Truth…what Gruber said. Congressman who asked Gruber if he was stupid…should have asked himself. I :) in stress relief.

  5. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    All but violent offenders get amnesty…yet the moment these people swim the river they are by federal definition are CRIMINALS; yet they are given a pass to to sponge off the American taxpayers are being raped and it is all A-OK with HUSSEIN OBAMA.

    This is nothing new as HUSSEIN OBAMA will continue with his lawlessness and his continued gutting of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION..

    To find out that the GOP and especially PETE SESSIONS are supporting this is beyond my comprehension.

    The only good aspect of this is we now know who to target in the next election cycle…

  6. BobF says:

    What really sucks is Pete Sessions and others like him in his party used good decent Americans to get elected and then turned on them.

    I, myself, am sick of hearing how they need to keep families together by not deporting illegals. My oldest son was born in England and therefore he held duel citizenship. Thirty five years ago, England was a really nice country and he could have had a good future there but when my NATIO orders expired and my wife and I were ordered back to the US, instead of breaking up the family, we took my son back to America with us. Isn’t that what families do? Aren’t families suppose to stay together under all circumstances? If the parents want to leave their kid behind because they got deported, that’s their problem not mine…and, don’t go expecting the American Taxpayers to take care of your problem.

    • TomR, armed in Texas says:

      Bob - your decision to keep the family together is exactly the decision the Latinos should be making. So much for their Catholic inspired morals. Of course, the Church would also love to see more dinero coming it’s way so it is also a part of the problem.

  7. Wayne says:

    I’m about out of patience. What is wrong with over 500 congress members? Do they all want to tear the nation down? To what god do they pray? bo, as I have heard many times from many people is only the license plate on the bus. Whoever or whatever group of one world order protagonists should be outed by our media but that would take a lot of courage and probably put many lives in danger. I’m thinking along the lines of Andrew Breitbarts’ sudden demise. Maybe Tom Clancy as well. We better start praying for divine intervention as our recent elections have shown us the true colors of these bastards and bitches. Our soverignty is being eroded very rapidly. Stay well Fred.

  8. Bunkerville says:

    I figured when I had read what was coming down with this fellow it would upset you. I am calling my Rep today and plan on telling him not to count on me or anyone I know for support for him in two years. This whole election this fall was a farce. Passing this crap during the lame duck is just sticking it to us.

  9. Carol Vance says:

    Obviously Pete Sessions is voting for the Big Corps who donated huge amounts to his reelection campaign. Now they expect something in return & that something is cheap labor by hiring illegals under Obama Amnesty plan. Big Biz can dump American workers & hire illegals while American taxpayers continue to subsidize illegals living & medical expenses.

  10. dekare says:


    I think you are in a situation, where you believe it is your blogging that is causing you all of this heart destroying stress. However, this stress on your heart is not due to your blogging, but due to the efforts of idiots in high places who are trying desperately to destroy the Country we all love dearly, and there is very little any of seem to be able to do about it. I am sure it literally breaks your heart seeing America destroyed from within. It is not your blog, it is “them” killing you. Your blogging is your way of fighting back, and with every blog you write, you are giving a hit at the enemy. And I am sure that with every strike, your find relief…not much, but its all anyone can do. I feel that if you stop blogging, that will be the death of you.

    Seeing what is being done by obama and his ilk are killing you, and your efforts in fighting them head on are a relief. After all, it is the man that does nothing that bears the greatest burden, and feels he is worth nothing. And a man who is nothing, has nothing to live for. However, a man who has a goal, has something to live for. You have a goal.

    Of course, I can not tell you to blog or not…but I will tell you, do what you enjoy. After all, what good is living if you can’t do what you love? Do what makes you happy.

    With admiration and respect, your internet friend…dekare.

  11. Pat Houseworth says:

    What dekare said…

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