Officials: Crisis on the Border a Threat to Valley Residents

Texas DPS UnitOfficials: Crisis on the Border a Threat to Valley Residents

Steven McCrawMCALLEN - The crisis on the border may have Rio Grande Valley residents in more danger than they realize, state officials said.

Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw testified before the Texas Senate Finance Committee Monday. He painted a picture of cartels and other dangerous criminals penetrating our border.

McCraw’s testimony is a dark reminder of what CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported in depth in 2011.

“There’s people that see you when you leave work … they follow you to your house,” a source told CHANNEL 5 NEWS in 2011.

A police officer admitted the cartels are here and are threatening his family. SOURCE

Texas DPS Armored CarTo those of you that HATE the police and constantly complain, asking WHY do the Police need to have military style armored vehicles, if this story doesn’t turn the light on in your feeble little pea-brain, nothing ever will.

“They follow us around the clock. They know we follow the constitution. They know we don’t stop anybody unless we have a reason to top them,” McCraw said Monday.

“They use convoys against us. They use decoys against us. They use chase vehicles. They are effective, sometimes,” McCraw told the committee.

One thing Director Steven McCraw doesn’t mention in this story is the FACT that the drug cartels have military grade weapons, HEAVY weapons; machine guns, shoulder fired rocket launchers, RPGs, rocket propelled grenades and any other type of weaponry you would expect to find in a WAR ZONE just short of tactical nuclear weapons, and even having those wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

“We have a Chinese gang working with the Bloods and Crips. We have the Mexican Mafia working with Tango Blast. They are in with Aryan Brotherhood. It’s all interaction with the Gulf cartel,” McCraw said.

This is what our Police, Sheriffs and Troopers are facing on a daily basis all along the Mexican border; from El Paso to Brownsville, but there is a much higher concentration of gangs and cartels in the Rio Grande Valley.

The state senate wants to double the DPS budget. McCraw says it’s needed.

“Texas was never a stronghold for MS-13. It is right now. You have boys in school being murdered based on execution hits ordered out of El Salvador. We’re seeing this on multiple occasions,” McCraw said.

DPS sent more troopers to the border last year as a stopgap measure. Immigration numbers are down. McCraw said it’s time to shift the focus to other crimes.

McCraw is right; illegal immigration has slowed but that is, in part, to the economy and political situation in the USA and the fact that the cartels, gangs and any other group of people that want to engage in business here are already in Texas and doing so.

McCraw said the surge is yielding results.

“I can put a lot of dope on the table and we can all high-five each other, but at the end of the day, did we really secure it?” McCraw said.

McCraw said the border is far from secure. He said more technology and manpower are necessary.

The Obama regime, especially former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, seems to think otherwise.

When Napolitano was still at DHS Obama boasted that The Mexican Border is More Secure Than Ever and Napolitano echoed the words of her boss saying Border security is better than ever.

Of course Obama and Napolitano were lying through their teeth, but that’s what we expect from Obama and Company.

Let me say this in closing; anyone that tells you the U.S. border with Mexico is secure is either a liar or a damned fool.

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4 Responses to Officials: Crisis on the Border a Threat to Valley Residents

  1. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Fred if not mistaken we have had this conversation just yesterday. What I can tell you with absolute certainty is the cartel have people just sitting and doing surveillance in the parking lots used by winter tourist and regulars who go to the dentist,pharmacy etc.

    They are picking their mark simply grading the type of vehicle one might drive. Once they pick a victim(s) the cartel boss wants until their mark walks across the border then they drop the hammer. The victim(s) are approached and accosted. The victim loses his money and his vehicle in many cases. I can’t say this is a daily occurrence, but it happens..

    As a motor vehicle theft investigator for many years I spent many hours in Mexico, until Cartel wars started and cooperation went out the window and I have not been back since my 2009 retirement.

    Fred the border violence here where we live has jumped off the charts, especially in Hidalgo County, it’s dangerous that I now worry about my wife when she leaves work.

    These cartel guys here do not give a rats ass who they JACK, and they may just pop you for the hell of it….

    All the talk about the borders being safer than ever before as Janet Napolitano would CROW about was and has been pure BULL-SHIT since day one…

    The Obama administration has been in BED since day one with the cartels, giving preference to the Sinaloa cartel over the Gulf Cartel…they called it trying to track weapons sold to cartel..NOPE that was how Obama supplied weapons to the Sinaloa Cartel to take on Gulf Cartel. I can’t recall the guy that blew the whistle on it but it came out of Chicago…

    Still this administration will say, all is well don’t panic…BE HAPPY!!
    This guy is running amuck and CONGRESS allows it..

    Great post on!

    • the unit says:

      I guess my old friends of 40+ years in Harlingen under the same situation?

      • The Right Handed Cowboy says:

        Maybe not quite as bad..but you better be aware of your surroundings as I preach that phrase on a daily basis to my wife and her shiny new Chevy pickup…nothing but a big old red target…

        They run counter surveillance all day long and then into the night.

        • the unit says:

          I do worry about them. They are 80 or pushing it. Not answering email for a while. But that’s just them. Several years ago when wife was fighting cancer, they said don’t call us, we’ll call you as our time and spirit will allow. So it relented and contact resumed for a couple of years. Now again no contact. So fear bad times are again on them.
          He said couple of years ago they can arrange cremation in Mexico for $700. I’m sure that’s wise to attend to as no children to see about things.
          Thanks for info saying Harlingen not as bad as McAllen.

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