Hillary Clinton, Guns and Gun Control

Hillary Clinton, Guns and Gun Control

Hillary Clinton is an anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment piece of garbage and she would, if given her way, take away every gun from every person in the United States of America, thus rendering us defenseless.

Hillary Gun Grabber

Every gun organization in America is going to try and scare the HELL out of you and millions of other lawful, Constitution believing gun owners by telling you that Hillary Clinton WILL take your guns hoping that you will donate millions of dollars into THEIR coffers because they are going to, you know, protect YOU from the gun grabbers and stop them from knocking your door down.

Many politicians will tell you the same thing, in fact, it’s already started.

Sen. Cruz to Clinton: You Want Our Guns, Come Take Them

NRA rallies posse, warns of Clinton ‘gun bans, ammo bans, anti-gun judges’

NRA leaders warn members of looming gun-control efforts

And then there is this from Hillary herself.

Hillary Clinton Says Opponents of Gun Control Laws ‘Terrorize’ Americans

Yes indeed, Hillary Clinton is an EVIL, gun hating OLD witch and she wants all the guns gone, and if elected President, she might make a bid to have that happen but there’s a problem with her line of thinking; taking guns from the hands of American gun owners is NOT going to happen.

“Oh but Fred, she’ll order the Police all over America to go door to door taking our guns” you say.


I want to ask ALL of you, just HOW in the hell can you even remotely believe that our Police Officers are coming to take all the guns?? It is NOT going to happen, not successfully anyway.



And don’t even begin to think the U.S. military would try to take on that daunting task, this is NOT Nazi Germany and at least half of the American military, if not more, would side with the American people. They too are outnumbered, but forget the numbers and know this; our troops, AMERICAN troops, will NOT turn on the American people.

This I believe, and will continue to believe for as long as I live.

Don’t fall for the gun-grabber thing but be very afraid of this; ammunition bans and stop manufacture bans on weapons.

Well, here is a simple, common sense solution to all of those that use fear mongering to keep certain Americans stirred up; between now and election time obtain the guns you want and the ammunition you need before any type of manufacturing ban can be brought to bear.

If I might suggest; buy your ammo from these fine folks.

Ammunition Depot | Bulk Ammo Sales | Wholesale Ammunition Online

Yes, I do make 4% on each sale, not getting rich mind you but it helps me to lay in a few extra rounds of ammo too.

Keep your heads on straight and keep your powder dry, it’s NOT the guns that these people want as much as it is the ammunition.

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9 Responses to Hillary Clinton, Guns and Gun Control

  1. BobF says:

    Under Hillary, if Democrats get control of Congress, they will institute an “Assault Rifle” ban and high capacity magazine ban like her husband did when he was president. This time though, they will do things differently. There won’t be any grandfathering magazines manufactured before the ban like before and there won’t be a sunset date on the ban.

    Remember, every sensationalized shooting going back to Columbine with high capacity weapons was carried out by sick minded progressive liberals. I fear before they institute a high capacity gun ban, more attacks by sick minded progressive liberals will take place to garner support from Americans who don’t know better. To a progressive liberal, a few dozen lives lost here and there doesn’t matter as long as it furthers their cause.

    • BobF says:

      Also, you’re absolutely correct about them going after ammo. Just look at the panic buying that the BATF caused when they said they were going to ban 5.56 green tip ammo.

      • TexasFred says:

        The point of this post is; bans AFTER elected, if she were to be, but gun confiscation is NOT going to happen… Anywhere… Anytime…

        It may be attempted but it will be a futile attempt…

  2. Wayne says:

    I won’t project on the elections just yet Fred. The prospect of the hildebeasts’ election is mind boggeling but there are sure to be a lot of financial disclosures that could torpedo her campaign. The Clinton Foundation may be her undoing rather than an asset to her campaign. Also her relationship with Abbedin as a dual employee during her tenure as Sec. of state should raise questions of security. Weiners’ wife has ties to the muslim brotherhood.

    • TexasFred says:

      This is NOT about Hillary and the election, it’s about the consequences of IF, the POSSIBILITY of her winning, some common sense gun advice and some preparation just in case…

  3. minuteman26 says:

    IMHO a stash of 2500 rounds per gun should suffice with at least 10 20/30 rd cpcty magazines per rifle. Replace as necessary after target practice. Should the SHTF can always replace ammo and weapons from those in the government that would try to take yours. As the Boy Scouts say, you need to be prepared.

  4. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    The 96 Assault Weapons Ban had an effect on me as it proved the Clintons would try to disarm us. I sold two Class III weapons(one a belt fed) and let my FFL expire as I feared there would be confiscation without compensation. Luckily we got in a Repub Congress under Newt Gingrich that nixed further bans. Now, Boehner is no Gingrich and if elected Hillary will work again on one of her pet commie priorities, disarming America.

    Since ’96 I have multiplied my ammo and magazine caches. I now have more than I can store or shoot. One of my preps has been to limit calibers and make sure the calibers I have are common and not anything exotic.

    If a Prez Hillary tried gun confiscation I don’t believe the military would be a threat. Same same most local police, although I was both surprised and frightened by the police reaction to the Boston Marathon bombing. Something there to think about. I worry more about the vast army of federal agents especially DHS, DEA and BATFE.
    I also remember Waco and Ruby Ridge(also under the Clintons).

    It is also an advantage living in a state like Texas where our elected leadership might just tell DC to fuck off and declare secession. Who knows. I hope we never get to that point.

    Fred, Ammunition Depot is in Florida. I have bought from them before and was happy with their service. You have them mixed up with Ammo Depot in Caddo Mills. Ammo Depot is run by Mickey Lowry, a fellow vet. His shop was originally in Mesquite next to the big stadium. Mickey is one hell of a good guy.

    • TexasFred says:

      I stand corrected on the Ammo Depot thing, you are very correct and I will edit the post, somehow I thought they were one in the same… Thank you for pointing that out..

      • Capt Ron says:

        You and I need to drive out to Caddo Mills one Saturday, Fred, and see what we can find.

        You are right about the bans, it happened once, the next time it will probably be permanent.

        I also agree the police won’t confiscate here, but there are parts of the country I think they would get away with it. Fornicalia, Minnesota, Illinois, most of New England, etc.

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