Officers Saying Baltimore Mayor Told Police To Stand Down

Officers Saying Baltimore Mayor Told Police To Stand Down

Fox just reported that reporters said when they asked police why they were not responding to stop the rioters, they were told by the officers, “Talk to the mayor”, clearly implying they had been told not to move by the Mayor.

On Saturday, we reported the now-infamous statement from the Mayor about giving the protester/rioters ‘space’ to destroy.

When Republican Governor Hogan declared a State of Emergency last night, he also made comment about how he was glad that the Mayor “finally” called him. The National Guard is only arriving this morning. Hogan said that Obama had asked that they exercise “due restraint”. SOURCE

Do you remember Cliven Bundy and The Bundy Ranch protests out in Nevada a while back? That was a protest, both sides were heavily armed but their protest didn’t result in shots being fired, no one was injured by either side and no one went to the hospital, nothing was burned or otherwise destroyed, the Feds simply went home after apparently realizing that they had lost that particular battle and any trust that the nation may have still had for them.

The participants in the Bundy Ranch protests were called *domestic terrorists* by the Left, the Dems, Liberals, whatever name you care to use, but the same bunch of Leftists, Democrats and Liberals refuse to call the actions that took place in Baltimore or in Ferguson, MO to be acts of domestic terror; preferring to call these actions *misguided youth with lots of pent-up hostilities*.

What took place in Baltimore for the last few days has NOT been a protest, it has been an act of barbarism and anarchy committed by a bunch of thugs, criminals, ghetto trash and Democratic welfare slugs.

See the *slide show* HERE.

One of the biggest problems with cities like Baltimore is the sheer stupidity of its *so-called* leadership. Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is, at least in MY opinion, too stupid to manage a lemonade stand, much less a city the size, scope and overall makeup of Baltimore.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake own words can be heard in the video below.

If that is not the most incredibly ignorant statement since *you have to pass it to know what’s in it*, I don’t suppose I understand the definition of stupid. 

Of course Stephanie Rawlings-Blake later made another statement blaming the PRESS for misinterpreting her words and for twisting her meaning and intent, but this is one instance where I am forced to defend the press; Stephanie Rawlings-Blake spoke her words on video and audio, they were not copied and reported in the print media like the news from 40 or 50 years ago, we heard HER words, as she spoke them, and basically she stated that the thugs and anarchists had been given carte blanche by HER office.

If you couple that with the story used to originate this post, Officers Saying Baltimore Mayor Told Police To Stand Down, I believe anyone would be able to easily see the gross negligence and incompetence exhibited by this Mayor.

I am fully convinced that the violence we just witnessed in Baltimore, and recently in Ferguson, are both indicative of incompetent Democrats and what THEY perceive to be a *better* way of life.

Personally, I don’t see how living under the thumb of a socialist liberal that takes their cues from the likes of Barack Hussein Obama can even remotely be thought of as *better*, but there you are, dealing with the minds, or lack thereof, of the Democrats in America.

We can save this nation but to do so will require actions that many will consider to be politically incorrect.

I have NO problem with that.

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7 Responses to Officers Saying Baltimore Mayor Told Police To Stand Down

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    As usual, you identified the problem and it is a very old one, Democrat/liberal control of our cities and too many freebie Fed programs that encourage elements of our society to avoid working or taking responsibility for their lives. The Mayor of Baltimore should be forced to resign, but that would only be a gesture. The problem remains since the last riot in 1968.

  2. dekare says:

    Who are all the ANGRY black men around her? Is that her “Staff”? They look like a bunch of thugs on loan from the black panthers. This is what happens when leftists run things. They think that by being black themselves and in charge and giving into black demands, that they will be appeased and thankful and do what is right. However, like a spoiled rotten child, whose parents refuse to punish them for fear of harming their tiny egos, they get this city wide temper tantrum.

    Leftist policies will NEVER work. And for blacks, that seems to be doubly true. For the life of me, I don’t understand why blacks are exceedingly more trouble than whites. Why is 13% of the population responsbile for over half of all violent crimes? For the majority population of prisons? Greater number of welfare recipients? Higher numbers of single parents? And on and on? Why?

    Blacks have been in Africa for thousands of years, and the place is still a shithole. Whites in America have created every comfort and convenience, food and work production, and a comfort level only dreamed about by most other nations, and did it all in under 200 years. So don’t tell me there isn’t a difference between blacks and whites. And if I make certain assumptions about blacks and the likelihood of them being less than a good citizen…well that’s not racism, that’s statistics.

    For whatever reason, blacks as a whole do NOT rise to the level of the average white person. Any neighborhood that has a Martin Luther King Jr. Road, Street, Avenue, Lane, etc. is not a safe neighborhood…why? I dare anyone to name a city, town, state, or country anywhere in the world, where blacks are the dominate culture, and the living conditions are equal to or better than that of the average white society. Seriously…name one.

    Of course, any white person could fix the black problem if blacks would follow a few simple rules. Hell, not even rules, just follow the examples of successful whites anywhere. It is really simple. Go to school and respect your parents and authority and take that frickin chip off your shoulder and don’t listen to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. If blacks did this, they would have a decent job that would allow them to buy a decent home, raise a decent family, and live a decent life. It really is that simple. Did I miss anything?

    Of course, no matter how hard we try, blacks refuse to get with the program. What is truly sad is that blacks have way more opportunities than whites do. They just refuse to see that. Preferential treatment for student loans, jobs, govt contracts, promotions, schooling, and so on. Hell, look at obama. The white world is so desperate to promote any black man who has an education and can speak properly, that they will make you president if you can do just those two simple tasks. How sad is that?

    But or course, all of these special privileges are ignored and thrown back in our faces. We are told it’s not enough and we should do more. And to be honest, we probably would do more for them if we could be guaranteed that blacks would get in line and behave and join us in building a decent society…but alas, it will never happen. Anytime blacks have it rough, they claim it’s racism. When whites have it rough, it’s called LIFE.

    Lincoln stated that after the Civil War and blacks were freed, there would be no living with them. He knew the resentment would never end, and that we would have the exact problems we have now with blacks as a whole. Lincoln had planned on rounding up the blacks and shipping them off around the world in all black settlements not unlike that of Monrovia. Sadly, he was killed before he could make that idea a reality. Too bad. John Wilkes Booth really screwed us.

    To be honest, I have no idea what can be done to make blacks realize that they have it quite good these days. Hell, no one does. Blacks should kiss whitey’s ass every day and be thankful as hell that their ancestors were brought over here as slaves. I can guarantee you one thing. There isn’t a black anywhere in Africa today that would not change places with them in a heartbeat. Find me one, and I will retract my statement.

    The ONLY THING that will help blacks overcome this situation is their own attitudes. For most whites, racism really is dead. Yes, there are a few out there that have a racist mentality, but they truly are the minority. Any dislike I have against black people has nothing to do with their skin color, and EVERYTHING to do with their negative attitude towards me and mine, and their actions in harming others. Of course I judge black people, but I do so based on what they do. Just like I would judge anybody, regardless of who they are or what color their skin is, or what god they worship. If you are a good person and treat others with respect, I will do the same. If you act like a thug, well, I will look down on you like a thug. And if you dress like a thug, well, that is you telling the world what your attitude is. I wouldn’t have the education I have today, or the job I have or the money I earn, if I dressed and acted like a thug. And rap stars are not a life to emulate. Dress the part and act the part for the role you want to play in life. See, it’s still simple. If you go thru life with a mentality that whitey is out to get you, and you are a victim, well, that is all that you will see. However, if you have an attitude that school is important, laws should be followed, and respect for others is a virtue, you will be rewarded.

    And if you find yourself in a situation where cops glare at you…take a look at yourself and what you are doing. Are you wearing a hoodie or doo rag? Do you have gold teeth? Are you driving in a car playing rap music so loud the trunk lid is vibrating, do you have gang tattoos all over your body. If you have any of these things, than you may need to re-assess your life choices. As the old adage says, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quack like a duck….you know the rest. (For some more helpful suggestions, Chris Rock has some other helpful hints on how to avoid an ass whipping by the cops…look it up)

    I, and I am sure a great majority of my fellow whiteys out there will agree, if you follow my suggestions above, we will open our arms and are hearts to you, no matter how dark your skin color is. We will reward you with a good job, a fine home, a steady income, and even help you move into your new house across the street from us in our neighborhood. Of this, I will bet my life. But if you choose to follow the advice of al sharptungue or je$$e jack$on you will more than likely stay a victim and live a life of poverty, prison, or early death.

    Hell, even your beloved thug rap stars such as snoopy dog, Dr. Dre, Common, Ludicris, Ice Cube and his brother Ice T, and LL Cool Beans will tell you that being nice to whitey pays off pretty well. Look at Snoop dog, he make act all gangsta, but Martha Stewart loves him because he is nice and respectful when it counts. Hell, if you ask me, Martha is a bad influence on him.

    Anyway, my rant here will probably fall on deaf ears. I believe that I am not alone in what I am saying here, and that many will agree. But in the words of a leftist, if ONE…just ONE black child is saved by doing this, it will all be worth it. Give it a try.

  3. Capt Ron says:

    I’m waiting for this to happen here in Dallas. The test beds have proven positive, i.e. L.A., Ferguson and now Baltimore. It’s coming, I tell you.

    Obama said to get rid of racism it starts with all of us. The operative word is ALL. I say it starts at home. Don’t teach your kids one thing at the dinner table, and speak something different to the public. A racist is a racist now matter what color, and to get it to go away starts with each of us INDIVIDUALLY taking account of ourselves.

  4. Gary Kayser says:

    Seems to me that most of these riots start out as organised protest marches that have leaders and structure.

    Those in charge should be held responsible for not providing security and control of the people they bring together.

    When rioting happens, those in charge are just as culpable as the rioters they nurtured and let loose.

    As my Grandfather used to say:
    “The best control is self-control.”

  5. BobF says:

    Excellent Fred and great point about the protest at the Bundy ranch. Also, very good points by the commentators.

  6. wayne says:

    What ever happened to law and order? Blacks are to be dealt with differently because why? Hildebeast gave a sermon the other day to a group of college students about the disproportionate number of black males that inhabit our prisons. I grew up in a society that said if you do something bad enough, you may be put in jail for a while. The worse the infraction, the more time you got to spend away from polite society. Where does race come into that equation? We are witnessing the opening salvo of a really bad summer. Keep your powder dry and if you can, carry with the intent to back up our LEO’s if the need arises. Police officers have been saved by a good guy with a gun.

  7. NativeSon says:

    I like, no-LOVE Wayne’s last comment! As for the subject(s) of the story all I’ll say is the last part of the quite I’m thinking of is “…and feed ’em fish heads!”

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