Cartoon contest organizer known for inflammatory rhetoric

Cartoon contest organizer known for inflammatory rhetoric

NEW YORK (AP) — The Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest that exploded in violence over the weekend in Texas was organized by Pamela Geller, a New Yorker who rails against Islam with such ferocity that one of the nation’s top civil rights groups lists her in its “extremist files.” SOURCE

Winning Pic in GarlandLet me clear something up and stop some back-channel talk regarding the incident in Garland on Sunday night and my commentary about its sponsor.

Pamela Geller has every right to be as stupid, antagonistic, arrogant, manipulative and self-serving as she wants to be in her persecution of Islam, I have no issue with that in and of itself, as a matter of fact, there are *some* points that I agree with 100%, I just don’t like Pam Geller, it’s a personal thing, and I don’t like the way she took herself to prominence on the national stage, but that too is her right, an action to answer for at some time in the future, but she has the RIGHT to say whatever she wants.

That said; I too have the same right to FREE SPEECH, to some degree on Facebook and other social media and completely on MY blog.

So, why is it that all these *hot-damn* Geller supporters want ME to shut up and not speak MY mind too?

F’ing hypocrites.

Let me make a few things clear for those not familiar with me and this blog; I detest Islam and every last member of that cult of hate, persecution and murder.

I didn’t declare war on Islam, they declared war on me, you and everyone else not of their persuasion. 

I believe that if we’re going to fight a war with Islam, well, by God, let’s fight a war and get on with it. We don’t need a histrionic, headline worshipping Drama Queen starting little *pissing contests* and then running back home to New York. If she wants to start the war in Texas she needs to STAY in Texas and fight the damned battle.

Let me be VERY plain spoken here; I can’t stand Geller and her *LOOK AT ME* BS.

It’s a personal matter that you would have had to have been a long time reader to even know about. You can’t deny a man his opinions and an opportunity to truly hate someone that he feels deserves that intense hatred, especially someone as opportunistic as a DAMNED YANKEE that brought this upon us here in Texas.

Maybe I need to go to NYC and sponsor a big BBQ and machine gun shoot…

I wonder how well that would go over?

We don’t need Muslims in Texas but we don’t need Pamela Geller and her *showmanship* drawing them in either, and we sure as hell don’t need Pamela Geller teaching Texans how to HATE Islam or how to fight it, or any other war, we got this.

All we need is a leader with the guts to declare war on Islam in Texas and lead a rampage to run them OUT of Texas or to kill each and every last one of the sorry SOBs. We don’t need to *bait* Muslims into attacking, hoping for some horrendous action on their part that would give way to many headlines and interviews on FOX News for Pamela Geller and her *Princess* army.

That is, IN MY OPINION, all that Pamela Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative wanted, an *ATTACK* similar to those in Europe recently, but she was denied the writing of that vitriol filled screed when a Texas Police Officer showed these Muslim bastards how we take care of business here in Texas.

Just sayin’.

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40 Responses to Cartoon contest organizer known for inflammatory rhetoric

  1. cary says:

    And y’all do, indeed, take care of business.

    Your vitriol/feelings/opinions of and towards Ms. Geller are well founded, and while I think she is right on quite a few points, the methodology is questionable at best. She needs to back it up completely, not halfast it and expect the locals to clean up after her.

    Excellent post, well stated, and I wish I was half as eloquent as you.

  2. Alan Caruba says:

    Geller was wrong to put the lives of those attending her “cartoon” event at risk of being killed and that has nothing to do with free speech. It has everything to do with an egregious indifference to the outcome of the event had an armed policeman did not stop it by killing the two jihadi bastards. We’d likely see even fewer such events if everyone was free to be armed and to carry them wherever they are.

    • TomR,armed in Texas says:

      Alan - I’m making an educated guess in stating that I bet a lot of the local citizens at that event were armed. I had thought about going to it myself as it was only a dozen blocks from me. However, like Fred I have a distaste for Geller and her narcissism even though I agree with her belief on the evil of islam in America.

      Can’t begin to properly express my pride in the Garland Police Dept. One traffic officer with only a sidearm took down two attacking islamofools with body armor and ARs with 100rd magazines. Two shots, two head hits, two domesticated islamofools.

    • Wayne says:

      Alan, are we as Americans supposed to alter our events so as not to offend muslims? It may be that muslims are getting more comfortable in OUR country and are emboldened by their increasing numbers to start attacks like these anywhere there is a protest, march or an event with a speaker like Wilders. Texas may be the first of many of these types of assaults on our way of life.

      • TexasFred says:

        Wayne have YOU noticed that YOU are the only one defending Geller and are doing so against some of the most level-headed and Conservative people in America…

        I’m not saying you are wrong, you’re entitled to YOUR opinion as well, but you really need to look at the folks you’re arguing with and the *creds* they carry…

        • Wayne says:

          Fred, I read some articles today(5-15-15) about P.G. by some of the most left wing news orgs. on the web. Since when has the truth become inflammatory? The truth hurts sometimes and I stand with anyone trying to get the message out about the false religion called islam. She is not the only person out there. Again I say hate the messenger, not the message.

  3. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Well said Fred….nothing to add on what you said…. I am headed to New York next week. I am attending that Texas BBQ & Machine Gun Event…… having plenty of bbq Pork.

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Said before, and said again, I support your right to say and write anything you wish, to my dying day. Conversely, if we lose the 2nd we thusly lose the 1st.


    • TexasFred says:

      And by the same token, I can and will criticize or congratulate those words of freedom… In Geller’s case it’s more like *GET THE HELL OUT OF TEXAS* than it is criticism…

      Our Mayor called me earlier, so did one of our local radio personalities, they are in agreement with the idea of the danger this BS presented and the radio guy feels exactly like I do, she staged this hoping for some kind of mass casualty event so she would have something to beat a drum over..

      Just my .02 on it…

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    You might also enjoy this:


    • TexasFred says:

      Even if it was a Glock, at least he used a .45

      Texans and .45’s… Kinda like peas and carrots… 😛

      • Mary Anne Harper says:

        Has Ms. Geller ever had such an event in her hometown? Of course I saw Katrina Pierson on the news so she was there also.

        • Wayne says:

          Mary Anne, she organised the march to shut down the ground zero mosque along with other outspoken patriots.

        • TexasFred says:

          Mary Anne — Well, you wouldn’t expect Geller to come to town without Kit-Kat showing up to kiss her ass now would you?? :mrgreen:

  6. Wayne says:

    How many youtube videos are WE THE PEOPLE going to have to watch of non muslims being stoned to death, beheaded and chased out of their homes and out of their countries? The low info voter is being lied to on a daily basis. You hate the messenger but can you hear the message? There are many like P.G. trying to wake us up to the evil that is islam. Look what Hitler got out of the Reichstag fire. Maybe another 9/11 before we start calling islam what it is? It is a POLITICAL IDEAOLOGY masquerading as a religion whose founder was a degenerate, a murdering thief and a pedophile. Anyone who believes we can co-exist with these people are living in a dream world. If anyone is setting anything up it’s the progressives in our own government. There will be blood and the muslim in the mosquehouse will side with the muslims. He said he would. Why is that too much to swallow?

    • TexasFred says:

      How many? Frankly, I don’t care how many people want to watch, we’re NOT the World Police… These bastards either rise and fight Islam in THEIR nations or they can die… We can fight it here, and in Texas we will, the rest of the lame-assed and apathetic asses can die too if they choose to sit idly by…

      Geller staged an event in hopes of a mass-casualty event that could and would benefit her and her blog… The attendees were unarmed, they were a ripe target and the majority of the people here in Texas, at least in Garland and Rowlett, are convinced of that…

      Sorry for hitting you so hard with it like that but those are the breaks, had it not been for ONE Garland Officer this could have easily been a massacre that was incited by a headline grabbing bitch.. Deal with THAT or not, it’s your call…

  7. Steve Current says:

    Been a fan of your blog for awhile now, but this is my first comment after the Garland incident. I am retired LE after roughly 40 years in Texas, and I too see the direction things are ultimately headed in this country.
    I don’t remember which news report I watched as the story was told and re-told Sunday evening, but I DO remember seeing a Rowlett black and white roll up in the background footage. Remember thinking “That’s pretty close to Fred’s stomping grounds.”
    Anyway whether Ms. Geller or someone else had the idea to stage this presentation in Texas, seems pretty close to arrange shooting over a baited area. Which is alright with me…I wasn’t a game warden.

  8. Bunkerville says:

    She knew she would now be in the cross hairs of ISIS. She will live the rest of her life looking over her shoulder with attempts made on her life no doubt. Drama Queen or not, I would not want to be in her shoes for one nanosecond. That is what we have come to.

    “The threat, posted on JustPasteIt, singles out Geller, who helped plan a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest that was attacked by two gunmen in Garland, Tex. over the weekend. ISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting early Tuesday, marking the first time the terror group called an American attack one of its own.”

    • TexasFred says:

      Yeah, she has a target on herself, and put one on Garland and Rowlett, TX too… All so she could garner a few headlines and feed her DQ desires…

      • Mary Anne Harper says:

        I wonder if Katrina Pierson was involved in talking with Ms. Geller about coming to Garland Texas; she enjoys being in the middle of such things and why would she have been picked out of all the guests to be on TV unless she wanted to show her involvement?

  9. dekare says:

    Now, I am not defending Geller here, but if I was to pick a fight with some towel heads, and I had no army. I would do it in the Great State of Texas. The state where if you pull a gun, you get to immediately compare it to a few dozen others that will be pulled immediately afterwards, and all of them pointed at you.

    Now, if this happened in say, Kalifornia, or any bedwetter state, we would have had lots of victims, people crying, a few converts to islam just to keep peace, demands that innocents knowingly be shot and killed lest we offend the muslims, and then a use attack on our 2nd amendment over how guns are used to kill innocents and blah blah.

    So, even though I don’t share gellers’ initiating of a fight involving possible innocents being killed, you have to admit, her choice of venue was spot on. I mean, look at the result. Does anyone think this same end would have occurred in Massatwoshitts or San Francisco?

    The final result speaks well of Texans and the attitude of the state. In the words of the great Ron White…”in Texas, we will kill you right back”. That not only goes for if you kill someone in Texas, but even if you damn well try.

    • cary says:

      Sorry to be pedantic, but you spelled San Fransissyco incorrectly …

    • TexasFred says:

      One thing is seriously flawed in this one Dekare; the attendees were unarmed, it was conducted on a school property where no one can legally carry a gun for ANY reason unless you’re a LEO…

      Geller threw the bait, ISIS took it and if it hadn’t been for one damned good Garland cop, we’d be mourning a mass casualty event…

  10. Rottweiler says:

    Agree with Pam Geller or not, when are we going to stand up and shout, I’m MAD as HELL and I’m not going to take it anymore!

  11. Rottweiler says:

    Been a fan of your blog for awhile now,but on this subject I have to disagree with you.
    Pam Gellar stood up to these Muslim terrorists who have shown us exactly what they do to keep people under their control, and that they murder those who don’t do things their way……it takes no courage to stand up to these radical bastards….that is why we need mor Pamela Geller’s … these liberal cowards would rather back down without hesitation, she didn’t, she stood up to them without hesitation.

    These Radical Muslims are not only beheading Americans, but killing Jews and Christians alike by the thousands. And why? Just because they weren’t Muslims! They have stated their intent of wiping Israel off the face of the earth but also any religion or people that do not follow their Sick and Psychotic religious policies. And who do you think they will want to murder after the Israeli’s? Us Americans, that’s who!!!
    Of course, our dear leader in the White house, Mr. Obama acts more like a tribal king than a democratic leader and one who sympathizes most with those whose animals. And not only that but he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to or worse is in full sympathy with the very one of these savages that are intent on destroying this country and killing us. So of course, when a woman in fact has the cajones to stand up and comment, she must be slammed down by the Liberal scum who kiss his boots and bow down to him as if he were a member of the royalty or monarchy.

    • TexasFred says:

      As I have said, repeatedly, we ALL have an opinion, MINE is the one that counts for me… Geller didn’t stand up to a damned thing, she came here KNOWING the shit was going hit the fan, that is HER style and if you like it, good for you, but do NOT bring that shit HERE…

      In case you missed it: EDIT TO ADD: I am going to continue blogging, it’s MY blog, I pay for it and all that goes with it, I AM entitled to MY FREE SPEECH just as much as anyone else. I am not trying to limit FREE SPEECH , we all have that right, but when YOUR free speech puts MY ASS in danger, don’t expect me to sit idly by and say nothing.. We’re all entitled to free speech, I don’t give a DAMN what say, but this is MY blog. Don’t come here telling me what I can, can’t or shouldn’t say. Accept that from me or get the hell OFF of my blog!

      Bottom line; I am damned tired of the Geller ASS KISSERS coming here and telling me I am wrong… I am glad you’re a fan but I have disagreed a few times with what you have said on your blog too but it was YOUR blog, say what you like, now, extend ME that courtesy or don’t bother coming back…

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