Ohio patrolman acquitted in 2 deaths amid 137-shot barrage

Ohio patrolman acquitted in 2 deaths amid 137-shot barrage

CLEVELAND (AP) — A white Cleveland patrolman who fired down through the windshield of a suspect’s car at the end of a 137-shot barrage that left the two unarmed black occupants dead was acquitted Saturday of criminal charges by a judge who said he could not determine the officer alone fired the fatal shots.

Michael Brelo, 31, put his head in hands as the judge issued a verdict followed by angry, but peaceful, protests: Outside the courthouse police blocked furious protesters from going inside while across the city others held a mock funeral with some carrying signs asking, “Will I be next?” SOURCE

“Will I be next?” I would say THAT is entirely up to you.

Criminals need reform

What the Officers NEED is *range time*. They fired 137 shots and it took a Cop climbing on the hood of the car, firing into the car to finish this off?

Yes indeed, *range time* is needed here!

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One Response to Ohio patrolman acquitted in 2 deaths amid 137-shot barrage

  1. Hank Bungay says:

    When I was a kid the cops carried .38 spl & .357 DA/SA revolvers and still won the vast majority of gunfights they engaged in. Servicing in the USMC infantry I regularly carried a M1911A1 45ACP. While they may have there place high capacity firearms can result in very poor fire discipline. People sometimes go into “spray and pray” mode. I want the police and troops to come home safe as much as anyone and also do not wish to see any innocents hit. Well aimed controlled fire power is the answer. Take a look at USMC Col./FBI agent Walter Walsh who efficiently dispatched NUMEROUS gangsters and Japanese Soldiers and wasted nary a single round. Every shot should counts. If you are not connecting with your target you wasting valuable time where the enemy can shoot back and creating chaos that can interfere with accomplishing the mission. Despite their being found not guilty I am still disappointed in these officers actions and believe they could likely have done a much better job.

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