Texas suffers massive flooding, widespread destruction

Texas suffers massive flooding, widespread destruction

HOUSTON (AP) — Floodwaters deepened across much of Texas on Tuesday as storms dumped almost another foot of rain on the Houston area, stranding hundreds of motorists and inundating the famously congested highways that serve the nation’s fourth-largest city. SOURCE

This is the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge over the Trinity River in Dallas Texas, affectionately known locally as *Large Marge*.

Large Marge and Trinity River

This is very minor compared to the flooding and the damage that is being suffered by folks in South Central Texas and in the Houston area. Death toll climbs, thousands abandon vehicles as floodwaters paralyze Houston.

Anyone that knows me already knows this; I detest Barack Hussein Obama but he didn’t cause this flooding event. George Bush and Greg Abbott did not bring this event to Texas either, but you would never know it if you read the comments in the following story from the Dallas Morning News. Obama confers with Gov. Abbott about Texas floods, promises quick federal aid.

My comment to the (m)asses regarding their foolish and incredibly childish commentary. 

Texans are DEAD… Homes are destroyed, businesses are ruined and life, for many, will never be the same, but all you get here is childish political jabbering… You should all be ashamed of yourselves… We are Americans 1st, not Dems, GOP or whatever else… Act like it! Act like Texans and show some CLASS for once in your life!

Flooding, Disaster and Political Blame? Seriously? 

This is a DISASTER, people are hurting and I personally don’t care where help comes from; Washington, FEMA, Austin, I don’t care. Texans are in need and THAT is all that matters.

I don’t think I won too many friends with that commentary and frankly, I don’t give a damn about that either. It’s time we ALL take a stand for what’s RIGHT, not just for Texas but for ALL of America.

I am an American 5

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7 Responses to Texas suffers massive flooding, widespread destruction

  1. Amen, brother!

    Love this post!

    Linked to it in an update to my own Flood report from SW Houston.

  2. I agree…nothing but political posturing;AL you ever ever hear now days from politicians is vote for me, vote fore me…I will solve problems but only if YOU Vote for me.

    I am sick of all of the posturing…get off your ass And do what you were elected to do..quit whining quit moaning quit saying we are racist and do your damn job.. All they do is whine and complain.

    As well you know how I dispise BHO to the 10th degree…. unless he has control of the climate BHO is not to blame… understand this as well… I also do not believe nor do I suscribe to be living in climate change…. it’s nothing more than than the normal unpredictable weather patterns, as it always has been. So don’t go away believin that I have changed my beliefs on climate change, because I have not nor do I believe that mumbo jumbo BS…

    So yes Fred awesome post, we need help…SO PLEASE PLEASE get off your ass and help those who desperately need help…PLEASE quit thinking of yourself and do what you were elected to do…..that’s plain and simple…

    Thank you Fred and please don’t stop cranking up the heat.

  3. the unit says:

    There will be some real experiences with aid. I wish all effected the best. A funny story I experienced during and after Katrina in MS.
    We stayed in my mother’s concrete and steel stringer apartment and had water up to my nose, I 5 foot 8 inches, was 5 foot 10 inches when I had hair. We made it, floating her on her old foam rubber mattress.
    We made the first available application for FEMA assistance. It was for evacuation assistance. We were denied as we didn’t evacuate before the storm. OK. Here is the kicker…fellow across the street who didn’t evacuate and whose house was washed off foundation, but not totally demolished but unlivable, he moved into a helpful lady friends house in the block across the raised railroad track. He got the award check mailed to her address. She without utilities for four months was denied because the fellows check was mailed to her address. Only one check per address (I don’t know if that decision was ever changed).
    Just some experiences I had. So like I said best wishes.
    I should say, Red Cross, Salvation Army, and various church groups came in as soon as possible and helped out tremendously. And I talking as close as to immediate help as was available. Over the years since, yes government grants helped start rebuilding the coast.

  4. Fred, sending prayers to Texas. Wish I was there to help out…is there anywhere, a relief fund or something, so people can donate??

    • the unit says:

      Deb, just a intervening note…until Fred has better referral….
      We had a “Boy Named Sue” after Katrina. Really a girl from Illinois somewhere. Red Cross lady brought us a warm meal every day for months. I was 63, guessing Sue was young chick about 50. Don’t know her address, just ask for Sue @ Red Cross. Won’t be a scam with Sue. :)
      P.S. a church from North Carolina was obviously working back then, your church can probably find those others planning relief.

      • Thanks Unit – I’ve been keeping an eye on the news, Texas announced that they wouldn’t be asking for volunteers until after tomorrow, but the people are starting to filter in already. I’m sure that local churches will know about the relief effort, but usually there is a major source for donations. Terrible loss in Texas, looks like a war zone – with more devastation to come. Really, the whole mid-west has caught it this year. It’s so sad.

        • the unit says:

          Deb, well I don’t think, from experience, you can go wrong with Red Cross and Salvation Army. They won’t be able to rebuild one’s house, but what they do they do well.
          P.S. Stay away from the Clinton Foundation. :)

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