Murder capital: Baltimore’s homicide explosion in wake of Freddie Gray case dwarfs rate of similar cities

Murder capital: Baltimore’s homicide explosion in wake of Freddie Gray case dwarfs rate of similar cities

Baltimore City LogoThe double murder Thursday of a young mother and her 7-year-old boy brought Baltimore’s bloody monthly homicide tally to 38, a figure that dwarfs that of similar-sized cities and even exceeds the total for the same period in New York. SOURCE

Baltimore; a once great city that has risen to new levels of crime, murder being foremost on the list.

Baltimore is a perfect example of what you get when Blacks and Democrats run a city; it rots from the inside out with debauchery, graft, corruption, drugs, rape, robbery and any other crime you can think of.

“Criminals feel empowered now. There is no respect. Police are under siege in every quarter. They are more afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs properly than they are of getting shot on duty.”

- Lt. Gene Ryan, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3

After Baltimore exploded, an explosion that was furthered by the actions, or, should I say *inactions* of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake as she allowed the animals to run wild by giving those who wished to destroy space to do so, and was seriously exacerbated by the indictments State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby made against 6 Baltimore Police Officers, now the city of Baltimore is under seige.

As I have said on numerous occasions, political correctness is going to bring on the death of America.

The Democrats have what they so much wanted; a city that is largely Black, with a majority of Black city employees, a Black police chief, a Black mayor, and I have no idea how many other Black city officials. 

Baltimore is a failure, and all the while the PC crowd screams about how Black lives matter and how THEY are SO proud to be Black as they brand anyone that doesn’t acquiesce to their demands as a racist.

“I’m a proud black man!” said the black man.

“I’m a proud Latina woman!” said the Latina woman.

“I’m a proud gay man!” said the gay man.

“I’m a proud atheist woman!” said the atheist woman.

“I’m a proud Asian man!” said the Asian man.

“I’m a proud transgender woman!” said the transgender woman.

“I’m a proud Native American!” said the Native American man.

“I’m a proud white man!” said the racist.

And then I wonder; why is it that only WHITE people are called racists? We can’t be proud of what WE are too?

Look at Baltimore folks, look closely, you will see the future of every major city in America if PCness, ignorance and Democratic control is allowed to dominate the conversation as criminals and other various cretins are allowed to run wild.

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11 Responses to Murder capital: Baltimore’s homicide explosion in wake of Freddie Gray case dwarfs rate of similar cities

  1. Texasperated says:

    Filed under, “Be Careful What You Wish For”

    Keep your powder dry

  2. Wayne says:


  3. the unit says:

    Dwarfs? What did Jimmy the Greek say?

  4. TexasFred says:

    Shooting death is Baltimore’s 40th homicide in May, a record month for slayings | Fox News

  5. Steve says:

    Judge Jeanine Pirro - Opening Statement on ISIS - Fox News - May 30, 2015

    ps. Link Exchange with CC?

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Chief Batts is the biggest dimwit the Baltimore PD ever hired. I never had a positive impression of him when he was chief of Long Beach California’s police department. I see the mess he left behind whenever I drive through the rough parts of Long Beach. Fortunately the locals know I’m not a stranger and that I’m not afraid of them. They’ve seen me at concert venues and car shows often enough to know I live nearby, so they don’t mess with me. I pity the fools who let Chief Batts kiss up to Mosby and Rawlings. Those two did what Jessie Jackson wanted to do to 0bama: chop his nuts!

  7. dekare says:

    Yes, another long rant by me…

    It is said that we should not stereotype, but as is also said, the proof is in the pudding. How are the blacks of Baltimore right now, any different than the blacks of some turdhole in Africa? The only difference is the clothing and a few nose bones. Other than that, it all looks the same…death, violence, murders, inhuman behavior, and absolutely no civility. Of course, my act of pointing these facts out, makes me a racist.

    I will admit, I HATE THESE PEOPLE. I DESPISE THEM…and I WISH THEM DEATH as they do not belong here in America…in a society founded on civility, respect of others, and respect of the law. But I do not feel this way due to the skin color, I feel this way due to their culture, or should I say, complete lack of.

    In fact, I will go out on a limb here and speak for a large majority of people who have been labeled racist, and safely say, they too feel like I do. They too do not despise these people because they are brown, but because of their attitudes, their values, their lack of respect for others, and themselves, and how they pass down this mentality from generation to generation. Sadly, all of the traits that have led all of us to loathe them so much, seem to be way to frequently associated with those who have brown or black skin. But sadly, there are those that refuse to accept this fact and instead, say that we hate black people simply because they are black. When I judge a black person, I do so based on statistics. When I see a black person who dresses like a gangsta, has gold teeth, a do rag, walking around with that certain look on his face representing the attitude underneath, playing rap music way too loud, I form a certain opinion. And it is not one of a bible studying, college ambitious, woman respecting, future successful person. And 99 times out of a hundred, I am right. But I am supposed to change my way of thinking to protect that 1 person….bullshit. It is the job of that one person to dress and act the way he wants others to think of him.

    It is not racist when I go to the horse races and bet on the horse with the best statistics. It is not racist when car insurance is higher for young unmarried white males under 25 to have higher premiums. It’s statistics. As in more likely than not. And a black looking thug is more likely than not to be a black thug…and nothing more. Hell, if a white kid dresses like a thug, and does all the same things, I think poorly of him too.

    What is truly damaging to race relations, and seems to becoming an epidemic (I hate that word, but it seems to get used for everything, so I will use it too) is the black person who dresses well, speaks well, goes to college, gets a good job, and turns out to still be a nigger. Case in point are many of the blacks I see on the news today stirring up race problems. (obama, mosby, jack$on, $harptongue, angela jackson lee, mandela, moochelle, sinthia mckinney, hank johnson, the majority of the Atlanta school board, the black politicians that all raised their hands up in the “pants up, don’t loot” fiasco, mosby, william j. jefferson, and every other self righteous, white-hating black that became successful due to the oppotunities afforded them by whites.

    I now see a black woman with short hair or shaved head, in a business outfit, and I form an opinion about them now. Not because of her skin color, but because statistically, my opinion will more likely be correct. In fact, any black person that yells racism, and berates whites for being racist, is usually a nigger. A nigger in a suit, but still a nigger. Again, it’s not the skin color, it’s the attitude. Blacks didn’t like this attitude when whites did it to them, but think it is perfectly fine to do it to us. Whites largely dropped their racism against blacks, and blacks picked it up and ran with it.

    Today, when a black person is discriminated against, it is not due to slavery issues, or anything like that. It is due to this newfound attitude that has surfaced in the last few decades. This hatred of whites and entitlement “the world owes me something” mentality that scares whites away from wanting to deal with them. Most of all, WE DO NOT WANT TO BE ACCUSED OF BEING RACIST….WHEN WE ARE NOT.

    I know what is in my heart. I know how I feel about people. I firmly and strongly believe in the doctrine by Martin Luther King, Jr. I judge a person not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. And when I see a black person with their anti-white, anti-American attitude, I despise them. It is their character. It is not that their skin is black, it is their soul that is black and filled with hatred, resentment, and revenge. Why, I have no idea, as slavery has been dead for over 150 years. The civil rights bill was passed over half a century ago. Get over it. How can anyone carry a grudge for so long. I have been wronged so many times in my life, and I still refuse to carry that hatred in me wherever I go. I judge all people individually. Yet blacks are the ones now painting all of us whites with a broad brush and labeling all of us as racist….that’s racist.

    For a black man, when life is tough, it is due to racism. News flash, life is tough, not because of racism, life is tough in general…for everyone. Life is especially tough if you have failed to adequately prepare yourself, or if you parents have failed to prepare you to be more precise. If your parents, or in the case of many blacks, PARENT (singular) fails to teach you the importance of an education, staying away from drugs, poor discipline, and instead, tells you that all of life’s problems are due to the white man, well than they have failed their children, and have set them up to fail themselves. More importantly, they have perpetuated this failure from generation to generation.

    And all of this resentment and bad attitude expressed by blacks, is why white people judge you, and despise you, and are wary of you. Racism is NOT created by whites…it is the creation of blacks. It is your racism against us that we shun and we detest. This is why whites cross the street when they see a black man coming at them. The skin color is only a telling factor. That combined with your clothing and the hateful look on your face. We see that you are trouble, and we steer away. But what does the black man full of hate and racism do…they steer toward trouble. That is a big difference between us.

    Again, I am not saying all blacks, but those that look like niggers, are statistically, going to be one. Yet, I am still man enough to judge everyone individually, and will continue to do so until they have proven themselves as to who they are. However, it is human nature to judge what they see. This is a survival instinct that has bred into the human factor over hundreds of thousands of years. Those that refused to recognize the signs of danger, well they didn’t live long enough to pro-create. And the arrogance of certain people in our society that think they can legislate out of us, something that has been ingrained in us since the dawn of man. Sure, we’ll just sign this bill into law, and all of that way of thinking is extinguished. How vain and egotistical are they who do this?

    As the old saying goes, you are judged by the way you look and the company you keep. Look like a gang banger, you will get treated like one. Dress and act like those that statistically end up in prison, guess what….you have just increased your odds of ending up in prison. Wow, see how that works.

    I busted my ass making sure I got educated. I have over 9 years of post high school education. I worked in construction thoughout my 20’s, got my BS in business in my thirties, became a police officer, my MBA, and eventually, my JD in my forties, and paid for it all out of my own damn pocket. (I still have the student loans I pay every month to show for it) I dressed the part, and kissed a lot of ass to get where I am. I humbled myself in school when I went back after working in the real world. I started over taking jobs that did not pay well just to enter a new field, and only in the last few years, have started reaping some reward, and letting myself relax just a little to enjoy life. I didn’t party all the time, I didn’t hang out on the porch or on street corners with my buddies all day long. I didn’t go around banging all sorts of broads and then leave them with whatever package I shot into their bellies, going to the next good looking thing that will let me in her bed. I have been with the same woman since I was 18, and got married early, and made it work. I have a job where people depend on me. I add value to my company, I teach others my skills, and I work hard, and now, am trying to scrape together to make sure that when the day comes I cannot work, I will be okay. I pay my bills, do not buy things I can not afford (even when I see others that have and do things I would like to have or do.) I do not feel as if someone owes me a damn thing. If I want something, I bust my ass for it. I work overtime if need be, I do without if I have to, and I live within my means.

    But today, I am to be despised for what I have. Hated because I am white, and successful. As if somehow, my success was off the backs of others who have not succeeded. That my success is at the cost of a black man’s failure. That I should now have to share my wealth with him, less I should be made to feel guilty. Yet, did this black person share in my suffering? The better part of my twenties, I do not remember partying all that much. I do remember getting up at 4:30 in the morning to get on the construction site by 6am. Busting my ass in the sun till 5 or later. Getting home by 6pm. But did I rest from there. NOPE. I showered, shoved a peanut butter sandwich down my throat as I drove to class, as I was going to college at night. Not some online nonsense, but a real brick and mortar classroom, with real work. Then, dealt with homework when I had spare time (what is spare time). It took my 6 years to get my Bachelor’s degree.

    But I should check my WHITE PRVILEGE. FUCK YOU. It is this nonsense being shoved at me that makes me resentful of those that would have be submit to this way of thinking. White Privilege my ass. The only privilege I had was to work as hard as I could doing anything I could to make a living and try to get ahead. I had no united negro scholarship fund to pay my school bills or buy my hundred dollar textbooks that meant I gave up a decent lunch for the month. That my grades and entrance exam scores were NOT SKEWED in my favor due to my skin color. That my promotions were given to me because my superiors could check off a box to show how diverse and tolerant their business was. Or that my taxes are stupidly high, and that a large portion of it taken from me to give it to some shithead gave none of the effort I did to make a decent living. That they partied while I humped it, and they get to put their hands in my wallet. And what do I get for my payments to those that failed to prepare. Do I get a thank you? A kiss on the cheek? Nope, not even a handjob. I get a big middle finger, told it is not enough, that somehow, I don’t pay my fair share, that I didn’t build that, that it was not my hard work, but my white privilege that got me all that I have, and I am supposed to love those that hate and despise me. And all I ask is that you at least appreciate what you have gotten from me. That you do not rob me or kill me. That you do not destroy my home, my neighborhood, or my country. That you follow my example even, and be successful with me. That when I employ you with a job and a payscale commensurate with your education and skills, that you appreciate that as well. That if you want more, you do without, and go to school like I did to get it. Not whine and complain, and say the world owes you.

    But if I do any of that, I am a racist. It is you that take from me, but you call me selfish. That it is you that despise me and label me based on my white skin, but you call me racist.

    If you want to create a world where blacks are despised, hated, and resented…you would do all of the things you are doing right now. I do not judge you by the color of your skin. I judge you by the content of your character…and yet…I am the racist.

    • TexasFred says:

      Best rant I ever saw, and more truth than any of THOSE PEOPLE can absorb.. Outstanding writing…

    • Wayne says:

      The one thing you keep saying puts everything else in perspective. It’s the content of your character that sets one apart from another, not some law or regulation. You just can’t fix stupid. John Wayne said it a long time ago, ” life is hard, it’s harder if your’e stupid.” Great rant.

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