Obamas, Minus Barack, Get Ready for European Vacation

Obamas, Minus Barack, Get Ready for European Vacation

The Obama family, minus the president of the United States, will head to Europe later this month, according to the White House. They’ll be visiting the United Kingdom and Italy.

It won’t be all fun and games, however. There will be a couple official stops in the week-long trip. SOURCE

The O'monkey Family

I guess there is nothing too good for the King and Queen of America and their little princesses. And let’s not forget the 1st Mother in Law, I mean, hell, you know we can’t leave her behind, it’s a package deal.

Every time these people go on a trip or a vacation, if Bam-Bam is going, it seems like they always go on separate airplanes, and God help us all if they forget the 1st Mutt. He gets his own plane.

We have people in America that are in dire need of help; medical help, jobs, homes, food and just recently, disaster relief. I don’t know what this trip is going to cost the American tax payer, not yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ll find out soon enough, and I am also pretty sure that the money WASTED on this trip would go a long ways in helping Americans that are seriously in need.

The administration claims this is all for the good of the nation, some expo and in bettering the understanding and cooperation of British schools and American schools, but that my friends is a crock of BS.

This is nothing more than a 1st class vacation trip for the family, on OUR dime!

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4 Responses to Obamas, Minus Barack, Get Ready for European Vacation

  1. Fred,
    Please do me a favor my old friend and please send me some care packages at Ft. Levenworth for what I am about to say…… These rotten no good sorry SOB’s are nothing more than common thieves…. I remember as if it were just yesterday when the radical left libtards were crying for the Head of GWB for spending time at his Crawford Ranch bitching about the cost of transporting Mrs. Bush or for hosting Old Vladimir Putin…. Yes how they bitched, moaned and groaned saying it cost the tax payers hundred of millions for travel expenses…

    Yet when the left does the same it’s all for the good of the country…

    Talk about hypocrisy…. in my book and my way of thinking they a really nothing more than POS, it’s cut and dried…

  2. New York Republican says:

    One parent homes just don’t work. Just look at where those looters come from, and you’ll see what I mean.

  3. Wayne says:

    My wife and I would love a vacation and would not even need to go out of state. I wish we could spend a week in the Keys and send bo the bill but I don’t think he would pay up. As subjects of democracy, we have to pay for the royals.

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