‘They finally broke him,’ dad says of gunman plagued by mental illness

‘They finally broke him,’ dad says of gunman plagued by mental illness

James BoulwareJames Boulware was lashing out in rage long before the attack on Dallas police headquarters early Saturday.

Besides a history of domestic strife, he was accused of threatening the judge who presided over his custody battle against his own mother.

His father said Boulware’s explosive violence Saturday was the culmination of blaming authorities for taking his 11-year-old son away from him.

In April, the boy’s grandmother was granted custody. On Monday, the judge in the case signed the final order, but Boulware was not in court. SOURCE

*He wasn’t ALL bad…*

Well, he’s not *all bad* now. He’s been shot, field dressed, fricasseed and he’s no longer suffering mental illness either.

How many times do we hear that said about all violent criminals? *But he was a good boy…* and then they throw in the *disclaimer*, “Well sure, he was a pimp, a rapist, an armed robber and a dope dealer but he was a good boy and loved his Mama and Daddy…”

I guess that makes it all OK if he loved his Mama and Daddy. But wait, he abused his Mama too …

Oh no!

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One Response to ‘They finally broke him,’ dad says of gunman plagued by mental illness

  1. cary says:

    From what I’ve seen, he was reported, there were signs … but we certainly don’t want to offend anyone, do we? Nope, gotta wait until they lose it, and open fire on a police department before they can be declared mentally incompetent. Should’ve been institutionalized years ago …

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