Head of Spokane NAACP quits amid furor over racial identity

Head of Spokane NAACP quits amid furor over racial identity

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Rachel Dolezal resigned as president of the NAACP’s Spokane chapter Monday just days after her parents said she is a white woman posing as black — a dizzyingly swift fall for an activist credited with injecting remarkable new energy into the civil rights organization. SOURCE

Spray Tans Matter

That ass-nasty Afro-Do doesn’t make you Black any more than the spray tan and makeup, but hang in there Sistah, it’s all gonna work out for you. Word, fo’ shizzle mah nizzle.

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11 Responses to Head of Spokane NAACP quits amid furor over racial identity

  1. cary says:

    She’s “Black”, Jenner is “Female”, Christy is “Republican”, Hillary is “Honest”, and Obama is “Presidential”.

    Yeah, I’m done now.

  2. Ron Stabb says:

    She’ll be out with a Ganksta Rap video next week…Produced by Al Sharpton.

  3. Wayne says:

    Forest Gumps’ mama said it best. “Stupid is as stupid does”, and you can’t fix stupid.

  4. dekare says:

    Wait, can I claim to be black when it comes to college loans or special treatment when applying for jobs and promotions. If so, then I feel black too. My inner money grubbing self that wants to do nothing, get lots of something from others, and do little or no work for it, aligns me with the way of the blacks and how they think. OMG…I am a black man, with some mexican mixed in as well. I never realized it before until now.

    I never realized that I could take how I feel, and assign those feelings to a specific group or class of peoples, and simply announce it to the world and let the benefits roll in.

    OMG…I am a female lesbian too…I LOVE women, and have a strong desire to use the women’s locker room at my local gym, so I could undress and shower with all the other pretty ladies (as I am pretty too….maybe not on the outside, but I feel pretty…and that is all that matters). I am also oh so charming too…so women should swoon for me too. I don’t really have to be charming…I only have to proclaim I am, and that is all that matters. I also no longer need to earn respect from others, I only need to claim I deserve respect from others…and if they don’t give it to me, I will yell and scream how they are racists, mysogenistic, transphobics, and anything else I can think of. I have feelings damn it, and others need to know that my feelings are all that matter.

    I also feel old sometimes too, as my back hurts when I get out of bed, I am cranky a lot, and my knees hurt…holy crap, I now can get senior citizen discounts wherever I go. And if they refuse, I will throw a temper tantrum and claim age discrimination.

    OMG…now that I know how the game works here in America, it is no longer what you are or what you work for, but simply how you feel about yourself and what you feel you deserve that is all that matters, I gots to gets busy. People everywhere owe me something for how I feel damn it.

    Here is an instructional video that if you follow it exactly, you will get lots of free stuff, and no one will expect you to do a damn thing for it.


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