‘I have to do this,’ Charleston church shooter yelled

‘I have to do this,’ Charleston church shooter yelled

Dylann Storm Roof

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Authorities arrested a high-school dropout in connection with the slaying of a prominent minister and eight parishioners in the South’s oldest African-American church and were working Thursday to determine a motive for the shooting.

The suspect, Dylann Roof, 21, of Eastover, S.C., reportedly declared his hatred for black people before opening fire on a Bible study group at the church late Wednesday, federal law enforcement officials said. SOURCE

I’m about as far right and Conservative as it gets and I AM a gun owner, but I advocate gun owner’s responsibility, on this blog and on my gun page on Facebook.

As much as I am in favor of gun ownership I am firmly convinced that there are some people that need to be denied access to ANY guns, even a rubber band gun.

I am also an advocate for responsible friends and family doing whatever it takes to get attention for those that are unbalanced and in need of help in order to try and keep guns out of their hands.

This punk-assed was given, GIVEN the gun by his father. What kind of parent GIVES an obviously *nutty as a fruitcake* kid a gun? That man is as responsible for this travesty as is the kid himself.

I don’t know if South Carolina has and uses the death penalty but if they do I hope the last words this sick son of a bitch hears are *I have to do this*.

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9 Responses to ‘I have to do this,’ Charleston church shooter yelled

  1. Texasperated says:

    Without “googling,” how many remember who Jeanne Assam was? Every church needs at least one person like Ms. Assam.

    Keep your powder dry

  2. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    You nailed it Fred.. You know how I feel about guns and our rights to own certain weapons..

    Insofar as some schizophrenic triple personality owning a weapon, I think not. I am more than certain that South Carolina has a similar law like Texas has… “The Law Parties..in other words, if you participate or facilitate any crime you are as culpable in “THAT CRIME”
    as the person that pulled them trigger..

    So in my backward way of thinking the father who gave this idiot the gun,
    should be charged as well with 9 counts of MURDER, and should get the “NEEDLE” or whatever manner of death South Carolina suscribes to in death penalty cases… Hanging sounds
    good to me…..

    • cary says:

      Pardon my ill-conceived notion of justice, but hanging and the needle are much to fast for this crime. Perhaps send him out here, to work on the chain gang by day, and be strapped over a fire ant hill by night?

  3. Ron in Ohio says:

    My wife has the best solution I’ve heard yet for the cowardly bastard; She says, don’t kill him! Just give him life in prison. But, when he goes in, inform everyone of his fellow inmates that he’s a pedophile/child molester. She say’s his fellow inmates will do the rest and make sure that his everyday his a living hell.

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Does this not sound like Adam Lanza and his mother? It didn’t turn out well for her, if you recall.


  5. dekare says:

    No need to lie and say he was a pedophile, simply let the other prisoners know what he really did, and that was kill innocent black people in church for the simple fact that they were black, and he did not like black people. In fact, no need to even say a word, as the other prisoners will know…word gets out. I bet his new prison homies will welcome him with open arms. normally, on a murder like this, I would like to see the death penalty. But in this case, life in prison is better. First, the cost of a trial and all the appeals in a death penalty case is insane, and the scumbag sits on death row for 20 years or more while the wheels of justice grind S L O W L Y by.

    Prison for this scumbag life in prison will make the death penalty look like mercy. He will be tortured, he will get shanked, he will get raped, he will have no friends, and every black prisoner will take a whack at him.

    • TexasFred says:

      I’m all for LIFE in prison in this case too, IF, he would truly be subjected to ALL of the above, in an ALL BLACK cell block…

      That stupid looking haircut will be an Afro in a month or 2…

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