Vatican issues new seminarian guidelines

Vatican issues new seminarian guidelines

VATICAN CITY (AP) – The Vatican issued new psychological screening guidelines for seminarians Thursday – the latest effort by the Roman Catholic Church to be more selective about its priesthood candidates following a series of pedophile scandals. 

The church said it issued the new guidelines to help church leaders weed out candidates with “psychopathic disturbances.” Sex abuse scandals by pedophile priests have rocked the church in recent years, triggering lawsuits that have cost hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements.

“(The guidelines) became ever more urgent because of the sexual scandals,” Monsignor Jean-Louis Brugues told reporters. He stressed, however, that psychological testing was used in some seminaries as far back as the 1960s – or at least a decade before the pedophile scandals exploded in public.

“In all too many cases, psychological defects, sometimes of a pathological kind, reveal themselves only after ordination to the priesthood,” the guidelines said. “Detecting defects earlier would help avoid many tragic experiences.”

The guidelines said problems like “confused or not yet well-defined” sexual identities need to be addressed.

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Vatican issues new seminarian guidelines

EDIT TO ADD: There are NO pics of lesbian Nuns, NO porn, and YOU are a perv for looking for that kind of stuff. THIS is a story about the real thing, queer priests, lezzie nuns and nuns that like bone!

Well, I have to say, at least the Princes of the RCC are making *some* effort to keep the perverts OUT of the Church, or, maybe I should say, they appear to be making the effort. 

I have a really serious question to ask though. What in the hell are they going to do about the *rump rangers* and *bone smokers* that are already in the priesthood? And in the spirit of fairness, what are they going to do about the sexually frustrated nuns that also prey on altar boys?? As well as their fellow nuns and *carpet munchers*??

Just asking is not wrong is it? But I’ll bet you I don’t get a real and decent answer, not from the RCC or it’s members. The *answer* has always been to move the offenders around, send the priests to a different parish, send sister to the *Mother House* for treatment, or to have that baby she’s carrying, but have it out of the public eye…

The guideline say priests must have a “positive and stable sense of one’s masculine identity” and the capacity to “integrate his sexuality in accordance” with the obligation of celibacy.

The *obligation of celibacy*? That *obligation* is the primary reason that homosexuality is such a widespread practice, no pun intended, within the priesthood, many are drawn to it because OF the opportunity for homosexual contact, and many are seduced BY the homosexual way because of that *obligation of celibacy* the RCC demands, but fails to enforce upon it’s officials. 

Celibacy is NOT a normal act for ANY human being, but in MY opinion, neither is having a homosexual or lesbian relationship. The RCC needs to get it’s house in order, they have driven away more members than most churches have. Their attitudes have kept many more from even considering the church, simply because OF these types of scandals. Until the RCC gets it’s own act together, they have NO business dictating rules of morality to anyone!

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8 Responses to Vatican issues new seminarian guidelines

  1. The visitor was enjoying his tour of the old monastery, and the conversation with the old Friar. Suddenly, a young friar came wailing into the courtyard, crying and carrying on.

    “Whatever is the problem?” asked the old friar.

    After much time, the young friar calms down enough to explain that he had been working on a new translation of the old scrolls.

    “The original translators missed the ‘r’!”

    “It should read CELEBRATE!!”


  2. Robert says:

    To your question: “What in the hell are they going to do about the *rump rangers* and *bone smokers* that are already in the priesthood? ”

    You know, once you let the wolves in the hen house its a bitch to get them out.. they keep coming back for generations…

    I think it’s been going on so long and just recently came to light, it will take some time to root them out and I hope this is a first step…

  3. Basti says:

    IMO the Vatican has done more harm to the RCC by hiding/transferring priests who are pedophiles than the Reformation ever did. And you can’t tell me the Vatican hasn’t been ‘in the know’ since day one.

  4. TexasFred says:

    Rob and Basti, BOTH of you are right on the money..

  5. Sad thing is, I’ve had personal experience with the issue; when I worked the Child Abuse Bureau I had the suspect in one of my cases “whisked away” from the diocese and my supervisor at the time ordered me to drop the case. I was still sufficiently young and naive that I did as I was told.


  6. ASM826 says:

    It’s a step in the right direction, anyway. The celibate priesthood isn’t going to survive anyway. Accepting a married priesthood would be a way to get some better adjusted individuals to join.

    Behind the issue of the abusing priests, however, is the issue of the bishops and administrators that enabled them, covered for them, relocated them, and told the families to hush up for “the good of the Church”.

    I can better forgive an abuser who has no control than I can his superiors who made calculated decisions to allow children to be presented to monsters for abuse. There is the larger crime, and if the lawsuits and the revelations destroy the Church and force the ouster of most of the hierarchy, so be it.

    God is still God, and he will raise up a new church from the ashes.

  7. TexasFred says:

    ASM826 has hit a home run here!! Amen Bro, AMEN!!

    As an *almost* victim*, I have a lot of anger to this day, and I was just turned 17 when a perv priest tried it on me…

    I broke his jaw for him… The only thing that SOB sucked was a straw when he ate dinner for a few weeks…

    And you are DEAD on the mark, the hierarchy is at least as much, if not MORE to blame than anyone, they know, you can bet your ass, they KNOW!!

  8. Tish says:


    How dare the RCC try to push morality down our throats with such rampant abuse of the Scriptures and whatnot within their own secure doors.

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