Syria demands U.S. apology for fatal raid

Syria demands U.S. apology for fatal raid

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syria’s deputy foreign minister says Damascus wants an American apology and compensation for a U.S. commando raid near Iraq’s border that killed eight.

Faisal Mekdad also rejects U.S. reports that Sunday’s raid killed a top al-Qaeda in Iraq operative called Abu Ghadiyah who intelligence suggests was about to conduct an attack in Iraq.

Mekdad said in an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press that all the victims were Syrian civilians and that Damascus does not know the whereabouts of the wanted Iraqi.

He added that the search for Abu Ghadiyah by Syrian and foreign intelligence agencies should continue.

Syria’s government has ordered an American community school and cultural center closed in retaliation.

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Syria demands U.S. apology for fatal raid

All I am going to do with this one is present you with a few of the comments from the USA Today thread where this is posted. Enjoy…

xnavygunner wrote: Dear Syria, As an American citizen I am truly sorry. That we didn’t do it sooner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron9947 wrote: Dear Syria, We are sorry that we killed your terrorist. Sincerely, US Government

xnavygunner wrote: Sorry we didn’t get more. Better luck next time.

TexasFred wrote: Hey Syria, here’s your apology: SIT ON IT!!

GWnumber1 wrote: The USA should demand an apology for Syria allowing terrorists to operate in Syria and cross the border to endanger our soldiers and the Iraqis should do the same.

And then there was THIS numbnutz:

Revolutionist08 wrote: This was a violation of international law. One more war crime to add to the list. How would we feel if Russia invaded Alaska killed civilians including children and then left as quick as they came.

There are moonbats and America hating dipsticks everywhere I guess but I DO have a personal message for Revolutionist08 though, you can sit on it too you IDIOT!!

And out of curiosity, WHY do we have an American community school and cultural center in Syria anyway??

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9 Responses to Syria demands U.S. apology for fatal raid

  1. Robert says:

    I think I can answer your question Fred…So they can close something down when they are mad at us… I think the embassy is closed already. LOL

    Revolutionist08 is correct Fred.
    I think if the Russians came in to Alaska and killed civilians for no reason, we would have a serious problem, and as soon as Eskimo’s start strapping on the bomb vest and blowing up in Moscow I will start worrying about Alaska’s vulnerability…..

    Morons are everywhere Fred it seems like they used to hide better than they do these days….

  2. BobF says:

    If the Russians came to tried to invade Alaska, they would be met by two forces. The first would be the most heavy armed civilian populace the world has ever known and the second would be the best trained and equipped military in history. And, if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got ICBM’s planted all over the Western States.

  3. Patrick Sperry says:

    The moon bats sure do make the rounds…
    Here we have been addressing things of higher importance than some damned terrorist getting sent to his virgins.

    What I posted elsewhere sums up my feelings though.

    Mess with the best, die like the rest…

  4. Thomas Jackson says:

    Shouldn’t the people lamenting the deaths of these terrorists be isolated so whatever they have won’t spread. This guy must have been drinking at Barney Frank’s house.

  5. Bluto says:

    Would it be in poor taste for me to demand an apology from the US govt. because they didn’t kill *more* Syrian terrorists?

    Can you imagine if we EVER really take the gloves off and take care of business?

    Reminds me of what my Dad used to say to me when I was being a whiny kid: “Stop your sniveling, I’ll give you something to cry about.”

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I don’t think I’d worry about Russia invading Alaska; I think Alaskan citizens could likely outshoot Spetznaz troops. I’d worry if Russian invaded San Francisco; no one could or would defend themselves. You’d have to wait until you hid the mid-valley before you’d find citizens with guns. SFPD would be ordered not to fire back, they might harm someone’s self-esteem.


  7. Patrick Sperry says:

    See why I nominated Bluto for POTUS..?

  8. Pat Houseworth says:

    If Russia invaded San Francisco….it would be an improvement. Actually if radical Islam took over San Fran, it would be a much better place. I’m sure those libs would be yelling for help from the US Military…and hopefully none would be forthcoming.

  9. vegas art guy says:

    Dear Syria,
    There’s plenty more where that came from. Go Google ‘B-52′ and see what I mean…