Conservatives have been RIGHT all along

Conservatives have been RIGHT all along

Democrats and assorted Liberal scumbags are always screaming and crying about gun violence and the need for MORE gun laws and how those additional laws will make America a peaceful place and will STOP gun violence.

Well, as everyone knows by now the gun used by Dylann Roof was a gun that he was NOT supposed to have, and that is not rhetorical speech, it is a hard fact.

FBI: Dylann Roof got gun because of screening-system failures

South Carolina shooting suspect Dylann Roof should not have been able to purchase the gun used in the massacre at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the FBI said Friday.

FBI Director James B. Comey said that Roof was able to obtain the weapon, which was used to kill nine African-Americans in a racially motivated attack on the historically black church on June 17, because of shortcomings in the screening system for gun purchases, the Washington Post reported. SOURCE

The Feds failed, Dylann Roof slipped through the cracks, obtained a gun and 9 people died.


The bureau runs a system called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to prevent people like Roof from purchasing firearms.

Comey said the error in the national background check system allowed Roof to get his hands on the .45-caliber handgun, which was also featured prominently in his pictures, despite having been busted for drugs.

The laws are on the books, the system for background checks is in place but the FBI, and thus the Federal government, failed We, The People and allowed a terribly disturbed nutbag to get his hands on a gun, and in the end, ALL gun owners are castigated by the Left, Dems, Socialists, Marxists, the White House, but I repeat myself. 

We don’t need MORE laws, we need a system that works correctly and we need to enforce the laws already on the books, and maybe we need to cut a few old, ineffective and redundant gun laws as well.

And then there’s this:

Gun allegedly used by San Francisco shooting suspect belonged to federal agent, source says

The gun used by a Mexican illegal immigrant when he allegedly shot and killed a 32-year-old woman at a San Francisco pier belonged to a federal agent, a source confirmed to Fox News Tuesday.

It was not immediately clear how Francisco Sanchez, 45, would have obtained the weapon. However, the San Francisco Chronicle reported sources told the paper the gun had been stolen during a car burglary in June. SOURCE

We don’t need MORE immigration laws, we need to enforce the laws on the books, seal the border, lock it down tight, deport ALL illegals, and don’t even think of telling me it can’t be done. Cowboys drove herds for over a thousand miles at a time.

Round em up and herd em to the border. If they try to cross back into the USA, SHOOT THEM DEAD! Yes, I said it, yes I mean every word of it and I am not a racist because of it.

As the *Faux Conservative* once called me a racist for saying that, he has yet to show me what RACE illegal may be.

We either SAVE this nation, using some harsh measures in doing so, or we LOSE this nation and then WE suffer at the hands of those that were once illegals, those that will be in charge of everything.

*The System* is failed Kate Steinle and is failing us and it has been for a very long time. My friends, it is only going to get worse if we don’t get a grip on the internal affairs of America. Donald Trump has never been someone I truly like, but by God, he is right on the mark about everything lately.

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4 Responses to Conservatives have been RIGHT all along

  1. BobF says:

    It’s was initially reported that his father gave him the gun for his 21st birthday. His uncle also said his father gave him the gun. Now, they’re saying that his father gave him $400 and he went and bought the gun.

    Something smells fishy to me. Why the conflicting reports? Something in the back of my head is telling me that they’re going to now use this to bring back the 3-day waiting period to “allow for a more thorough check”. This psychopath took pictures of himself holding a Confederate Flag and the nation went bonkers about having to get rid of the flag. Now it seems that they may go after the instant check.

    It seems to me that maybe they need to quit worrying about protecting the privacy of the mentally disturbed and load their information into the system for the instant check.

    • TexasFred says:

      The media has to tell 3 or 4 stories so they can retract those needed and keep the one that may be somewhat accurate…

      Maybe the FBI lied about the gun… Who knows…

      Full disclosure of information on loons? Yeah, I can see the PC Police letting that happen…

  2. Wayne says:

    Murphys’ Law. If it can happen, it will happen. Another thing with computers is GIGO, garbage in, garbage out. It all boils down to human input and the attention to detail. We have to be careful too about profiling. I wonder if backround checks will work for all the NEW AMERICANS?

  3. Ron Stabb says:

    This shit has been going on for centuries. It really has very little to do with guns. You can’t stop a sick mind.

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