Forgotten gun at school may lead to explusion

Can YOU find the *GUN* in this story?

Ashley Wiener thought she might get some flak for leaving her 1986 Toyota Camry parked overnight at Sachse High School. But she never imagined a knife that her boyfriend left in the car would turn her junior year into a nightmare.

Ashley, 16, and her mom, Christine Omar, say the knife – or what they call a sword – is for decorative purposes only and was going to be used as a prop at a friend’s haunted house.

“I was shocked because I didn’t think there was anything in there until I remembered, ‘Oh no, he left his knife in the car,’ ” Ashley said. “I was upset. I was crying. I didn’t know what to do because I hadn’t been in trouble like that before.”

The knife landed Ashley in Garland ISD’s alternative education campus for students with disciplinary problems. This means 32 days away from her regular classes and teachers. She and her mother say the district’s zero tolerance policy defies the common sense that should be applied to a good student who makes an innocent mistake.

Garland ISD officials would not talk about Ashley’s case but said they are following district policies and state law.

Full Story Here:
Forgotten gun at school may lead to explusion

OK, I am going to make a guess here, the DMN will make an edit, call it a *typo* and blow it off, but I honestly don’t think it’s a *typo*, I think it’s a mindset on the part of the DMN writer, a writer that is most likely a libber and a gun hater, and GUN was the 1st word that popped into her prejudiced head.

And NO, that’s NOT a typo in the title line, it was spelled as *explusion*, I am pretty sure it’s supposed to be EXPULSION

For the love of God, it’s EXPULSION, not explusion, this is a trash piece written by a less than 3rd rate HACK!! You’re supposed to be a professional journalist, it’s called SPELL CHECK Chavez, look into it!!

I’m pretty sure the comments made on the DMN site will all be deleted as well, the DMN is notorious for that, if there’s a challenge, one that makes their so-called *writer* look bad, the critical comments just tend to go away, oh well, it’s their site, but here’s a copy of the email I sent to this HACK reporter:

It’s a knife or a short sword, or so YOUR story says, uh, you DO know the difference between an edged weapon and a gun don’t you??

Do you NOT proof read or is that just an anti-gun bias coming through?? Surely it’s not going to be called a *typo*??

Gun. Knife. Nope, the old ‘Oops, I made a typo’ excuse just isn’t going to get it done!! I think it’s anti-gun prejudice showing!

I am wondering if perhaps this Stella Chavez is a product of an education provided by the DISD, or is she just that damned ignorant?

EDIT TO ADD: It only took 8 hours and 38 mostly sarcastic comments for it to happen but the DMN finally realized it was a KNIFE and not a GUN and the girl is facing EXPULSION, and not EXPLUSION… 😛

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15 Responses to Forgotten gun at school may lead to explusion

  1. Patrick Sperry says:

    Maybe the “wiener?” As in “this is my rifle, this is my gun…

    This goes beyond stupid is as stupid does. Can I get a job and get paid for such incompetent nincompoopery somewhere..?

  2. Kurt "45superman" Hofmann says:

    Ah-what David Codrea (War on Guns) refers to as “Authorized Jorunalists.” They tend to hold bloggers in contempt, but in my experience, Stella typifies the “professionalism” of the mainstream media.

  3. Basti says:

    Most ‘news sources’ got rid of ‘proof readers’ many years ago and we all know that ‘spell check’ won’t kick out a word if its spelled right (write) even if that word doesn’t belong in the post.

    Then of course it could have been deliberate, as nothing is beyond the pale for the anti-gun nuts.

    And what’s the big deal about a sword/knife? Apparently they have confusion over that as well. Are the authorities worried about that someone will kill a dozen people with a sword, maybe a knife?

  4. TexasFred says:

    And one of the wonderful things about Google is, they have the DMN story archived now, EXPLUSION and *GUN* both as is, so, even if the DMN dumps the post completely, it is saved for posterity…

    And if you Google *explusion*, I get the TOP hit right now… DMN and their f*ckup did ME a lot of good… 😛

  5. GM Roper says:

    “This is my rifle, this is my gun, one is for killing the other for fun.” The times that is repeated in basic combat training would make someone a fortune if it was only paid at 1/1000 of a cent per utterance.

    The stupidity of the hacks at MSM would embarrass them if they only knew basic English. Alas, they don’t!

    Good post TF, keep up the good work!

  6. Jenn says:

    Hey Fred, It took me 5 times to get to your site from Roberts. It kept redirecting to NAMBLA. I SHIT YOU NOT. Just an FYI. I don;t know if anyone else is having that problem.

    As for the story, the whole thing is a crock of shit. This “zero tolerance” crap is over the top. Kids getting expelled for aspirin??? A decorative sword? LAME.

  7. TexasFred says:

    Well, I went to Rob’s site and clicked my stuff, went right here… That’s weird… OK, thanks for the heads up.. I think… 😕

    EDIT: OK Jenn, you’re NOT crazy, it WAS going to NAMBLA, not sure why, I had a troll that I have banned and had redirected him to a site that I am sure he’s bound to enjoy, I don’t think I had the settings right, seem to be now… Technology is grand, but operator error is a bitch… :(

  8. Backwoods says:

    Basti - I think the word the spell-checkers missed was “explusion”. It isn’t a word in my dictionary. But if you run the word on Google, TexasFred’s post (this one) is the number 1 hit! :-)

    When you search the news or see a sidebar of newstories, they quote the title and a “teaser” line. The part of the story that is supposed to interest you enough in the whole story to click the link. But there are way too many stories for everyone to click every link, so what happens is that most of the people who see a reference to the story will see only that. Perfectly reasonable. We can’t read every story and skimming “headlines” at least gives you a pretty good idea about what the media is reporting.

    For this article the teaser version that everyone sees is:

    “Forgotten gun at school may lead to explusion
    Dallas Morning News, TX - 3 hours ago
    By STELLA M. CHÁVEZ / The Dallas Morning News Ashley Wiener thought she might get some flak for leaving her 1986 Toyota Camry parked overnight at Sachse … ”

    which cuts the story off eight words before the word “knife”.

    Which means that most people who read the headlines have no idea that it was actually a knife. I would be amazed if newspaper editors were not keenly aware of how much of each story will be included in the teaser post. In fact, I’m no expert regarding such things but it seems reasonable that the editor my even be able to set how much of the story gets included in the teaser.

    In any event, they made sure that headline skimmers will never see the word “knife” and that therefore the vast majority of people that see the teaser will assume that, indeed, it was a gun.

    Does that help the “anti-gun” folks? Of course! Big-time. Most of the public just registers that there was yet “another gun brought to a school” and links in their mind to the “Columbines” and pushes all but the NRA card carriers a bit closer to wanting them banned.

    The story should be filed under: “Intentional and inexcusable phony propaganda.” And then it (the story) should be taken out and shot.

    Thanks for bring this to our attention Fred!


  9. Malinda777 says:

    Once again…punish the good, reward the bad!

    It’s called redistribution of brains!

  10. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    “Explusion” — I did a double take on that one and thought, no, it’s likely not TF and by God, it’s right there on their website! What a bunch of incompetents! Clearly a product of the “well, spelling doesn’t really much count; it’s the thought you want to get through” philosophy in grade school.


  11. TexasFred says:

    Ya BZ, you are very correct, I am a known Spelling Nazi!

  12. nannykaren says:

    Hmmm, Ahhhh, since when does gun g-u-n spell k-n-i-f-e knife??? Good Grief!

  13. Kate says:

    Obviously a recent product of public education.

  14. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    You’re probably like me, TF; when I typo a word — even in a comment — I get all nutted up.


  15. Carl Andrews says:

    This “reporter” is biased, incompetent, and a poor speller.
    The officials at the school are zealots unable to judge circumstances on a case-by-case basis.
    As if I needed more proof of how ludicrous things have become in our everyday lives.

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