Parents blast school’s decision to hire ex-Florida cop tied to KKK

Parents blast school’s decision to hire ex-Florida cop tied to KKK

Blood CrossA Florida elementary school hired an ex-cop linked to the Ku Klux Klan in a law enforcement report — and angry parents want to know how he got the job.

David Borst resigned as deputy chief with the Fruitland Park Police Department after his connection to the KKK surfaced last year in a report from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. On Aug. 10 he began a job at the Wildwood Elementary School, working in the cafeteria. The next day angry parents “lit up” Facebook, demanding answers about the hiring, WFTV reported. On Wednesday Borst was out of a job.

Sumter County school district officials told the station a background check was conducted before Borst was hired.

“How do they even get in?” parent Samantha Verges said in an interview with the station. “He shouldn’t have been able to squeeze in and get in there. That’s terrible. Who else could get in?” SOURCE

I realize that to *some* people being a member of the Klan is a terrible thing, that’s their opinion and I’m good with it; to each his own, but I have to ask; when did being a Klan member become a disqualifier for a job and when did it become *illegal* to belong to the Klan?

Was he accused of violent RACE crimes? Was he a convicted felon?

Don’t you suppose that there are members of the NAACP or Black Panthers that hold jobs? Do you imagine that members of the Communist Party or the Socialist Party may hold jobs too? How about the NAZI Party? Do you think any of them may be gainfully employed in some way?

Membership in any of those groups, all of which, for the record, I personally find to be despicable, doesn’t give a community the right to demand that this guy, or any particular person should not be employed because of their personal affiliation in ANY group as long as the person does a good job for their employer and doesn’t engage in ILLEGAL activities, on or off of the job.

Can you imagine the cries of RACISM if a Black person was fired and/or denied a job simply because they were a member of the Black Panthers or NAACP?

It’s kind of *funny* how ANYONE in America can do or be anything they want to be, well, unless you’re a White guy.

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7 Responses to Parents blast school’s decision to hire ex-Florida cop tied to KKK

  1. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Does this Judicial Watch report ring any bells on Valerie Jarrett family ties..

    • The Right Handed Cowboy says:

      But I guess she gets a pass…let’s see here….KKK or say COMMUNIST in the white house..just sayin…

  2. Ron in Ohio says:

    One major point missing in the story is; I’ll bet that school will have a ZERO problem with any Black violence as long as this guy is known to be employed there.
    Of course, Fruitland Park, Florida - North of Orlando - And Sumpter, County to it’s West - Both probably don’t have enough Black folks to make a noisy demonstration and are probably law-abiding anyway, as most rural Black folks are. So what’s the big deal?

  3. dekare says:

    Point damn well taken here. White males are to be destroyed unless they not just tolerate, but promote gayness, blackness, hyphen-Americaness, equal outcomes for all and blah blah blah. Anything less and the label makers get busy, and do NOT stop until said white guy is destroyed financially, personally, emotionally, and no longer has any friends anywhere, lest they too be destroyed as well.

    But the person who has the presidents ear in her pocket is a damn commie…no big deal. Frequent whitehouse visitors $harptongue and jack$on are race baiters, and openly hate whitey, well, they get the red carpet treatment. Anyone remember van jones? What about malik shabbyass of the new and improved african-american panthers? I think obama let him shag mooch in the lincoln bedroom as a reward for opening hatin on whitey. Then there is bill ayers, a disgusting openly anti-american piece of garbage should be rotting in a dungeon for what he’s done, but instead, until recently, after pissing off O-man, had a cushy job teaching and turning our kids into American hating commies.

    Anyone hating on America or whitey, they are allowed to opening do so as long as they continue to loudly and proudly continue hating and pushing obama’s agenda. But if whitey joins a group that they hate, well, we all know that tolerance is a one way street, and only we have to tolerate them, and never the other way round.

    Why stop at the KKK? How long before the tea party gets labeled as a branch of the KKK? Oh wait, they already do that. What other groups will soon join KKK status for purposes of being defamed and destroyed? The Oath Keepers, Citizens United, the Conservative Caucus, Freedom Watch, Freedom Works, Hillsdale College, Conservative Bloggers and on and on. First we sic the IRS on them, then we create laws to censor them and/or shut them up.

    We have sex offenders and pedophiles still employed by the Dept of Education, that can NOT be fired, but this guy, who has done NOTHING wrong, he should be.

    I can NOT wait until The Donald wins and sets up shop in the Whitehouse. There will be hell toupee when that day comes (hehe, couldn’t help it). I hope we finally get a leader that cleans house…I mean REALLY cleans house. Shuts down these liberal gangs posing as the EPA, DEA, DHS and on and on. Bans the black caucus, or better yet, allows a white caucus. (Why do we NOT have one right now?) Where PC is ignored, or laughed at.

    I can not but feel that if Trump can get this country back on track economically at least, and people start getting jobs again, get back on track with their careers, raises, and growth abound everywhere, strengthening the dollar, building back our credit, and all around making America top dog again, where the future starts to look bright again, well, that leaders has the effect of being loved by a whole lot of Americans, and he gets to start setting the tone on what is proper and what is not. I mean, imagine if the perpetually offended get told to piss up a rope? Stupid lawsuits are thrown out, bad laws are removed and good laws are made, well, the entire “attitude” of the country can be swayed.

    What I think is funny, is that the KKK is open to and has black members, but the CONgressional black cockus nor the new black panthers does NOT admit whites.

    So, who is the racist group here?

  4. Petermc3 says:

    Robert Byrd must be laughing his ass off…

  5. Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

    It’s the double standard for Caucasoids and that’s the way it is and will be, absent a revolution. I used to think that was impossible. Now I think, week by week, that some sort of revolution is inevitable on many fronts and many levels.


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