Trump immigration proposal divides GOP presidential field

Trump immigration proposal divides GOP presidential field

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Donald Trump is dividing his Republican presidential rivals anew with his call to rewrite the Constitution to crack down on millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, and to force Mexico to pay for a better border fence. Scott Walker embraced some of the plan Monday, but other contenders, such as Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina, dismissed elements as unworkable. SOURCE

Caution - Wetbacks AheadI don’t know if Donald Trump’s *plan* is actually doable but I have to tell you; if it is, if it can be accomplished, this United States of America would, in all probability, save enough money from expenditures on crime fighting, schools, food and medical care for illegals to pay for the roundup, the deportation and the border security.

The biggest problem *President* Trump would face would be the gutless SOBs in BOTH Houses of Congress, this story fully illustrates the deep division within the GOP, the Dems would be 100% in line against Trump and ANY action to secure the border or the nation.

The only thing I see the Congress and House supporting would be some type of *blanket amnesty*, one that not only covers the illegals already here but one that would further affirm the citizenship of their *anchor babies*.

I have posted this repeatedly but for new readers; I am the grandson of an immigrant, a legal immigrant that found his way to Ranger, Texas in 1919 and eventually settled in Shreveport Louisiana.

My family was raised as an AMERICAN family, with this, the USA, being our home, not just a place to live and prosper as we considered some other nation to be our REAL home.

We are not hyphenated Americans; we are Americans, plain and simple, and our allegiance is to this nation, the Constitution and the American people. Our family came to America through those *proper channels* I mentioned earlier and personally, I have NO USE for ILLEGALS of ANY ilk nor those that would sign a bill to GIVE them American citizenship. That is AMNESTY, no matter what they call it. 

Establishing priorities is one thing, playing fast and loose with the law, and spinning it to suit the desires of the Legislative Branch in their effort to work a *blanket amnesty* into place is an entirely different matter and this is exactly what I believe would happen should Trump become POTUS; the House and Senate would continue in their RINO ways and stall any effort by Trump to deport illegals and their children. 

If these people screaming for their ILLEGAL acts to be made legal would come here legally, contribute to the GOOD of America, speak English and become Americans, not a hyphenated American, just an American, they would be welcomed with open arms..

Yet they continue to come here ILLEGALLY and are nothing more than CRIMINALS for that very act, but they still DEMAND that their ILLEGAL ACTS be forgiven and that they be granted AMNESTY from prosecution and given U.S. citizenship, with ALL benefits, simply because they were able to successfully execute an ILLEGAL action.

Illegal immigration has got to stop, if someone like Donald Trump can’t get it done then I don’t believe it will ever be stopped and we will continue our death spiral into becoming a 3rd world nation.

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11 Responses to Trump immigration proposal divides GOP presidential field

  1. One Citizen Speaking says:

    The way to handle the immigration problem is relatively simple:
    1. Demand that all illegal aliens register within 180 days or forever forfeit their right to remain in the United States. Any person arriving after that cut off date would be deported no if ands or buts. With solid numbers, one can begin the impact studies based on financial, medical, social, and geographical impacts.
    2. Insure that our VISA tracking system is working both ways — entry and exit. Thirty days after an exit date, you name is added to the watch list and you will be criminally sanctioned and then deported. Most non-Mexican people do not come from over the Sothern border, they arrive by plane or ship and overstay their visa.
    3. We re-work our social security card numbering system — I have proposed a workable scheme that can be operated in parallel during a changeover. All non-verified numbers are flagged for the purposes of bank transactions, medical use, and social services. And, yes, it will be a photo-id and have biometric data.
    4. All employers need to use e-verify; with hotlines to resolve problematical cases of mistaken identity or lost documentation.
    5. No H-1B visas will be granted until there is a demonstrated need that cannot be filled by Americans — and at a wage comparable to American wages. No importing skilled workers to displace American jobs as we have seen in Silicon Valley or at Disney.

    If Trump fails to list these measures, he is not serious. Considering Trump is not a conservative, flip-flops like a weathervane, has dodgy cronies, and is more about being a media whore than policy maker, I have my doubts he will overcome his negatives to actually become President. That leaves: Walker, Cruz, Rubio, and Fiorina as top-tier candidates … with Jeb Bush being the reluctant candidate who is going through the motions.

    • Wayne says:

      Bush, Rubio and Fiorina are not the people who they seem to be. Bush, with his act of love bullshit, Rubio with the gang of eight and if you listen to Carly’s speech about the muslims and their culture, given two weeks after 9-11-’01, she should be eliminated from the minds of anyone with an ounce of common sense.

  2. BobF says:

    Operation Wetback instituted by President Eisenhower. It worked with much fewer resources than today. Interesting to note in the article that LBJ was in favor of open borders.

  3. Petermc3 says:

    As I channeled surfed this morning and landed on MSNBC the libs and RINOs did not disappoint as they pissed all over Trump and his proposals for cleaning up the illegals mess. And where did this ephemeral figure of 11 million cited by both the left and right come from? Multiplying that by three or four would probably be closer to the truth.
    Do these jerk-offs not fear for their children and their grandchildren’s future? Probably not since that would conflict with their ideology.

  4. Always On Watch says:

    I don’t know if Donald Trump’s *plan* is actually doable but I have to tell you; if it is, if it can be accomplished, this United States of America would, in all probability, save enough money from expenditures on crime fighting, schools, food and medical care for illegals to pay for the roundup, the deportation and the border security.

    I agree! And we’d save on local taxes, too. A huge portion of local taxes are funneled into expensive ESL programs, which have a terrible track record for success after the first year of ESL instruction. Not to mention all the expensive wings built onto schools so as to accommodate the children of illegal aliens.

  5. Capt Ron says:

    We’ve heard candidates speak on fixing the illegal immigration problem, then they get in office and … nothing. Time and again.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

    Ideally, I still am looking at Ted Cruz. He represents most of what I believe. Not all; most. That said, we need to start inside and work out. Yes, to all of what OCS has written above. But if we dry up the “need” for illegals, we dry up the source to a great degree — not entirely but mostly. Those who officially hire illegals need to be penalized. Large businesses, contractors, other businesses. Illegals destroy American jobs and destroy wage bases. When we eliminate illegals from the equation businesses can begin to deal with their competition on an equal footing. This goes hand-in-hand with national trade, but that’s a topic for another time.

    One side point: the need to “uneducated illegals” to pick fruit, crops, mow lawns, flip burgers, is dwindling year by year, by the way. Technology is picking up that venue and starting to eliminate many of those jobs. To say that the US MUST import illegals for these jobs is becoming a specious argument.

    I’ve said for years: enforce the laws or change the laws. Because when you continue to have laws that you once enforced and no longer have the national will to enforce, you invite lawlessness on that and other levels. That kind of rampant, obvious, clear hypocrisy breeds hate, discontent, and disdain for further laws.


    • mark says:

      My dad told me a story about an old Indian chief that met president Kennedy and left him with this advice, don’t be as free with your immigration laws as we were. Don’t know where he got it but it stuck with me

  7. Wayne says:

    Years ago I remember Tom Tancredo, from Colorado, on C-SPAN, talking about the suspension of legal immigration until the government could catch up and ascertain the impact all these immigrants had on the country. Common sense, I feel, cost his re election. People like myself have been angry for years over the in your face disregard for the laws already on the books. America, as we know it was, at one time was a beacon of freedom. Now it has become a magnet for the have nots, who would demand everything and give back very little, if anything in return. This president and his administration are transforming the country and they have got to know they are destroying us as a nation. This is treason and our congresscritters know this too.

  8. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    Our congressman Pete Sessions has come out for Jeb Bush. So we know Sessions will not vote for deporting illegals.

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