6,500 Migrants and Refugees Cross Into Austria from Hungary

6,500 Migrants and Refugees Cross Into Austria from Hungary

Austrian officials told NBC News they expected 10,000 or more by the end of the day.

Waiting Austrians held signs that read, “Refugees welcome.” Many of the arrivals collapsed on the floor, smiles on their faces.

“Austria is very good,” 23-year-old Iraqi Merhan Harshiri told The Associated Press. He smiled broadly as he walked toward the supply line, where newcomers munched apples and bananas. “We have been treated very well by Austrian police,” he added. SOURCE

EU Logo“Refugees welcome.”

Somehow, it strikes me that this will be one of the most regretted statements in recent Austrian history, I am wondering if the EU hasn’t just sunk their own boat as well.

When you open the door holding a *Welcome Sign* you’re going to get a lot of new residents, I wonder if the Austrian government is going to go full *Open Arms* and give these people the Austrian equivalent of a Social Security card, a health card, a drivers license and food stamps?

Wouldn’t that be the thing to do? Tax your own people into oblivion so these refugees can have a comfortable life on YOUR dime?

The Latest: Bavaria calls for help from other German states

Authorities in Bavaria, Germany’s biggest state, say they want other parts of the country to take up responsibility for new migrants after some 7,000 people arrived Saturday.

A spokeswoman for the authorities in Upper Bavaria says some 1,360 people arrived in Munich by Sunday morning and a further 4,000 people are expected during the course of the day. SOURCE

I’m wondering how long before the German states will be rolling out the Army to control these mostly Muslim refugees? Remember; *There is no God other than Allah*, that is their unshakable mantra and no matter where they go, for whatever reason, they WILL try to convert that place to Islam and to Sharia Law.

It’s what they do. 

I have been sitting here listening to the *talking heads* on the Sunday news programs as they espoused the idea that we, the American people, must help these refugees, must take in great numbers of them as the Europeans are doing. I believe anyone that has ever read my blog already knows how I feel about that.

We, the United States of America, have problems of our own; we have hungry and homeless Americans, men, women and children, we have military Veterans severely in need of healthcare, care that they earned due to their service to this nation.

As long as we have sick, hungry and homeless Americans in need we should sweep our own step and care for our own people.

This came as NO surprise to me; The Vatican will shelter 2 families fleeing war and hunger, as the Pope calls on Europe to do the same.

2 whole families? Seriously? Yes indeed, the Vatican has sure thrown out the Welcome Mat and done their *feel good* gesture.

Sure, the Pope is also calling for Catholics to take in families of refugees as well and I am anxious to see how many Catholic families suddenly start to turn up dead, beheaded as is the tradition of Islam and Muslims.

In my opinion people would be better off taking in and trying to domesticate a wild animal, these *refugees* do NOT assimilate, they only know how to fight, kill, murder and force THEIR beliefs off on a host nation.

God help us ALL, the gates of HELL are standing wide open!

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11 Responses to 6,500 Migrants and Refugees Cross Into Austria from Hungary

  1. 2 Families…..Hope da Pope don’t go hungry!!

  2. I’ve an excellent idea: if the Vatican can take two families, why can’t the Obamas set up a plethora of cots in the White House? Certainly there’s lots of room and a great kitchen staff downstairs. They could talk amongst themselves about Sharia law.


  3. Steve says:

    Fred: I don’t normally make comments but on this one I have too, the hoax about the little boy drowning in itself was a tragedy but the fact that the father is now going back t Syria makes me wonder just how bad is it really? Have you noticed that MOST of these refugees are young men between 18 & 35 do not see many women or children, what gives with that. It does make me think you could be right… the gates of hell have been opened…. Steve O

  4. BobF says:

    ISIS is claiming they have gotten over 4,000 fighters into Europe disguised as refugees. One thing, ISIS isn’t stupid and this is the perfect way for them to infiltrate Europe and eventually the US as out fools in government will start taking them in.


    • Wayne says:

      Bob, it seems to be easy to smuggle large shipments of illegal drugs to any country in the world. If there are soldiers for ISIS among the “refugees”, couldn’t the smugglers also ship weapons? I pity the Europeans who are disarmed by their governments. They have no way to resist an armed uprising or jihad, which is incumbent on every practicing muslim. Our collective leaders are lying to us. islam is a political movement, just as the Nazi party was. Will the people wake up before the bloodshed begins? We as a country have already experienced the outbreak of these islamists and have lost lives because of it. How about the muslim training camps scattered across the country that our FBI knows about. Something is just not right with this picture.

  5. Wayne says:

    Thank you for shedding some light on this problem Fred. France, Greece, Italy, Spain, the UK, Germany and many other countries all have created this problem for themselves. The EU has called for the acceptance of these “refugees” on humanitarian grounds without any input from their citizens. Read the news on the net. Our media doesn’t cover the chaos these invaders cause. Rape, murder and outright defiance of the laws of these nations has become the norm in Europe. This is not immigration, it is an invasion. The muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qutar, Dubai and the rest of lot that adheres to the sharia won’t take them in for fear of terrorism. WTF! Kinda like why won’t our government put pressure on Mexico to do for their citizens what the taxpayers in this country are forced to do for them. There is no “right to immigrate” into the US, just as their is no law that says WE THE PEOPLE have to pay for this shit.We need a president that will change the way we look at immigration.

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