Refugee surge to Europe raises concern about militants

Refugee surge to Europe raises concern about militants

PARIS (AP) — When Islamic State extremists lost control of a key crossroads town in northern Syria in June, some militants shed their jihadi garb and blended in with the flood of Syrians fleeing across the Turkish border. Since then, the exodus of Syrians and Iraqis toward Europe has surged — and Europeans opposed to taking in more refugees say that more than ever, they fear “disguised terrorists” in their midst. SOURCE

The surge of Islamic refugees from ANY nation is, or should be a concern for all nations yet Barack Hussein Obama and his regime want to open OUR borders and allow these vermin to infest America with their sickness, mental and physical.

A Muslim POTUS

But being *fair and balanced* is something I pride myself on; the above graphic is not only truthful, it is shameful, and speaks volumes regarding the so-called leadership of America, the Democrats AND the Republicans.

You can accept the following as fact or write it off as the opinion of an America 1st patriot that knows nothing, your choice; this nation is already full of radical Islamic Jihadists and their weapons, more of both are coming into America every day and the longer that is allowed the easier it will be for Obama to hand over the keys to the American government and our way of life. 

And the United States Congress and Senate are BOTH guilty of TREASON for allowing this Muslim in the White House to destroy the USA.

When do We The People rise and take America back?

Radical Islam 2
It is coming America; WAR on American soil, and it will be Right vs. Left, the Liberals, the ILLEGALS and Obama’s Muslim brotherhood.

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7 Responses to Refugee surge to Europe raises concern about militants

  1. BobF says:

    Probably off topic but I think you’re really going to like this.

  2. In all fairness, Europe should be importing Mexican illegal immigrants …
    — if we fly Muslims over here, Europe should fly Mexicans there.
    — if the refugees only speak Arabic and not the language of their host country, Mexicans only speak Spanish and not the language of their host country.
    — if the Muslims are escaping war and poverty, so are the Mexicans escaping the drug war that has killed more people than Americans in Afghanistan, and crushing poverty.

    Why we don’t limit assistance to families and not men of jihadi age and like all liberals claim “it’s for the children?”

  3. Wayne says:

    I hope Trump brings the muslim problem up tonight. The president is too obvious where his allegiance lies. TRAITOR to the American People. Our congresscritters should have stopped this asshole years ago. Weapons (small arms and manpads) are probably scattered all over the country and they won’t dare inspect a mosque for fear of offending these sand rats. I thought we would have a bad summer but we better be prepared for one helluva winter. If anything happens along the lines of 9/11, I hope that it starts where all these progressives live. Maybe then the elites will realize that they are on the jihadis’ list too. Keep your powder dry.

  4. Petermc3 says:

    Yeah, where the progressives live. The islamist street fighters should have no problem tearing down the fences of their gated communities.

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