Texas nationalists reportedly try to get secession question onto GOP primary ballot

Texas nationalists reportedly try to get secession question onto GOP primary ballot

Texas BlueBonnet God BlessA group calling for Texas to secede from the United States and become an independent nation has launched an effort to get a question about independence onto next year’s Republican presidential primary ballot.

The Texas Tribune reports that the Texas Nationalist Movement has begun circulating a petition with the goal of getting 75,000 signatures by December 1, over 8,000 more than what the Texas Secretary of State’s office requires to put the question on the ballot.

The vote on whether Texas “should reassert its status as an independent nation”, in the words of the petition, would be non-binding and the state Republican Party has already distanced itself from the group. SOURCE

Of course the Republican Party has distanced itself from the group.

You see, the GOP, whether it be local, state or national, is the most gutless conglomeration of cowardly, pencil-necked peckerheads and pud-knockers this nation has ever seen.

Once upon a time I actually believed that the behavior we see from the GOP, on ALL levels, was behavior we would only see from Leftists, Libbers, Commies, Socialists and any other assorted batch of garbage, but there is a BIG difference between the various organizations on the Left and the GOP, that difference being; those bunches of Leftists and Loons has the courage to stand for what they believe in, even if it is totally asinine.

The GOP hasn’t got the guts to stand against ANYTHING and they are in control of the House and Senate, but they still back down at each and every opportunity.

No nation, no country and no Republic have ever won their freedom by asking politely with hat in hand, by submitting a petition or voting at the polls.

We are talking about FREEDOM, mankind doesn’t ASK for their freedom, if you value your freedom you will FIGHT for it.

If Texans want their freedom back, if we want to dissolve our ties with the less than United States of America then that is our right as FREE men and women. 

This is REAL life, it is NOT a page from Oliver Twist asking “Please Sir, may I have some more?”

You don’t ask a tyrannical government for your freedom and you don’t beg them either, both efforts are useless. A FREE people don’t have to beg for what is theirs by the grace of God.

A FREE and Conservative Texas Republic, that should be the goal of ALL Texans!

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23 Responses to Texas nationalists reportedly try to get secession question onto GOP primary ballot

  1. cary says:

    If Texas secedes, watch housing prices go through the roof, until supply catches back up with demand.

  2. Ron Stabb says:

    I couldn’t get through the second debate. The bullshit was a foot deep at half-time.
    We can blame Obama for a Congress and Nation divided where nothing gets done.
    I’d go easy on that secession idea. Last time we tried that was 150 years ago. It didn’t go well. Over 600,000 died.

    • TexasFred says:

      The United States (Obama) would want to hold a *beer summit*, there would be no fight as at least HALF of all military branches would immediately come to Texas, bringing their *toys* with them, making Texas a military power to not only contend with, but to fear… We have an economy that is ranked Number 12 in the world… Do you really think we need to worry about a Socialist SOB and the far less than United States?

      Most people just don’t realize; the USA NEEDS Texas but we don’t really NEED the USA…

  3. Wayne says:

    If that happened, my wife and I would move to Texas. I would stand with Texas in the fight for liberty.

  4. Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

    C’mon, the GOP won’t side with that movement because they truly think you’re crazy. They wouldn’t side with the movement because it would REDUCE THEIR POWER.

    Frank Underwood: it’s all about the money and the power; mostly the power.

    If Texas seceded, yes, I’d have to move to Texas.


  5. dekare says:

    I have to say, I never understood the civil war and why the north HAD to force the south into submission. Where did it say that when a state joined the union, it was forever and ever? Surely joining was not meant to be a suicide pact, where the southern states had to do what the northern states told them, at the cost of their economy. The north was perfectly okay with slavery until they embraced the industrial revolution…then they had machines to do their work for them as opposed to slavery…so now slavery is outlawed and the south better do the same. Despite the fact that the south was a completely different way of life.

    I am sure the south simply wanted to control their own destiny and by splitting with the union, they only wanted to separate the domineering of the north. I am sure that if the north was attacked by an enemy, the south would have stood by the north and help protect her. But nope, that was not good enough. The north wanted to be the boss, wanted to dominate the south, and tell it how it should conduct itself, despite the fact that each state back then was thought of as its own separate country.

    The northern states telling the southern states what to do was tantamount to Germany telling England or France what to do. And we saw who the bad guy was and what happened when Germany tried to do exactly that. But you see, the winner gets to write the history books, and so, the south is evil, and Lincoln is a great man for PRESERVING the union. Lincoln, in my opinion, was no better than Hitler. He wanted the country his way or it was war and death. I know that statement will not make me popular, but so be it. Can anyone convince me that what Lincoln did was not tyranny? I am all ears and open if you want to try.

    Now, Texas wants to leave. This is no different than a divorce. If you enter a marriage, and one side does not live up to your expectations, you separate. Well, here, Texas has seen what America has turned into, and wants no part of it. They do not want to foot the bill for idiot states like California. Texas wants to plan its own future, and if the president, hell the entire U.S. government wants to change the rules, and modify the original agreement, well, that is breach of contract, and Texas has the right to void the contract altogether, and leave.

    I am SURE that Texas is not the only state that feels this way, and can you imagine if Texas successfully left the union? The government of the U.S. is not afraid of losing just Texas, it is damn well terrified of all the other states that will surely follow suit.

    And that will be the end of the U.S. and you know what, if that is what our government has come to, so be it. Here’s an idea. Instead of forcing a state to stay, how about the U.S. going back to doing things so that states will not want to leave. That means stop with the strong arm of the federal govt. The insane takeover of what used to be state functions, the insane federal taxation, and on and on. But nope, that idea is beyond those in DC. They will use force and watch lots of Americans die just to maintain their power.

    I have a better idea. instead of Americans killing Americans over secession. How about soldiers start targeting the assholes that are starting these wars to begin with. Imagine if our politicians that refuse to act, or are embracing socialism and forcing it on the states knew that it was them that would be targeted, and not the lowly soldiers that they think they command, they may stop and think before they start making demands of what states should and should not do.

    For a very long time now, there has NEVER been a down side to politicians doing what they want. Hell, the worst thing that we can do to them is vote them out. Oh darn, with their lifetime benefits and retirement pay, and golden parachutes that you and I will never see, for serving just a SINGLE TERM. Gee, that’ll learn em.

    There needs to be punishment if you are a bad politician. We no longer tar and feather, run them out on a rail. Well why not? Bring that back. It kept them straight back then.

    But of course, I am just a right wing whacko. What do I know.

    • cary says:

      dekare for President of the New Southern Republic.

      Don’t mess it up, man, we’ll have to tar and feather you and run you out of town on a rail …

    • Ron Stabb says:

      If you have about eleven hours to spare, check out Ken Burns documentary
      “The Civil War”on PBS.
      A fucking brutal war that at the time most thought would be over in ninety days. Four years and over 600,000 deaths later it ended. Two percent of the population died from battle or disease. It started out as a war about secession but was more about king cotton and slavery.
      It would take me forever to explain it here and I’m not sure I would get it right anyway.
      It’s worth the time. I believe it’s available to view over the internet for a limited time on PBS or Ken Burns website.

      • Wayne says:

        I believe the politically correct term at the time was indentured servitude. This word, “slavery” was a worldwide practice at the time. The muslims captured blacks and attacked merchant vessels for the booty and personel to be ransomed or sold into slavery. islam still practices slavery all over the muslim world.

        • Ron Stabb says:

          At one time during the war, Lincoln considered shipping all the slaves back to Africa. Things would have been a lot different today if he followed through. As they say, the rest is history.

          • dekare says:

            Lincoln knew beyond doubt, that there would be no living with the slaves once they were freed. He had plans to set up colonies in south America, Africa, and all over the world. Colonies just like Monrovia (check it out…it’s a colony that started from freed slaves). Alas, JW booth put an end to that plan. I cannot imagine any one single person who has done so much harm as he has. Imagine if he had not pulled that trigger in Ford Theater. We would not know who sharptonge or jackson, or maxine waters, or shelia jackson, trayvon, gentle ben, and so on. We would have no idea who these people were. Welfare would be low, we would have 1/10th of the prison we do now, crime would be less than half,….ahhhhh it almost sounds like paradise.

            Imagine al sharpton with a bone in his nose and running through the jungle looking for food. Hell, he would not even exist, as Africans, as in REAL Africans would not put up with his shit if he pulled it over there, and he would disappear.

            All of these blacks that claim that America is a downright evil country, and that they have never been proud of it, or claim it is not exceptional. I bet they would think differently if they lived in Africa.

            Anyway, if Texas suck seeds, I am moving…seriously. I would even gladly pick up arms and defend my new home land. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, this next presidential election will set things back to normal, and we will one day look back on the obama years as one scary ass time, that happened, and then, let history judge obama for the garbage that he is. And that America will go back to being America. …but I doubt it.

            I suppose we will see. They say that it bad when someone wishes that you live in interesting times. Well, times sure are interesting. Let’s hope for the best, plan for the worst, and see what happens.

      • dekare says:

        If you say it’s worth watching, well I will. I look forward to some interesting history…I love that stuff. Thanks.

  6. Ron Stabb says:

    How ’bout a military coup.

    • Ron Stabb says:

      Forget the military option. Obama nominated a gay as Secretary of the Army.


  7. BobF says:

    If things got so bad in this country that Texas was actually starting succession proceedings, I think a few more states may follow suite. Anyway, there would be a mass migration to Texas and the few others from all over America.

    Many won’t agree with me but if you go back 150 years in American History and you’ll see that our forefathers loyalties were different than was are today. Loyalties to our forefathers were…God…State…Country. A man’s individual state always came before the country. They knew that it was the individual states which made the country so therefore the state came first. If my State is strong, then the Nation will be strong. Remember during the Civil War that it was individual state and local militias which made up the majority of the armies of both the North and South. Although these militias united under a central authority, they still had their own officers.

  8. dekare says:

    State over country was the primary reason General Lee fought for the south. He was actually offered the job of running the north’s military, and had he done so, he would have most likely been in General Grant’s position, and would have possibly become president one day. But when he found out that his beloved home state of Virginia had joined the cause of the south, and that if he took the job, he would have to fight against Virginians, he declined the job, and joined the south.

    That was how important State sovereignty was. Hell, up until WWII, a man was viewed by what state he was from, and that was darned important. It seems that since WWII, the federal govt have “united” us as one. Which I supposed can be a good thing, provided the federal govt keeps its nose out of local business. But alas, it could not.

    I think what is most confusing of all to me, and is contradictory is that we are supposed to embrace diversity, and nurture everyone’s differences, but then set the rules for a one size fits all mentality. You can NOT DO BOTH.

    So which is it. Everyone is the same, and one way for all, or we are all unique and special and different, and we embrace that and cater to each person’s identity?

    So, color me confused on what they really want.

    • TexasFred says:

      If you think STATE isn’t important to Southerners; go to ANY school in the SEC on game day… Or any other big time college conference… 🙂

    • Wayne says:

      I think we have become what Teddy R. warned about many years ago……….. A POLYGLOT BOARDING HOUSE………. with benefits for law breakers.

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