Missouri football players boycott in protests of president

Missouri football players boycott in protests of president

University of Missouri football players said they will boycott team activities until the school’s president resigns or is fired in the latest protest against Tim Wolfe’s handling of race issues.

The football players’ move — announced on social media late Saturday — comes after graduate student Jonathan Butler went on hunger strike earlier this week to call attention to the issue.

The Legion of Black Collegians said in a statement that athletes of color on the Mizzou football team won’t participate in any “football-related” activities” until Wolfe “resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences.”

“We are no longer taking it. It’s time to fight,” the legion posted on Twitter with a photo of at least 32 black young men, arms linked. SOURCE

Missouri Football Players in Boycott

I am NOT a Mizzou fan and never have been, but if this BS is for real, if these Black ass clowns really DO boycott their team, then the season is over for Missouri.


I don’t have a *dog in this fight* one way or another, unless Missouri bows to pressure and does fire the president, Tim Wolfe, and acquiesces to the demands of a bunch of social rejects; ungrateful cretins that are going to school on a sports scholarship and are being educated at NO cost to them or their families, simply because they have athletic ability.

That would seriously engage MY interest.

Somehow I am having a real problem making myself believe that a school like Mizzou would have anyone on staff that is openly racist or insensitive to the cries of the masses in this time of #BlackLivesMatter and other such nonsense. Most schools, cities, counties, states, businesses and so forth have bowed to that which is destroying our nation; Political Correctness, and will bend over backwards to appease these people in hopes of not being on the receiving end of a lawsuit, The Race Card has been thrown.

Look for some type of massive policy change, look for Wolfe to be out on street and then look for these Black players to come up with even MORE demands once they figure out that the school will cave-in to them and the noise they make.

Lets face it; in college, football is king, and you can’t play the game without these few  pawns and court jesters.

Maybe Jimmy *The Greek* Snyder was right when he said that blacks were “bred” to be better athletes than whites. They sure do dominate sports now, ALL sports.

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8 Responses to Missouri football players boycott in protests of president

  1. Ron Stabb says:

    Look for Al Sharpton on campus in the coming days.

  2. BobF says:

    It’s reported now that Gary Pinkel, the head football coach, supports the players boycott. These players are treated like gods on campus but that’s not good enough for them. They’ll get what the want and then it’ll never stop.

    Face it, if it wasn’t for football, most of them wouldn’t qualify for MacDonald’s.

    • wayne says:

      In the US of the past, these ingrates would be given an ulitmatum, shape up or ship out. The fault lies with the college for turning a sport into a business. This is pure political bullshit.

  3. Petermc3 says:

    Im confused. Missouri like 99.99% of institutions of higher learning have been taken over by the socialists/marxists/commies from administration to faculty to maintenance engineers. Now how can the non-white racists who hold hostage this campus and all of the campi throughout the country be dissatisfied with whatever their administrations are doing? And now those with additional bones in their ankles living off their ability to jump higher than their white racist brothers are getting in on the act. Surprise, surprise, surprise..

  4. dekare says:

    Looks like nothing but a group of angry knee grows who war upset that whitey has not accepted full blame for everything bad that has happened to blacks for the last 500 years. They are mad that they don’t get free everything from the govt because they have dark skin.

    Sadly, it looks like they got their way, which means we will get even more of this crap. I thought we did not give in to the demands of terrorists. They should all be booted from campus and all their scholarships refunded.

    But nope, our college system, replete with liberals, has to keep the narrative going, and if sacking a white guy is the cost…well, that is fine with them.

    The pendulum is swinging back….our day will come.

  5. The cool bottom line is this: if they protest, who cares?


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