University of Missouri president resigns amid race backlash

University of Missouri president resigns amid race backlash

Under fire following a spate of racially charged incidents and protests on campus, University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe resigned on Monday morning.

Wolfe’s fate appears to have been sealed when the University’s football team drew national attention to the campus protests by announcing during the weekend that they would not participate in team activities until Wolfe was removed. Head coach Gary Pinkel and athletic director Mack Rhoades expressed solidarity with the players and showed support for Jonathan Butler, a Missouri student staging a hunger strike.

In the end, Wolfe said he hoped his resignation could lead to healing.

“It is my belief that we stopped listening to each other,” Wolfe said during his statement. “We didn’t respond or react. We got frustrated with each other and we forced individuals like Jonathan Butler to take immediate action, unusual steps to affect change. This is not – I repeat, not – the way change should come about. Change comes from listening, learning, caring and conversation and we have to respect each other enough to stop yelling at each other and quit intimidating each other.

“Unfortunately this has not happened,” Wolfe said. SOURCE

This is not the first time racism and racial activism has surfaced at Mizzou.

Back in 2010 the story was Cotton Balls Left At Black Culture Center and how that was a deliberate attempt to denigrate Black students because the cotton balls represented the COTTON that was picked by Black farm workers and slaves before that vile segment of American history was ended.

If Mizzou has a Black Cultural Center why then is there no White Cultural Center? White culture doesn’t matter? And for what it’s worth, my mother, and every member of her family worked the field and picked cotton.

Since we aren’t Black does that entitle me and my linage a shot at the FREE CHEESE? Where is our White privilege?

I really want my kids and grandkids college to be paid in full because MY mother was a dirt poor Louisiana kid that was forced to work in the fields when she was a child. 

The protests began after the student government president, who is black, said in September that people in a passing pickup truck shouted racial slurs at him. In early October, members of a black student organization said slurs were hurled at them by an apparently drunken white student. Recently, a swastika drawn in human feces was found in a dormitory bathroom.

More recently, two trucks flying Confederate flags drove past a site where 150 students had gathered to protest on Sunday, a move some saw as an attempt at intimidation. One of the participants, Abigail Hollis, a black undergraduate, said the campus is “unhealthy and unsafe for us.”

OK, I can agree with Abigail Hollis, to a certain point; the swastika drawn on the wall using human feces is definitely nasty and unsafe and poses an unhealthy risk, but it poses a risk to ALL students, not just Black students.

A drunken White student hurled slurs at some Black students and then, some people, not clear if it was students; in any case, they too hurled slurs at the student government president, who is black.

Slurs were hurled, were they RACIAL slurs or were they more of a general, non-specific nature? Some Black people find it offensive and racist for a White person to say anything at all of late, I mean, if a Black activist thinks you said *good morning* the wrong way, you are labeled a RACIST.

I can understand that some folks find it insulting when a White person says ‘nigger’ in front of Black people but Black people call each other ‘nigger’ all the time.

Chris Rock uses the word ‘nigger’ so many times in his comedy act that it’s hard to get an accurate account of the number, but Rock is offended if you or I say that same word.

Melissa Harris-Perry, the biggest MORON at MSNBC, and that’s a lot of moron when you consider how many racist Black MORONS there are at MSNBC, believes the words *hard worker* are somehow racially offensive because it reminds her of the poor downtrodden Blacks that picked cotton in the fields and she would like to see *hard worker* not used in polite circles.

The resignation of University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe sets a very bad precedent with his resignation and opens the door for even more ridiculous protests from and by Black activists and I personally believe the actions seen at the University of Missouri are the opening shots of an upcoming war, a very un-civil war.

Think: Ft. Sumter.

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7 Responses to University of Missouri president resigns amid race backlash

  1. Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

    Thank you GOWPs, you collapse like the pussies you are once again. On the other hand, you can look at it another way: the president was sacrificed for cash. Again, who much cares?


  2. TexasFred says:

    Who much cares? Did you read the MSM story and NOT read MY commentary? Who much cares? Really??

  3. BobF says:

    A few…only a few racial slurs are said, two confederate flags are seen flying from trucks and they demand the university president steps down because the campus is unsafe? If the campus is unsafe, it’s because they made it unsafe. What isn’t being told is the racial slurs that were said back. We’re not hearing of the racial slurs said to and about whites all the time. The have a black cultural center but if whites demanded one for themselves, all Hell would break loose and MIZZOU would be branded a racist university.

  4. Petermc3 says:

    Don’t touch that remote, there is more to come as the activists have only now begun their transformation of american university campuses.

  5. Ron Stabb says:

    Probably better Tim Wolf resigned before Nigger Sharpton got there and incited a riot.

    • TexasFred says:

      I was just watching the national news and I have to tell you; the racial tension is so tight it almost twangs like a guitar string… There is a day of reckoning coming and I don’t believe it will be too far into the future…

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