Report: Another Jade Helm operation heading to Bastrop

Report: Another Jade Helm operation heading to Bastrop

AUSTIN — Bastrop County officials approved a request from the United States Special Operations Forces to allow another covert warfare training operation to take place, according to a report in the Austin American-Statesman.

The report said the training exercise, which is this time called Unconventional Warfare Exercise, will begin in March and go through June.

“The fact that it became a media event last time doesn’t change my feeling that we need to support military training so the men and women in the military can effectively protect us and the freedoms we enjoy in America,” County Judge Paul Pape said, according to the report in the Statesman.

The Jade Helm 15 military training exercise from this past summer was met with wild theories that the operation was a cover for a military takeover. The theories were propelled in part by a released map of the operation with Texas labeled as “hostile territory.” SOURCE

I am fairly certain that this new version of Jade Helm will also be met with a multitude of wild theories as well. Wild theories are what propel blogs and cheap pages to the top of Google and the search algorithms. Wild, silly theories are what keeps the *Tin Foil Hat* brigade stirred up and feeds the coffers of various *Moonbat* sites.

The theories and concern prompted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to order the Texas State Guard to monitor the operation. He was criticized by some for his response, but he said that he was only trying to provide answers to concerned citizens who had questions.

But when Jade Helm 15 began, local residents told The Dallas Morning News during a reporting trip that then that they weren’t concerned.

I have said this before but I WILL say it again; when George W. Bush was the guy in the White House the Democrats, Liberals, Progs, whatever name they are going by, screamed over and over that Bush and Cheney had set up FEMA death camps and were going to round up and kill all of the Libs in the USA much like the Nazis had done to the Jews in WWII.

Well, obviously, that didn’t happen or we wouldn’t still have Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, just to name a couple, among the living.

Once Obama was in power the FAR Right launched the same tirades; the FEMA Death Camps were being readied, caskets were on standby and the entire GOP, Conservative and Right side of the political spectrum was about to be rounded up and *disposed of*.

Well, it didn’t happen then and it’s not going to happen now.

The U.S. military is NOT the radical German Army of WWII; our troops will NOT round up American citizens on orders of ANY President, regardless of his/her political affiliation. American troops and Law Enforcement will stand and fight WITH the American people if there comes a time when we are compelled to remove a tyrannical ruler by force.

The damage that America is suffering is NOT exclusively caused by Obama and the Democrats; the GOP and its herd of RINOs are collectively as much responsible for the present condition of this nation as the Democrats.

Obama doesn’t need to declare *war* on American citizens, WAR has already been declared and is being won more every day as Obama leads the way for America to fall into total the murky depths of socialism and Muslim domination.

Maybe it’s time to see if this III% thing we hear so much about is real or just a bunch of false bravado.

Deo vindice.

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4 Responses to Report: Another Jade Helm operation heading to Bastrop

  1. Old Navy Chief says:

    Guess I’ll just go out and buy more ammo Fred.. Deer season is open now anyway.

  2. Petermc3 says:

    Medicinal marijuana will save us all…

  3. wayne says:

    Whatever happens will happen. We are powerless over this regieme. I will protect my family and stand with the threepers. They are all around me in Florida. Lots of Viet Nam vets and recently returned from the ME.

  4. Charles Meredith says:

    I am not concerned because there are millions and millions of Conservative Texans who will be on the scene and close by monitoring all these “activities”.
    My area is as secure as it can be without drawing attention.
    I’ll let the locals in Bastrop report on these activities.

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