Before Saying, “I Support France,” Please Read This

This is a piece of work from Dr. Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D. and I am posting it in its entirety after giving Dr. Hurd full credit for its content.

My commentary follows his story.

Before Saying, “I Support France,” Please Read This

Dr HurdPlease don’t say things like, “I stand with France,” or “Those poor French people, victims of that attack!” unless you’re prepared to say and do the following things:

Stop saying “Islam” is about peace and love. It’s not. It’s about submission; the people who really get this are the ones who launch these attacks in the name of their religion.

Stop supporting politicians like Obama, who insist that Islamic nations like Iran have our same fundamental values and can be trusted with billions of dollars in unfrozen assets (Obama’s treaty), and who don’t mean what they say when they want to wipe Israel off the map.

Stop saying we don’t really need a strong military and we cannot, under any circumstances, use the full might of our military arsenal to do things to stop militant Islam in its tracks, to quite literally scare the Allah out of these people.

Unless or until you start to rethink your stance, you have no business expressing compassion towards the victims of people in attacks whose perpetrators – knowingly or not – you aid and support via your positions.

The president of France calls the attacks in Paris by militant ISIS supporters an “act of war.” Excuse me? Haven’t we been at war since at least 9/11? Even going back as far as 1979, when the first openly organized Islamic government, Iran, took Americans hostage and brutalized them for a year before setting them free?

We’re not supposed to admit we’re at war with Islam. But Islam has been at war with everyone else for decades now. And it’s not going to stop.

I am so sick of people saying, “We can’t fight terrorism with violence. We have to understand them and figure out what makes them act this way.”

Envy, brutality and collectivist/social/racial hatred are what make them act this way. They’re not going to change, and they’re not going to stop. By trying to appease and understand them every chance we get, they interpret this as weakness, because it is, from their point-of-view. They respond with more brutality. They’re not ever going to stop, any more than Hitler and the Nazis would have stopped if, instead of taking them on directly, we had said, “Let’s try to understand them.”

You cannot defeat a morally certain enemy without moral certainty. But we do not live in an age of moral self-assertion. It’s considered mean, unkind and politically incorrect.

You do not have moral certainty if you keep insisting that your enemy really does not mean it.

Stop waiting for the “moderate” or life-loving Muslims to come out of the closet and morally condemn their violent brethren. These moderates are nowhere to be found. Either they do not exist, or they’re too weak or frightened to take on the people who do these things in the name of their faith-based philosophy.

Obama has stated that these attackers do not share certain basic, universal values with the rest of us. But Obama is the one who insists we cannot really fight terrorists because they operate underground, without state-sanctioned armies, and the like. Obama is the same one who gave away America’s credibility and unfroze billions in assets to the government of Iran, the one actual government known to sponsor and morally support Islamic terrorism around the world. What business does he have expressing outrage and horror? He might as well be on their side. Because he makes life easier for them, through things like this insane treaty he rammed by the Congress.

So before you rush to show others how sad and angry you are about what happened in Paris, stop to think of the ideas, attitudes and elected officials you’ve been supporting.

Ideas have consequences, and if you support the wrong ones, this is what you get.

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Dr. Hurd echoes many of my words, my posts, and I have been very vocal regarding Islam and the evil it represents since I began blogging about 10 years ago.

On Sunday I saw an article somewhere extolling the virtues of Islam and how there were *many* peaceful Muslims that were taking a stand against the attackers in Paris but I don’t believe a word of it, no matter what their words are on social media, the intent of Islam, their true belief, is to LIE to the Infidel.

Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination!

On Facebook I saw this, “It’s only a minority of Muslims who are terrorists. Most Muslims are peaceful and are as shocked at the terrorism as everyone else.” That is 100% pure BS!

Believe NOTHING the Muslim says, NOTHING. It is their duty to deceive us, the Infidel, as they attempt to spread their vile sect of hatred, death, destruction and perversion, and Barack Hussein Obama is one of these lying Muslims.

In “Audacity of Hope” Obama writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” If Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a Muslim, why then would he make such a bold and decisive statement?

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9 Responses to Before Saying, “I Support France,” Please Read This

  1. Ron Stabb says:

    The cold, hard facts again but nobody’s listening. France will flex their muscles for a few weeks and Obama and Kerry will talk peace for a few weeks.
    Things will die down as we wait for the next horror story to unfold.
    We are not going to beat these fuckers without boots on the ground. Lots of them.

  2. Petermc3 says:

    We are being treated to the French people declaring their love of liberty and freedom after allowing those who refuse to assimilate and declare their intention to convert or kill these very liberal French people who take them in. They want to have their PC socialist cake and eat it too. Now we watch the Belgium police and security forces raiding and arresting terrorists. So the message is to leave alone the known and potential terrorists until they put authorities in the position of having to take action lest they be criticized. This is a case of nothing more than flavor of the month. This “crisis” will blow over but not before completely knocking off from the front pages Hillary’s national security e-mail leaks.

  3. OneCitizenSpeaking says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Already the progressive socialist democrats are out in full force trying to blame the Paris terrorist attack on “extremists” without indicting Islam.

    Sometimes a progressive author pens something so ignorant and outrageous as to serve as a signal of a clear and present danger facing America and her citizens if one continues to support progressive socialist democrats … PARIS TERRORISM: PROGRESSIVES DECLARE “STOP BLAMING MUSLIMS AND TAKE A HARD LOOK AT OURSELVES”

  4. dekare says:

    Here is Patton’s Speech…updated for today.

  5. wayne says:

    I watched that lying nigger as he spoke in Turkey this morning. He sood at the podium and declared the ISIS, AL-Quida and Boko-Haram were not affiliated with islam. I wanted to punch the TV screen. This no good bastard wants more of these fuckin animals let into the country because to deny them entrance would go against who WE are. I look at this piece of shit and think, who the fuck are you to declare who WE are. This muslim scumbag wants to start a riot in this country so bad he can taste it. If you remember the niggers in the 60’s, you aint seen nothin yet. I e-mailed my congressman and both senators just before I came to this blog Fred and I said “not all muslims are terrorists and not all tigers are man eaters”. I let them know that I am against immigration from muslim countries. I see your governor gave the regieme notice too. No re-settlement in Texas for these vermin.

  6. JimBee says:

    Dammmmmm …….. Wayne couldn’t have said it any better than that. This muslim
    plant that congress let in to start with, and the dip sticks that reelected him are going to rue the day that cometh. I have always shouted, that, whoever got him to run for election , knew, yes knew, that the American people had been dumbed down to the point that NOTHING would be done about his elections and the shit he was going to unleash on our country. I have one question? Why are we still putting up with his shit?

    • TexasFred says:

      I have been asking that same question a lot lately… WHY??

      • Gary says:

        Congress is responsible for putting this foreign born mud hut monkey in office and did it again to further their own agenda. Until we revolt and secede Texas and the nation will continue to suffer. This porch monkey should have been dealt with from the get go. I thought for sure someone would take one for the team. Our country is being sold and given away to immigrants bot illegal and legal. Makes me sick the wet backs and niggers are making ghettos out of every single place they inhabit. Things are gonna get bad then worse..fuckin crazy that Congress is behind all of it.

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