What has happened to the United States of America?

What has happened to the United States of America?

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As we prepare to once again celebrate Thanksgiving I have to ask; what has happened to the United States?

The President, many Liberals, Democrats and other assorted bleeding heart do-gooders from all facets of the political spectrum want us, the American people, to open OUR borders and allow all sorts of nefarious bits of humanity to enter this nation and then to let them suckle, unimpeded, at the teat of American generosity.

I am all for 2nd chances at life but not when it costs the American taxpayer millions of dollars and countless American lives to bring the likes of Bowe Bergdahl back to this nation by releasing FIVE known Islamic terrorist leaders back to the battle field where they can once again resume their work of killing OUR soldiers.

I am all for the right to life and equality, that said; we are not taking care of our own widows and orphans, nor the elderly and infirm on Social Security that will receive NO cost of living increase again, and the Veterans that served this nation, giving up life and limb for ‘the thanks of a grateful nation’.

Yes, that ‘grateful nation’ part is pure sarcasm, the current regime hates America and has NO respect for our troops nor our police.

The cries of RACISM, bigotry and xenophobia are strong from the Left and actually, quite a few on the Right when Conservative Americans call for the borders to be sealed. The Obama regime tries to lay a ‘guilt trip’ on the American people and say’s things like, “What’s the matter, are you scared of widows and orphans?”

If what we are now seeing, the *taking in* of thousands of Syrian ‘refugees’ really was all about widows and orphans then it might be a somewhat different matter, but when you see pictures of these refugees you aren’t seeing women and children, or very few women and children, you’re seeing big, strong, healthy looking men of military age, well dressed, well built and robust. 

Those are the people the Obama regime wants to take into this nation; people from Muslim lands, people that are wearing the latest in popular fashion and footwear, people carrying and using the latest cell phones to take *selfies* as they document their entry into the United States.

According to nearly every site I can find regarding the financial support these refugees will receive, and the only ones I find with ANY information are Liberal sites, these so-called refugees can, and should be a financial boon for the nation and welcome members into our workforce.

So what about Americans that are unemployed, or under-employed? What about Americans that have given up on the idea of finding a job and have to survive off of welfare, EBT cards and so forth? These folks have had the door slammed in their faces, they have been ignored by the Liberals and Obama as they, Libs and Obama, welcome in ‘refugees’ from all over the world.

We can’t keep supporting the world, we can help I’m sure but we can’t do it all, and no matter how much sympathy a body has for the Syrians, or any other batch of supposedly downtrodden, deprived and endangered people, there is always that hard strain on OUR financial system and the constant threat of terrorism knocking on OUR door and we live with those thoughts bouncing around in the back part of our mind.

America 1st; that has long been my belief, after WE are taken care of, after ALL Americans are fed, with a roof over their head, after OUR sick and wounded are cared for, after we have fixed all of the ills that we suffer, then perhaps we can extend a hand to help those that still hate our guts.

Until then, let ’em hate us for free.

It makes sense to me.

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10 Responses to What has happened to the United States of America?

    • Wayne says:

      Thanks for the link Ron. Amazing, just amazing that our congresscritters allow this to happen. Who do they represent? Certainly seem like the give a rats ass for the people who gave them a job to do. Our press corp should be all over this. NO MORE IMMIGRANTS of any flavor until the people here are either assimilated or deported. muslims will not assimilate, it’s against their religion.

      • Ron Stabb says:

        The way I read it, except for Africa, those refugees are coming from wars we got involved in and didn’t finish.
        You would think we learned a lesson from Vietnam. You either win or loose a war. Half-way is Nixon’s “Peace with Honor” bullshit.
        Obama tried the red line bluff with Syria. It didn’t work, Assad is still in power. We pulled out with about fifty rebels holding the bag. They ran and ISIS moved in.
        The rest is history in the making. The next president will have to deal with both Syria and Iran.
        Obama will be writing a book with Al Sharpton and playing golf.

  1. BobF says:

    Well said Fred!!

  2. Jim Bee says:

    Well put Fred !! Now then, if we could just get 10 million people to go to DC with that mindset maybe it might take hold although I doubt it.

  3. Petermc3 says:

    Some jackass on MSNBC this morning said put a 5 cent p/gallon tax at the gas pump to pay for middle east military operations so all Americans will be aware. So how about another nickel to pay for refugee resettlement. And how about another nickel to build them madras, hospitals, and foot baths in all public venues? After all isn’t that who we are, a nation whose mission is to provide and build government dependency for the huddled masses coming in from the third world cesspools to whom we send billions of dollars in foreign aid that gets appropriated by corrupt government officials?
    We should all be asking that question Fred, “What has happened to the United States of America.”

  4. Ron Stabb says:

    After looking at those stats, I’ll say this.
    Seems to me, this whole thing looks blown out of proportion. Let’s face it, the terrorist aren’t coming through the front gate. They are already here and what follows them in crosses the boarder from the north or south with their help. It’s the easiest way in the world.
    The press builds it up and Obama is sure ready for it. ‘The Great Divider’.
    Congress latches on to it so they have something to do and get votes.
    So all and all we should be securing our boarders and pick through those refugee applications to find those worthy to live here. It’s 10,000 of 2.5 million.

  5. Read my lips,,,,,,NO MORE MUSLIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anybody out there,,,,,,, that does not understand or Comprehend ?

  6. Wayne says:

    You echo many feelings Fred. Our government has ignored the American citizen for too long. The time to put Americans first is upon us and only Trump sounds like he would do just that. Ted Cruz is my second choice, only because he is an insider already. Rubio is already owned by the establishment. He seems to be crying out to the elites ” get me the job and I’ll do whatever you want. The fundamental change is not complete but the HNIC is determined to fuck this country up before he is either thrown out or termed out. Again I say, read the koran and understand the muslim invaders.

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