Illegal Immigrants Targeted in Debate

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate, responding to conservatives who decry President Bush’s immigration bill as a form of amnesty, is weighing several measures to make it harder for illegal immigrants to gain lawful status.

Republicans and Democrats were both seeking to add restrictions to the centerpiece of the divisive measure, which could grant legalization to the estimated 12 million unlawful immigrants if they pass background checks and pay fines and fees.

The proposals range from requiring immigrants to return home temporarily to gain lawful status, to barring them from getting green cards for legal permanent residency, to only allowing those in the U.S. four years or more to be legalized.

“My problem with this bill is the amnesty, and anyone who tries to say it isn’t amnesty is just not being realistic,” said Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, who is sponsoring an amendment requiring all adult illegal immigrants to go home within two years in order to continue living lawfully in the U.S.

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Illegal Immigrants Targeted in Debate

I am very thankful that BOTH of my Senators voted against this ridiculous AMNESTY bill, over 70% of this nation is against the bill but you’d never know it by yesterdays vote, the President is pushing the bill and 64 Senators voted FOR it, effectively telling the American voter that WE don’t matter as they proved it to us with a resounding slap in OUR face and that of TRUE democracy!!

And as a reminder to our lawmakers I offer a definition:

Democracy : 1. government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

That means that our elected lawmakers are to act according to OUR wishes, not the other way around, the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is what our government was founded on but these 64 pandering pieces of poop seem to have forgotten that definition and seem to have forgotten what their job is and who it is they WORK for, well, this is all they need to do…


How hard can THAT be??

1. Close our borders and totally secure them using our National Guard as a security force, that doesn’t violate Posse Comitatus and it utilizes our National Guard in the capacity for which they were truly intended.

2. Round up and deport ALL 12-20 million of these illegal invaders, they are ILLEGAL, that should be the only premise we need to adhere to in the immigration debate, a daunting task but certainly not an impossible one.

3. Once this nation has been cleaned out of ALL illegal invaders, again, ENFORCE our laws and if someone wants to come to this nation as a resident, allow them to do so provided they present NO threat to this nation, and if they DO present a threat, in ANY way, deny them access TO the USA…

Can it be any more simple than that?? I think not, we don’t need an IMMIGRATION bill, we don’t need amnesty, we have perfectly good laws in place that fully define immigration and what’s legal and what’s not, is the Senate too stupid to comprehend that?? And if they are, what does it say for our pandering Little Prince??

No one that I know or have heard speak from the Conservative side of politics has said NO immigration, Conservatives are NOT against immigration, but we are against ILLEGAL immigration, and anyone that’s not against ILLEGAL immigration is an accessory to ILLEGAL immigration, and should be considered lawbreakers themselves in MY opinion, and I DO include our President and ALL 64 Senators that have been involved in this debacle, and in MY opinion, each and every one of them need to removed from office, as soon as possible…

Bush WILL be gone soon enough, he can’t stay in office unless he declares himself president for life and assumes the position of a dictator, and should that happen, the immigration debate will be the least of our worries, but YOU can actively campaign against any U.S. Senator that supports AMNESTY and ILLEGALS, use your blog, beat your keyboard to death, email and fax every lawmaker in D.C., write letters to your local paper and to your state lawmakers as well, make any and everyone you can think of aware of just how angry you are over this, and let them know, we’re not going to take it and we WILL work to put them OUT of U.S. government, and get your local lawmakers and officials on board, and if they won’t actively and openly support you and the Conservatives of this nation, let em know, we’re going to campaign against them as well, that my friends, is STILL our right and yes, our DUTY as well, it’s our right for NOW at least

Remember, we are the people they were referring to in that WE, THE PEOPLE thing!

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3 Responses to Illegal Immigrants Targeted in Debate

  1. Sage says:

    Newt said the current Shamnesty bill was nothing more than a redux of the 1986 fiasco and would prove about as useless. Yes there are laws on the books but they are never enforced and never will be because of gutless politicians and leaderless communities.
    A new bill with “new laws” will prove just as ineffectual as the old one and people like you and Newt realize and understand it.
    ‘Nuff said

  2. Ranando says:

    It pains me to write this but I feel the,”Will of the People”, is a thing of the past.

    I really don’t need to read or watch to much more to have come to this conclusion. It’s right there in front of me everyday.

    It takes $ 250,000,000.00 to be come president and as long as that’s the way it is, there will be no, “Will of the People”.

    The America that we all knew and loved is gone, forever. No policitian, Democrat or Republican gaves a Rats-Ass about you and me, it is know a power-play.

    Just look at the bill they just voted on. Do you think they had you and me in mind?

  3. TexasFred says:

    Maybe it’s time we DEMAND that the will of the people was acknowledged again… I am not going to EVER roll over and give up, I might die in the process, I might be sent to prison, labeled a radical PATRIOT, but I would be in good company if I were, our founding fathers were RADICAL PATRIOTS as well…